Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sakae Sushi food tasting event With Nuffnang!

Thanks Nuffnang so so so so much for inviting me to this event. I can't express my gratitude to Nuffnang on how much I love them. This event; is a food tasting session at Sakae Sushi 1Utama. Being heard that Sakae Sushi just relocated their lot in 1Utama, they moved to a new 'somewhat easy going for the soul' location. The new lot had around the same size of the previous lot, but it can now hold up more customers, and being said that, customers can still experience privacy to their hearts content. Lets get going with what happened during the food tasting session.

Firstly, I was glad I got to know more bloggers throughout the event, and also the usual G+ members. Had loads of fun chatting with the other bloggers, getting to know them more.
Also, If you know me you should know that I really really love the japanese cuisine. So this is a plus point for me! Bloggers + Japanese Food = LOVE.

I noticed that the place was quite cozy, I also noticed that they were using a new order system. Well not really a new order system but now they had touch screen monitors. Awesome ain't it?
sakae sushi 010

Touch Touch Touch to make your order!
sakae sushi 005

The trademark sushi conveyor belt.
sakae sushi 007

First up in our full course menu was the famous Sakae Salad! It was a house specialty salad comprising salmon, crisp garden fresh greens served with plum dressing. And our table really really liked the plum dressing. We also had a 'lou sang' session haha. /feelinglame
Overall this dish was not bad, worth a try.
sakae sushi 012

Sesame Salmon skin sushi, very very tempting indeed. Very tasty as well.
sakae sushi 014

The hotate Mentaiyaki. I seriously LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the mentai sauce, on any dish mentai will taste good. seriously. Anyway, this dish consists of juicy scallops grilled with codfish roe and mayonaise. MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH! chewy like a chewing gum!
sakae sushi 016

The Soft Shell Crab Tempura is portions of delicious soft shell crab, lightly battered and fried to crisp perfection. oh-my tummy is growling so much, but why?!!
Its so crunchy and delicious!
sakae sushi 019

This one was a big treat for the table. In the middle, sakae candles?!? On the side, salmon sushi, Ebi Tempura Cheese Maki, Snowflake salmon delight. They tasted.. mouthgasmic. just enough to stimulate your gastronomic needs. Kudos to Sakae Sushi.
sakae sushi 020

The most unique food I have ever seen in a long time. Sakae candles sushi. Its unique presentation gives you the chills when going beyond the food layout boundary. This is one of Sakae's signature dishes consisting of crabmeat, avocado, japanese cucumber, shrimp roe, codfish roe and mayonaise. A must try!
sakae sushi 025

Lighting up the candles. B-E-AUTIFUL.
sakae sushi 029

The avocado roll we ordered after the full course meal. Also another worth trying.
Sorry for the poor description and review, I love every single food in the Japanese cuisine >.<
sakae sushi 030

Chawanmushi!! Steamed egg!! Who doesn't love chawanmushi anyway?!
sakae sushi 028

Yeap, I'm ending this with another irrelevant picture. But, but is Haru a dish? Well, I'll know more in the future. Thanks Nuffnang and Sakae Sushi SOOOO much for this wonderful event!

Go and try Sakae Sushi now!!! Its pricing is really affordable! Try Japanese food for a change sometime yea? :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

B2ST 1st album Fiction And Fact ; Overview.

I am so happy because, I got hold of b2st's latest album! Fiction and fact.
To me, this is 2011's most perfectly made album. It was a must-have item for any fan.
The purchase was well rushed, but ever worth it. It cost around RM60, which had a minor price difference from myb2utys pricing. But the advantages were that I got the stuff faster than them. Haha I'm amused at how such a small change can make people ecstatic. Well, abit.
Well, I'll cut the talk since you guys might also be excited to know how the album looks like, well here you go -

b2st fiction album 002

The front cover. The leopard/wolf symbolizing beast. Nice album art though. The texture and grip of the album was tremendously improved from the earlier b2st albums. If you guys have a copy of the 1st mini kr album, it is something like that album, but with better texture.
As for the size, its size is approx. the same as b2st's previous mastermind album/lgoa album.
b2st fiction album 003

Tracklist that I can never forget. (Cause I played through this list loads and loads of times for the past 3 days)
b2st fiction album 001

Overall picture of the album. Reminds me of my mastermind album.
b2st fiction album 011

Another really impressive cover that holds the photobook within.
b2st fiction album 010

Marginally thinner than 1st mini, DUH. But satisfying thickness, alas not so bulky.
b2st fiction album 004

The photobook cover of Fiction and Fact album. Very nice indeed. What kr album is complete without a photobook anyway?
b2st fiction album 005

The CD. Note the usual b2st origami design that distinguishes them from the other CDS. Also an somehow 'engraved' text of Fiction and Fact (Nah I'm just kidding with you)
b2st fiction album 006

