Thursday, September 30, 2010

[MOVIE] Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Yup, Anti- Japanese Donnie yen is back..... with a superhero suit?
If you don't know, Legend of the Fist is the latest flick by donnie yen... and guess what? He is the action director for the movie too! Quite awesome huh? Anyway, lets get to the review for Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen.

So yeah, every Donnie yen fan since the epic "Ip-man" series are out to buy more Donnie yen movies. SPL, even Blade II. Now he is back with Chen Zhen, and he just won't stop bashing people up, literally. Okay, what to expect when watching this movie?
If your expecting MORE wing chun styles, yes. It will satisfy. New skills? Yeah.
More "chun" epic than IP MAN? Definitely.
Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen) is a local resistance fighter who is known to be dead by most people, but is back to avenge his masters death.

Since the action choreography are all directed by Donnie Yen himself, you will get to experience more unique styles of fighting scenes and more different views of the camera. A different perspective when viewing the fighting scenes. Chen Zhen's fast paced action techniques will definitely get you to the peak of your seat. Sadly though, this movie has less fighting scenes to offer and satisfy. Unlike Ip man, there are loads of fighting scenes all over the place, evenly arranged. Thats what makes IP MAN what he is now. But as for Chen Zhen, you can expect less of fighting scenes, like approx. 4/5 scenes and more dialog.

Okay, but thats not my point. The fighting scenes were good. But the whole movie was messy. Scenes going all over the place, storyline that gets jumbled up in the middle of the movie, quite annoying indeed. The plot, ew. Nevertheless, the movie really shows the evil side of the Japanese. Like the usual, the Japanese are merciless. More kills and more deaths, it makes them happier. hahahaha. But in Legend of Chen Zhen, they are exaggerating that point.
Its more of a country battle in Chen Zhen as its France VS. Japan war-zone shows out most of the parts. Yup, the Japanese again. More Donnie Yen VS Japanese army.
Loads of war strategy drama, etc.

Its weird though, A superhero suit? lol-age material.
Maybe you should check this one out yourself. I really don't know how to describe this movie.
But its quite worth. - If you hunger for Donnie Yen.
What will you get if you mix - Ong bak, Ip man and Bruce Lee? Chen Zhen.
Donnie Yen is.... the masked warrior.
YEAH! Donnie Yen in a superhero movie!!!

Overall rating : 7/10

Sorry to disappoint you guys if this review was too short. I don't know what to say.
Just watch it yourself!

Check out the trailer below if you haven't.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Whew, sosososo busy yesterday.... Couldn't make it back for Nuffnang iPhone Mission Day 4: Camwhore? :P
Good thing because the real time this contest ends on 1 october, so yeah! Nuffnang FTW!!
The whole day yesterday I was out @ sunway pyramid testing those iPhone 4 test units.. It just wasn't enough!! ARRRRHH!! Those people are like... "Oh you wan test ar? U sure you want buy?" I felt like throwing my wallet at them and asking them to see the insides first.
Anyway, heres the "pictures" you wanted. Hope its errr.... satisfying for you guys, Nuffnang "stalking fetish" (no no joking only :P)

This concludes the iPhone 4 posts, its been really fun for me!! Thanks Nuffnang for making this happen! And DiGi TOO!! Love you guys.

P.S: Email me if I won :P

Game ended by : Insane iPhone 4 Obsessed Addict

Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Whew. Its day 3 already. Time flies away very fast eh? BUT I'M NOT TIRED AT ALL!
3 Nuffnang FREE IPHONE GIVEAWAY MISSON 3 : iphone 4 plans?
Yeah. Just imagine if you get the iPhone 4 real. FOR REAL. Of course you have to subscribe to one of the most oh-so-awesome plans ever right? Just imagine in the toilet, suddenly you got constipation. No credit how? Some plans like DIGI give free calls if you pay by month.
Seriously. FREE.

Sometimes while sitting in a bus, waiting and waiting to arrive at my destination, then I take a look outside of the bus window, WTF! 400 Kilometers left?! I am gonna die of boredom! GAAA!!
Nevermind... I got iPhone... I remembered I wanted to watch finish my latest drama in youtube.. then suddenly... OH ****! I forgot!! I haven't subscribe to any plan yet!!!
*Discontinued ending*

Now anyway, the plan that you choose is important. Depending on your needs.
And also your status.

