Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rania fansign In Malaysia 111230 ; Pictures & Coverage

Rania came earlier today but they had another event in mind other than the Countdown Concert they will be holding during 31dec2011. It was a fansign event which was held at Sunway Pyramid! Fans of Rania soon then gathered to meet Rania in the flesh and were patiently waiting for a great time with Rania! The event which was held at the main concourse area, gathered attention from many. Jointly organized by Sunway Lagoon and Magnum, its a pretty small but meaningful event from Rania! Check out the pictures below-

Rania Fansign 025

Rania and MC interaction.
Rania Fansign 034

The beautiful girls from Rania. Unfortunately member Joy was unable to attend.
Rania Fansign 173

My bias RIKO. ^_^
Rania Fansign 171

Rania Fansign 166

Jooyi and Di making a heart sign to the fans.
Rania Fansign 158

T-ae is such a cutie, don't you agree?
Rania Fansign 163

Saem posing with a peace sign.
Rania Fansign 152

Presents from the fans! What a surprise!
Rania Fansign 030

Looks like a really cute pairing *_*
Rania Fansign 017

At last most fans got their poster signed at the event and went back with a big smile on their faces. Rania themselves were absolutely stunning in person and it was an honor to shoot them as well. Look forward to the Countdown Party post that I will be making tomorrow,

and for A WHOLE LOT MORE PICTURES, visit my flickr and please don't forget to credit @sdk_haru or!

A short fancam of the event from me -

Stay tuned for more events from!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alexander in Malaysia Press Conference ; Pictures & Coverage

17 December 2011 was the day Alexander (Formally from U-kiss) came to Malaysia once again, now to promote his solo debut and to personally greet and meet Malaysian fans. Here is some light coverage on what happened during the Press Conference with Alexander that was held @ The Seri Pacific Hotel. With his new FIRST solo album debut, 'I Just', anticipation for his debut kept increasing as Xanderettes (Alexander Fans) were as excited as him himself.
Check out some pictures of Alexander at the Press Conference below!

Xander And CF 380

Alexander introducing himself and talking about his solo debut.
Xander And CF 388
Xander And CF 393

Alexander answering a whole lot of questions from the Media.
Xander And CF 409

Alexander taking a picture with a bouquet of flowers given by Soya Beanz (Main Organizer)
Xander And CF 428
Xander And CF 433

Some close up shots of Alexander.
Xander And CF 442

He also had another more private session with members of the media which later asked him about more personal questions. The interview with Alexander was a whole lot of fun as he was humorous and down to earth. Check out a video of the interview below.

Stay tuned for Coverage on the Showcase at Cheras Leisure mall and more updates!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2AM Giveaway Winner Announcement

Congatulations to Ziey Mazzyha as she is the winner for our Giveaway!

Thanks for your participation and lookout for more future giveaways and events!

Update: Next few event updates will be for Xander's Fanmeet and Rania @ Countdown 2012. I was attending MAMA and SNSD's SG concert so I was on a slight hiatus! Thanks for waiting!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

3rd Wave Music Fan Meet ; Pictures and Coverage

I also attended the 3rd wave music Fan meet, which happened 8pm 14 October 2011 on the same day of the Press Conference. The fan meet is for the 3rd wave artistes to interact and meet their Malaysian fans. As soon as 7pm, there were fans queuing up inside Boulevard hotel already! We were quite surprised to see them, but it was kind of disappointing because we have already been to so many other K-pop events which were swarmed by thousands of people! This Fanmeet is more of a private fanmeet so only approximately three hundred fans attended. These are some of the photos that I took during the fan meeting-


Pastor Johnny, Brian Joo and Alexander on the stage.

Lucky International fans that got up to play games with Brian Joo and Alexander. Fans from Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, and more were present! We were absolutely STUNNED and surprised by brian's and xander's phenomenal fanservice! It was really different.


A eye-to-eye stare with a lucky Japanese fan.

Xander's stare-stance.

Dinner with the stars? Definitely made possible only with Brian and Xander! A table was brought right in! Most of us were quite amazed at some of the things they did. Overall we had lots of fun and laughter together.

Water for Brian?

A group shot with the lucky fans that got to participate.

A behind-the-scenes candid shot with Brian and Xander.

Fans even got to have a specially made necklace just for them! How nice~

A final group shot with the fans once again with the gifts 3rd wave music gave them.

Lastly, they had a fansign for all the fans that bought their album! They signed for every single one that attended, counting hundreds! And thats that! We had fun and enjoyment with the 3rd wave crew and we hope that they would come back sometime again.

A video to reminiscence on the fanmeet-

Stay tuned as these holidays, K-pop events would be really packed as I am attending MAMA2011, MoA 2011, SNSD's 2nd Asia Tour In Singapore and more! Its a holiday jam packed with events for the k-poppers so stay tuned!