Again, A clearer view of the Tracklist. Go listen to the tracks on youtube if you haven't already.
b2st fiction album 007

b2st fiction album 009

The poster is really does the job in terms of size. Not really small (compared to kara's lupin poster). As I would say, standard KR album poster size.
b2st fiction album 008

LOL. Something told me I had to take this picture. Which "BEAST" do you like better?
Overall, what's within the CD is the most important, one that made you have the initiative to have bought the album in the first place. Their wonderful electro-pop sound waves lingering with your mind, making me click that purchase button ;

So, whatcha waiting for? It's B2ST's First Full lengthed album! If you don't get a copy now, you'll might as well leave the b2st wave. Get a copy at Yesasia or Ebay now!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2AM showcase 2011 Malaysia ; pictures.

Yesterday, Another huge kpop event emerged from the mists of the hallyu wave. 2AM hit up Malaysia once again with their amazing vocal ability and performances! Being this the only kpop show in Malaysia with hardly any dancing performances, its experience is somewhat different from the other shows. 2AM held their 2nd showcase in Wisma MCA at KL yesterday, at 6pm. The crowd was unexpectedly humongous! We didn't expect so many fans at all!
Below are the pictures I took from the event-

2am showcase 002

Just look at that crowd. our Malaysian fangirls. Amazes me everytime. haha.
2am showcase 019

The event started right on the clock- 6pm. Emcee playing some warm up games with the crowd.
2am showcase 026

Emcee handing over prizes (2AM autographed posters) to the team that won.
2am showcase 028

Posing for the camera with their autographed posters. I want one too!!
2am showcase 033

Bentley Music giving us a very special opening for 2AM's showcase, playing instrumentals for 2am songs. In the mood for some jazz already?
2am showcase 035

And yeah, we were supposed to surprise 2AM by singing them 'Happy Birthday' because it was Changmin, Seulong and Jinwoons birthday. Such a secretive surprise huh? It was well executed! Check out the pictures far below..
2am showcase 039

2AM!! From left; Jinwoon, Jokwon , Changmin and Seulong.
They performed quite a number of songs such as 'You wouldn't answer my calls' and 'This song'
I was totally immersed into another world when they sang their ballads. I felt as if all my worries just went away for that very moment. It was well worth it getting to experience this up close.
2am showcase 051

Jokwon's singing is real good.
2am showcase 067

2AM playing games with some of the lucky fangirls. A showcase isn't quite complete without fanservice right?
2am showcase 071

Seulong biased please hold your anger and jealousy; LOL
2am showcase 081

2am showcase 083
2am showcase 105

Another glimpse of kkab Jokwon, here he was caught while playing more games with fans.
2am showcase 113

Seulong did a simple 'Saranghae' post (I'm sorry I always refer to minah), 2AM kept the crowd screaming for them no matter what they do.
2am showcase 137

A cake specially made for them. Jelly KLCC cake! It looked really nice. I would be happy if someone gave that cake to me too :P
2am showcase 145

Blowing candles.
2am showcase 158

2AM performing 'I did wrong'. My favorite song!! It also features some dance steps in this song.
2am showcase 162

We will not see the last of 2AM, I'm sure they will be back again. They look like they really love Malaysia as well. Lets hope for their return shall we? :D

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2AM in Malaysia Press Conference ; pictures.

You heard that 2AM, JYP's vocal group is coming to Malaysia for a showcase right? I bet you guys heard the news faster than I did. Anyways, I went to the press conference today at KL hilton.
Organized by collaboration between DiGi and Universal Music Malaysia, this event is definitely another success at hand. The showcase will be at 21'st May 2011 and Wisma MCA, so don't expect showcase pictures to be up today yeah, I do not time travel.
Heres some of the pictures that I would like to share with you guys.

2am pc unfiltered 029

2am pc unfiltered 038
2am pc unfiltered 065

Changmin answering a question from the media for the QNA session.
2am pc unfiltered 100

Picture taking with The Presenter of the Event (Digi Telco)
2am pc unfiltered 115

Picture taking with Era FM (Official Malay Radio Station)
2am pc unfiltered 120

A group picture with the Media partners/sponsers.
2am pc unfiltered 134

2AM receiving a 'yellow man' from DiGi as a gift.
2am pc unfiltered 153

2AM receiving souvenirs from UMM.
2am pc unfiltered 158
2am pc unfiltered 165

2AM said they really love the ambiance and atmosphere of Malaysia!
They also enjoyed the food as well.
2am pc unfiltered 170

Autographed plate for the media sponsers.

Thats about it for the press conference! Be sure to look forward to the showcase pictures which will be posted as soon as possible as well :D