Just take a look at my wallet. Very nice and dusty eh? I think you would love to see the insides. (YUK) Anyway, DiGi is smart. For smart people too. They made plans for those people that are abit... "Orang kurang ber-money" You know lah.. those people.
Like me loh. HAHA. Yeah, they got plans for any type of people, the lazy people, the busy people, but mostly, It sums up to three type of people.

1. Easy going (Don't really use the phone for communications much)
2. Average talker, average internet troll (Mostly uses safari to flame LYN forums or some other forums)
3. And the heavy talker, Businessman (Yes. I need to check my forex when I'm taking a dump)

Guess what? Digi supplies for those 3 type of people! AWESOME EH?
Just take a look at the plans.

You know... actually when most people read ads... they only notice one word. Like me.
I only notice that word ... "FREE". The 4 letter word that starts with F.
You know... its a very powerful word indeed. It can get you to loads of places without using the green paper. Very very useful. In fact, I'm loving it.

About the price, I'm kinda lazy to show people the price cause most people get scared when they see numbers. Especially those that start with the word "RM". So you can check them out HERE.
Digi also knows how to choose numbers you know! Yellow people mah! (lol)
8888888888 Ready prosper loh!

4 useful kotak. You will be wondering... 88 so nice number, cut for what?
So you want lucky number or save more money, you choose lah! heh.
This 4 boxes sums up most of the stuff up there, so.. check it out.. big ZERO also good right!
Cheap cheap cheap, take save and use! Well worth your money one!
Check out digi's iPhone 4 PLANS!!

Written By: Insane iPhone 4 Obsessed Addict.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

So today I woke up and I rushed to on my PC as nuffnang releases their iphone 4 Mission 2: Blog post 2 Mission Briefing. And what did they ask nuffnangers to do? They asked them to blog post what is their fav app and why. Well, I shall tell you whats my fav app.
Of course, It sure took me long to find out what app could be the best for every iphone owner.
But I tell you, with this app, you can achieve anything!
Introducing.... FAAD.

You will start wondering... WTH is FAAD? Arabic word ke? No. FAAD stands for Free App A day. I mean. YES. Free FULL VERSION APPS EVERY DAY.
Yes, why have 1 favorite app when you can have all of them?? Seriously.
But how does it work? Is it fake? NO. This is the real thing. The apps of apps.
All you have to do is pay $ 6.99 and I tell you. Its definitely worth it 1 app for 600,000 apps.
Its your choice to let go of this app.

Just take a look at this iphone. No apps. How sad. You can't do anything.... (Actually you can but..)
Booooring... Then suddenly boom! You start downloading FAAD.
Now you can choose any APP you want for the day.. according to your mood.
Lets say... Hmm... I feel like chopping things up.
Then suddenly.... BOOM! Chop chop ninja appears on your iphone.
Chop chop ninja - THE FULL VERSION!
Well, 1 day of 1 app.. I think it can satisfy your info,gaming,cooking,news LUST.

Okay lets keep it simple.
Just imagine this empty container is your iphone. No apps. No nothing. MAN!
I need me an app that can last me long long long.
What should I do??? APPLE HELP ME!!
Some genius should create an app that has all apps... hmmm...
Downloads the application "Free APP A day"
Will this app save me? What can it do?

BOOM! Any app in your palms. Do it like a pro iphone owner. Even though you're a poor one.
Just choose any app and ta-dah. Full enjoyment for the day.
No need go out, just chill down playing your iphone... show it off to your friends that you have apps they don't even dare to buy- CAUSE they are too expensive!
Nah. I think you get it already. I will conclude this app as - All apps in one app (Well, around 90% of the apps). FULL VERSION!

Just look at the selection of apps.. Choose anything that suits your taste and its yours!
For 1 day. Well, don't be so negative! 1 day is good enough to satisfy your app lust.
Well, This application for the iphone is definitely my favorite application!

From the mind of : Insane iPhone 4 Obsessed Addict

Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Have you heard about the latest iPhone? iPhone 4? If you haven't heard about it, then I think you are a dinosaur :P . I think you should try keeping yourself updated.

Anyway, I developed a lust for the new iphone 4 ever since the news came out. If you know me then you will definitely agree with this point. Yes. Some say I'm insane, some say I'm crazy for the iphone 4. Saving money for it just wasn't good enough when I realized that it would take me almost 1 year to fully save for that full price.

