Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Malaysia KPOP Happenings/Events 2011

Wouldn't it be awesome if kpop stars and groups select Malaysia as their Number 1 Choice of visit and tour destination? Wouldn't it be awesome if they come here again and again just because they love Malaysia? Nowadays we could have seen the hallyu wave successfully breaking in into the Malaysian lifestyle and market. What's next in store for us?

Below I'll summarize what's next for us to experience from the mind blowing kpop acts and tours happening in Malaysia.

Super Show 3 Malaysia March 2011 in Indoor Putra Stadium. Yes, Super Junior is back again after successfully holding Super Show 2 March last year. And they're back again, now with much more effects and also with more stage equipment and preparations.
Organized by "Running into the sun" This is one event that you will regret missing.

More details here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=196570330356024

Get ready to have the time of your life as Big Bang and 2ne1 are stopping by Malaysia this June 4 2011 for a Fanmeeting and also a possible showcase! You must not miss this as Big bang and 2ne1 are the latest hits right in Korea as Big bang is promoting after a MIA of 2 years.
It would be soooooooooooo awesome. Don't miss this opportunity as there would also be a handshake event!
Full details are not out yet but you can wait for the official news by "Redstar presents"

U-KISS IS BACK AGAIN! They are returning to Malaysia after successfully holding a private showcase in Malaysia last year, now for another Fanmeeting and a possible BBQ 2D1N session with fans! Awesome! Can't wait for more binguel binguel and also SHIKURO~
This is also organized by Redstar and you should also anticipate this event as well!
No official statement yet but their company has already agreed to this.

2011 is gonna be another great year for hallyu so don't miss out on any of these events!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

[PB] SNSD 2nd 'Preview' Photobook in Phuket

Our dearest Girls' Generation is back again yet with another photobook at hands! This time, they flew over to phuket to have a great time there while producing their new MV 'Echo' as well as other never before seen footage that in total will produce a 6 DVD boxset for us sones. Amazingly enough, they also released a preview photobook to see some 'behind the scene' stuff as well as thoughts of our dear so nyuh shi dae. I present you,
SNSD 2nd 'Preview' Photobook in Phuket.

In this photobook you will able to find loads of stuff you wouldn't have seen anywhere else such as a full translation of all messages in the photobook - Korean, Japanese and English. As well as fanservice such as Selcas, self interviews, personal thoughts and so on. Theres even a few pages where you can see some of the member's camera viewpoint.
Below are pictures of the 2nd photobook-

The cover of the 2nd Photobook.

A thickness comparison, note that the photobook has approx.300 + pages.


What amazes me is the flexibility of the pages, unlike the 1st photobook, the pages of the 2nd photobook is really soft and flexible. Its also abit smaller than the first photobook but the contents will fix up those cons.

Superb picture quality within.

Messages translated into 3 languages - Korean, Japanese and English.

Are you tempted now?

The back cover of the photobook, note again that there is the SM official logo sticker.

Total 'HOOT's of the day. As for you sones, quickly get a copy now at ebay or yesasia!
My next post will be about the latest kpop happenings in Malaysia. Don't miss it!