Sunday, October 30, 2011 2AM Giveaway

2am has gained more love and support very since the day K-pop shook and changed the music scene in Malaysia. Fans from all over the world came over to see the expansion and happenings of K-pop in Malaysia and is mostly their #1 Source for pictures and event updates.

To thank those fans for their support and more to come, has prepared a giveaway!
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2AM 001

Heres the 2AM SHOW goodie bag.
2AM 002

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3rd Wave Music Press Conference ; Pictures and Coverage

3rd Wave Music came by last week for a "Meet The Fans" Session and also a CCM Showcase at FGA Church last week. Did you guys miss it? It featured top K-pop sensation Brian Joo and former U-Kiss member Alexander.

So what is 3rd wave? 3rd Wave is a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) group based in Seoul, Korea formed by Brian Joo (Ex-Fly to the Sky), Alexander Lee Eusebio, Choi Siwon (Super Junior), Van Ness Wu and more who feel that they have the responsibility to rally this generation to the Great Commandment by knowing God's heart using music to accomplish their goal.

Proceeds from albums go towards supporting education, building projects, and medical relief via the IWIN Campaign, a program under Food for the Hungry International, Ivory Coast.

It was a pretty interesting concept to use the mouth of artistes to spread the gospel. The "Meet the Fans" and Press Conference respectively was held at Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley last friday and I am here to give you coverage about the events that happened that day.

The press conference started as early as 3pm and they were indeed quite punctual. It started with the MC explaining about the purpose and founding of 3rd wave and so on, after that Starpark founder, which is also a pastor came on for a talk.


A picture of Pastor Johnny (Founder of 3rd wave) and Starpark Founder.

Emcee interaction with Brian Joo and Alexander!

Taking a picture with Starpark local Celebrities.

A group photo with 3rd wave and Starpark.

Brian Joo and Alexander posing for the camera.

Brian Joo and Alexander's media interview.

Unfortunately, the media wasn't allowed to ask their own questions but the event was carried on successfully! Stay tuned for coverage on the "Meet The Fans" session that happened awhile after the Conference!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 "Meet The Media" Session

Malaysia bringing a huge scaled concert right here in your backyard. A dream come true for all Malaysian K-pop fans, this is it! Jointly organized by Proof Label and Galaxy Ticketing, they bring you, Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia! This ain't fiction no more y'all, cause the lineup included FT. Island, Teen Top, Park Jung Min, U-kiss, 4Minute , Seungri and GDxTOP!
Held right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Stadium Merdeka at 24th September 2011. It was a night to remember as it was as if the fans were watching a k-pop music show right here in Malaysia!
Certainly this is proof that hallyu has indeed invaded our lands. If you had missed the event that happened just last weekend, check out the cut below!

I attended the "Meet The Media" session that following evening as they had no time for a proper Press Conference. Here are the photos of the idols-

KMW P.C 030

Teen Top looking fine!
KMW P.C 092

Rockstar boys - Ft. Island
KMW P.C 104

The girls with spectacular performing skills, 4-4-4 minute!
KMW P.C 055

Park Jung Min
KMW P.C 136

The highlight of the concert, GDxTOP and Seungri!

Unfortunately U-Kiss didn't manage to attend the "Meet The Media" session because they were busy preparing for the concert. Stay tuned for event coverage of the concert!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Malaysia Break Down ; P.C & High Five Event

Kim Hyun Joong came back to Malaysia once again on the 20th and 21st of August to promote his new solo work - Break Down, while also promoting The Face Shop. Excitement incurred once again as the Ex- SS501 member came down to Malaysia for a High Five session with his fans! Glad to have the opportunity to cover this wonderful event and meet Kim Hyun Joong in person once again. Below are some of the pictures that I took during the Press Conference and The High Five event that was held at Gardens Ballroom on the 21st of August.

Kim Hyun Joong Malaysia 108

Answering questions from the media.
*One FM Radio DJ as emcee for the Press Conference; Kim Hyun Joong ; Translator*
Kim Hyun Joong Malaysia 129

Kim Hyun Joong waving for the camera.
Kim Hyun Joong Malaysia 154

Taken during the High Five Session at Gardens Ballroom.
Kim Hyun Joong Malaysia 164
Kim Hyun Joong Malaysia 175
Kim Hyun Joong Malaysia 177
Kim Hyun Joong Malaysia 186

A smile and a handshake for a fan. Such a wonderful memory just for them.

Stay tuned for more in depth K-POP event coverage!

Coming up: SuaraKami with Rania, Brian Joo and Xander 3rd wave music event, Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011, 2PM hands up Asia Tour