So... What else can I do?
I knew I needed to do something in order to prevent me from going to the "apple" stores to steal the iphone 4 itself. Suddenly... while I was surfing sites for my daily routine.. I discovered that nuffnang... HAS AN IPHONE 4 THAT THEY ARE GIVING AWAY..(what a great loss :PPP)
Omg.. I went crazy, mad... insane... I couldn't describe my current emotions.
I held up my courage and I said to myself... THE IPHONE 4 IS MINE!!!

Anyway... sometimes at home.. actually these few days.. my lust for the iphone 4 never tends to stop. I had to come up with something. Something that will take away my pain... my lust for the iphone 4 temporarily.

Now why do I want the iPhone? It is pretty obvious.

  • Display:
    3.5-inch, TFT capacitive, Multi-touch, Scratch-resistant surface
    960 x 640 Resolution
    800×1Contrast ratio (4 times improved)
    IPS Technology ( For superb colors and wide viewing angle)
    Higher pixel density and enhanced precision with Retina Display
    326 pixels per inch
  • Camera:
    5 MP with LED Flash
    2592 x 1944 pixels
    Autofocus + Touch to focus
  • Video Recording:
    720p HD video recording @30fps + Editing
    LED video light
  • Front Facing Camera: VGA for Video Conferencing (Over WiFi only)
  • 2 Mics (One for Active noise cancellation)
  • GPRS, EDGE, 3G (HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
  • USB v2.0
  • aGPS
  • Micro SIM only
  • Digital compass
  • TV-out
  • Accelerometer
  • Three-axis gyro sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Gyroscope (3-axis)
  • Integrated Antenna
  • Scratch-resistant glass back panel
  • Black & White Colors
  • 300 Hour Standby Time
Now who doesn't want all these in just a normal (I meant, UBER SPECIAL) phone? A small device (Awesomeness inside)?
I think everyone wants one!

As for my lust for the iPhone 4..... well...
I took my DVD remote and pretended it was an iphone 4.. But failed epic-ly.

Prototype: Iphone 4 Beta version 2. Maybe its more fail, but to tell you the truth this is my current phone. I bring it everywhere, my tuition, outside. I even pretended that I was scrolling through my favourite KPOP hits on the iphone 4. T.T. I am so... SO miserable.
Man... this is the best I could do. When can I get the real thing?

If nuffnang decides to give me their "EXTRA" iPhone 4.. I think its the best decision nuffnang ever did yet. I don't think they will regret it... EVAR!!

Normal Nuffnangers that want the iPhone 4:

My current iPhone 4 Hunger Status:
3 more blog posts.... the power..... limitless!!

Written by: Insane iPhone 4 obsessed addict.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I won USD 100 from GOKPOP!

Remember the post for promoting Gokpop earlier last week?
It was actually for a reason. Sorry guys, :PPP
Thanks gokpop for the USD 100 Yesasia certificate! Go GoKPOP!
AWESOME RIGHT? Now I can get like.... almost any album I want for the rest of the year.
YIPPIE! woooooooooot.

Anyway, If you want to try your luck, theres still the grand prize of USD 300.
Check out for contest details :)

Try your luck... HERE.
Best of luck and.... Thanks gokpop again for the USD 100. Really appreciate it. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

SNSD at Girls Award Japan Autumn/Winter 2010

As you guys would already know, SNSD is already dominating the music scene in Japan.
With their Oricon chart record breaking, to gathering over 20 thousand fans into one place, The possibilities are endless, even now I still can't believe that SNSD actually hit the 2nd place mark in the Oricon charts.

And as for now, The girls attended their first fashion show in Japan, The "Girls Award Japan 2010 Autumn/Winter" at Yoyogi National Gymnasium Stadium today, September 18th.
The girls performed Run Devil Run, Gee and Genie in that particular order.
Pictures are above as shown.

Some tweets and opinions, what Japanese fans have to say about them :)

"SNSD is dangerous, so cute and the performance was startling."
"The cheering is incredible!"
"SNSD's popularity is crazy!!"
"The crowd is going crazy!"
"By far the loudest cheer today!"
"The Girls Award was like SNSD as the main act. Dominating popularity."
"SNSD is too.... too incredible... too much moe"
"So this is SNSD!"
"Even all the staff are out watching the stage"

What else can I say? Jigeumeun SO NYUH SHI DAE!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

[MOVIE] "Devil" By M. Night Shyamalan Review

devil 003

So yesterday I got invited to the premier screening for "Devil" By M. Night Shyamalan.
Finally, A movie review huh? I know some of my followers had missed reading movie reviews on my blog. "HEH" But nevertheless, I'm back again with another flick by M.Night Shyamalan.

So M. Night Shyamalan is back again, to redeem his glory since "The Sixth Sense". Well no one can forget that movie that involves such a epic cast such as Bruce Willis. But he is back, once again, trying his luck other than the other "fail" movies that he has comeback with, such as The Happening, The Last airbender, The village. Okay , lets get straight to the review.
We will give this little M. Night Shyamalan another chance. maybe.

Devil. Its a story from The Night Chronicles, which means to say that there are more movies NOT sequels, that will be made soon to be viewed in the Cinemas.
But Devil seems to be the first movie to be released from the Night Chronicles.
What is this movie about anyway? Devil is a horror/Thriller movie, which wants you to use your brain, but fails to do so. Thats what I can say.
5 people trapped in a elevator at a random place, at a random time. One of them turns out to be the devil, Lucifer as we know it. So okay, people will give a bet at first, yeah this guy seems suspicious , and yeah.... I think he is the devil. NAH!
Boom, one person eliminated. Oh shit, I think its this guy... he could kill off anyone..
BOOM! Dead. Its just a round of elimination. The suspense that you built off since the start of the movie, just whitens out slowly after 1 dies. One by one, elimination. Up to the fact that the whole movie is based on one story set up by the Mexicans, I think. Their perspective on the devil, and what it plans to do. The deaths are PRETTY DARN obvious. Once the light goes off, or maybe someone did something stupid, they don't actually show you the scene of death.
'No wonder its rated PG13' Not to mention the ending was a WTF again.

Morale of the story, "Spill your beans, before your beans spill you."
Watch the movie , and you will think that... someone, somewhere.. could be the devil.
From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan.

Overall rating: 5.5/10

Watch the trailer below if you haven't.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2ne1 comeback, To Anyone?

2ne1, the revolutionary girl group by YG entertainment is finally back on the kpop scene since their instant hit- I don't care.

They are back with a brand new album, 2ne1's new album "To Anyone" has a different groove throughout the whole album. The main 3 songs that they plan to promote is "Clap your hands", "Go Away" and also " Can't Nobody"

You can check out their latest MV's below:

Three distinctive music styles of 2ne1 are shown in these 3 MV's. Hope you liked it.
Oh yeah, if you're wondering, I like Can't Nobody most.
Also, don't forget to check back for my album view post.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

[REVIEW] Kura at One World Hotel, One Utama

More food reviews, man I think that this blog has the potential to become a food blog. NOT!
Anyway, Japanese food can only reach a certain standard, a hint of authenticity and a clear ambiance of harmony. This restaurant , amazingly achieved all of the above.

This restaurant is called KURA. But through my knowledge of chinese Japanese this word means Hidden. If its wrong, please correct me. And it really makes the cut, it is sure well hidden in 1 Utama, I bet most of the readers won't even know theres such a restaurant other than that FREAKING overrated sushi Zanmai and Sushi King.

Well, for the word hidden, it also can mean its hidden sense of food making. Its hidden power within. Thats why I'm opening this gate for you. The hidden taste behind this restaurant revealed.

Here we go, I'll run through what I think of the restaurant.

2 words, as usual, Hidden and Harmonious.
sik yuen + one world 009

Big nice signboard outside of the restaurant.
sik yuen + one world 010

Nice arrangement? haha.
sik yuen + one world 011

Man, awesome sake collection!
sik yuen + one world 013

Great Menu design, lettering too. Gives that high class feel.
sik yuen + one world 016

Waiter in the midst of a battlefield.
sik yuen + one world 018

Some people like it fresh'ly chopped (Doesn't mean if you sit somewhere far, all you will get is stale food)
Just look at the handling of the fishes, the attitude of the people there, NICE.
The way they do it, the punctuality, perfect.
sik yuen + one world 019
sik yuen + one world 020

Nature themed, don't ya think.
About the wasabi here, honestly, not that good. It has not enough of that 'spicyness' you get in those natural horseradishes. I've tasted better wasabi in my life.
sik yuen + one world 021

Lets start with the appetizer shall we? Tamago. Also known as EGG.
If you ever been here before, but DIDN'T order the tamago here before, you are at a big loss.
A very big loss. The tamago here is sooooooo DAMN perfect. The best egg EVER. Layered and layered again. You are a fool if you think this dish is just a freaking appetizer. Takes time to make perfection even possible. Yes this is it.
The food review that is not even possible to describe. It is so good, man you have to go check up your tastebuds if you disagree.

The flavor, the texture, the everything. YOU WILL WANT MORE.
Perfection made possible.

*Wait... isn't this just egg? haha*

Tamago Appetizer, RM 10
sik yuen + one world 022

Next round, SUSHI! Everyone looves sushi right? Sadly some don't... but I don't care! har.
When some people talk about raw food, all they think is... eyer, raw food, so yuk, imma puke 1st..
Man, I really hate those type of people, you'll never love something if you don't try something right. You'll never know.

This is the Caterpillar roll, made famous around the malaysian sushi district.
Avocado on top, unagi and tamago on the inside. Classic dish.
What I can tell after my first bite, this sushi doesn't deserve the caterpillar name anymore.
The soft avocado on the top, the crunchy unagi on the inside, it will give your mouth a nice refract on the good food and bad food.

Caterpillar roll, RM 25.
sik yuen + one world 023

Yes, I know some of you may think, "aish, these type of sushi go jusco also can buy lar.
So rich kanninia these type of bloggers."
Well, even those small sushi can make a difference, and you can feel that difference if your mouth can even detect it.

The Negitoro maki, is just something small, something not worthy to look forward to put inside your mouth. NO. This small thing has the whole package.
Just go and try it already, will you?

Negitoro maki RM12.
sik yuen + one world 026

If you had known me for a very long time, you will know what type of food to treat me if you are keen on making me a very happy boy.
Temaki is gods personal gift made just for me.
I mean seriously, temaki is .... just the no.1 food I can think of when eating japanese.
What I look forward to when eating japanese.
But the worst thing is, it doesn't last long. One bite, and its all gone.

So as for these 2 temaki-es, One of them, is cranky salmon, which I ordered, while the other is soft shell crab temaki.
sik yuen + one world 027

A close up shot of the cranky salmon. What is the cranky salmon temaki anyway?
Actually, its just salmon smothered in spicy mayonnaise, topped of with crunchy bits of chips.
Not exactly potato chips, but chips.
First bite into my mouth, instant Mouth-gasm. Really, the sushi rice, the crunchyness, the spicyness, the raw salmon. MAN, I drool thinking of it.
Its sooooooooo good, I can't think of a word to describe this holy mother of temaki-es.

Cranky Salmon Temaki, RM 9 ea.
sik yuen + one world 028

My main course, and yes I'm already quite tired typing so much crap on this post that some don't even bother reading.
Okay... so only rich people just order sushi for their dinner, and 1 japanese dinner just isn't complete without a japanese dinner set.
This is... Yakiniku Rice dinner set. A dinner set in this restaurant comes with Rice, salad, miso soup, chawanmushi, a small portion of seafood, fruits, ginger and of course, THE BEEF!
This soft beef, after mixing with rice, you can really taste the softness of the beef, and you will know that it is cooked at the perfect temperature. The whole package. Not teppanyaki tho.
If you are a japanese food lover, I think you will understand what I'm trying to express after looking at that wonderful picture.

Yakiniku Rice Dinner set, RM42.
sik yuen + one world 030

Same as the above, and if you like your beef harder and chewy-er, this one is for you.

Teppanyaki dinner set, RM 35.
sik yuen + one world 032

This is the Buri Kama, also a part of a fish that I really don't know, but my mom ordered this so...
I'll leave it to you whether you like it or not. Yeap, its recommended.
Btw, its on the promotion menu! yay!

Buri Kama, RM 25.
sik yuen + one world 033

As for the last dish, one of the most classic in japanese cuisine, Chicken teriyaki dinner set.
The teriyaki here is seriously something worth looking forward to. Because of its top burnt, bottom, soft and nice source of the chicken, its unique, different from the others.
Just try it out!

Chicken Teriyaki to Sushi Set, (Didn't take pictures for the sushi beside) RM 45.
Yeah as for the sushi, real fresh sushi.

This is something new for me, cause this post is freaking long and I had put quite an amount of effort writing it.
And why is this food review different? Because I took those pics with a TAMRON 24-70 f2.8.
AWESOME RIGHT? Yeah. Freaking awesome.
Overall rating: 4.5/5

Okay yeah , the address. Check this one out. You will be amazed.
KURA JAPANESE RESTAURANT, One world hotel, First Avenue, Off dataran bandar utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 , Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Call 03-77269660 for inquires.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

[REVIEW] Tea at Yogitree Mid Valley Gardens

Wow, another food review post? Don't get too bored reading my blog, cause there is more to come!
Anyway, YogiTree? What type of restaurant is called Yogitree anyway?
Its actually an organic restaurant, that serves almost every cuisine in a high class manner.
Western, Italian, and local cuisine.
Here you can have them all, guess what, its all healthy and free of harmful chemicals. Awesome right? Yeah. But not all people like to eat organic food anyway.

Its all up to your tastebuds. Why don't try something different rather than letting your tastebud lead you? Two things I can say about this restaurant, Organic and Dry.
Ok cut it, lets get straight to reviewing...

YogiTree Organic Restaurant @ Mid Valley Gardens 1st Floor.


Outer view of the restaurant. Really does give you that organic sense.

Today's specials. Yeah they change their daily special menu. Hardworking!

Menu. Looks worn out, but its on purpose. I THINK. LOL

More deco and views around the restaurant.

Oh, I'm actually a Vampire. Nah, joking. Actually this is a mix of cranberry,strawberry, any berry that you can mention. AND ITS ALL IN THIS DRINK!
It's called "Very berry", and its very berry indeed.
Average sweetness, berry lovers will definitely love this drink.
And did I mention? Organic berries. Will supply you will a high amount of Vitamin C that will keep you running free of illness for a limited amount of time.
Be warned though,

Its RM12.


You will be wondering, what is this anyway? Most people will have difficulty guessing this dish.
Its a spinach salad. With EGG!
Its really something different, nothing like those caeser salads, or other salads that you can find everywhere.
Once again, everything they serve is organic, so you get what I mean. Those vegetables, really taste vegetable-ly, and the egg really makes up for those vegetables, Not recommended for meat lovers. Oh ya, did I mention? Its a mix of herbs and spices, flavor orgasm!

Spinach Salad RM 26. <--- Inserts "WTF"

I'm gonna be honest here, I've really became a avid fan of Pastas now all thanks to that Japanese Drama "Bambino" . So I decided to order up my fav, PASTA!

This is the Pesto and mushroom pasta, ala spaghetti.
First twirl, then bite. "Wow, its actually quite normal, average only... wtf"
Maybe I just ate too much carbonara dishes recently, but I didn't quite like the taste of this one.
I mean the spaghetti was nicely cooked, and the herbs and spices, wow.
But the mushroom, its like the weirdest thing I ate for such a long time. And those seeds, really unnecessary, yup, I know its organic but... oh nevermind.
Its just too dry.

Pesto and mushroom Pasta RM 22.

Ayam perchik Rice, any comments on this one? I think not.
Its.. not bad. Didn't impress though. As Malaysians say... " Ma ma zeh." "Ok lar"
Exceptions, using brown rice, DUH, and yeah, organic chicken.

Ayam Perchik Rice RM 26 <--- Inserts "FUU-"

Finally something to make my day! Ok maybe not, I mean, how can A burger be organic anyway?

A cheeseburger in fact, first bite... DRY, really dry. Not even juicy. Asked for medium well but its like well done. I'm really specific on these things. Man, its time for me to go find ramly and request for his freaking burgers. The pickles were nice though. Nothing much to be delighted about.


Ok thats enough to be said on this restaurant.
If you are really keen on eating organic food, check this one out. Oh ya, you must be rich also.
The bill, A whooping RM 150 for 4 people. And its for tea time. great. >.>
All that $$ .... T.T!

Overall rating :2.5/5

The YogiTree, Lot F237-B, 1st Floor, Gardens Mid Valley,59200, Kuala Lumpur.
For enquires please call 603 22826763.