Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia Review?

So yesterday I went out for dinner, but what the heck, I decided to watch a movie with my father and brother too. I chose prince of persia, obviously.

Prince of persia : The Sands of Time. I was a fan of prince of persia when I played revelations on my psp a few years ago. Now the movie? Nice. Seriously win.

The story is about Prince Dastan, getting framed and now the whole of persia is hunting him down. DEAD. But heres a catch, he holds the worlds most mystical dagger, the dagger that allows him to manipulate time, and turn back time.It's all based on the game so this movie got me hyped up. However, the dagger only can turn back time 1 minute ago, and to recharge the sands of time, you have to get to the sands of time. But think of it.. what would happen if you stabbed the dagger into the sands of time, and hold the time reversing button at the same time?

It's all for you to figure out. This movie is a epic war battle where soldiers will meet assassins.
So remember to catch this flick in perfect detail!

Overall rating: 8/10 , Really nice effects, Set back into the persian time.
Not to mention , ORIGINAL ending. moi likey.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Lets, Feed!

Oh nom nom nom nom.
As you can see, I have a "surprise" for you people that come by as today, I am going to do 2 FOOD REVIEWS. HOU YEH!
Well here it goes. *First time doing a "real" review hahahaha*

So whats the restaurant?
It's called Betty's Midwest Kitchen located at Aman Suria.
First glance of the restaurant, already can sense the smell and taste of AMERICAN food.
Time I been there? 1145 hours.
Around breakfast.

As you can see, this is the nice american feel entrance.
You can look at the opening and closing time clearly.(Obviously, LOL)
Alright then. *PUSHES*

Grab a seat and get hold of the menu, really nice printing, good view at the start, but always, don't judge a book by its cover, literally. XD

Really interesting stuff they have here, like steaks, burgers,pork chops, etc.
Typical american food, western food style.

A view to my left of the restaurant, nice homey feel, air conditioning, clean place.
As you can see, I'm actually sitting right in front of the kitchen! LOL

*Irrelevent picture.*

Soup of the day. Not bad. A sip of the soup reminds you quick of homemade soup, really nourishing and refreshing feel as it is floating with celery , carrots , even macaroni.
Might differ everyday LOL Soup of the DAY right..
Garlic bread was quite hard, but quite tasty too, the usual garlic bread.

Pig in a blanket.
You can really understand why its called that by looking at it, pork sausages wrapped in bacon?
YUM, good appetizer. Great finger food as it has a saucy and juicy feel to it and dashed with a slight of sauce.

Country Chicken W/ Mashed potato.
Oh I must say... this is a really great dish. I mean the mashed potato, goodness. Hadn't had such mashed potato in years.. Maybe lacking of eating american food after so long but yeah.
The mashed potato in this dish, nice.
The chicken seemed like quite normal to me, it lacks crunchyness.

The pulled pork burger, didn't try this, but the burger was A-OK.
My brother chose this dish so I'm not so sure lol

And finally! My main course hehehe. What did I chose to eat? The cheeseburger!
I'm always a fan of cheeseburgers so theres nothing wrong with me with another one. *Greedy*
Hmmm... so what do I think of this cheeseburger... The beef, meh. I think that its americanized making the beef like homemade as the beef has celery and onions in it... abit cakey huh.
Above the beef, bacons! But sadly the bacons weren't those crunchy type that I hoped that it would be..It also was kinda dry so, 6/10 rating. Didn't much impress me LOL
Came with fries so, the fries are like the typical kind.
The price was really reasonable to me though. RM12.00.
The burger size was like the sizes they have in Chillies.

This one amazed me. Guess what is this....

Macaroni and cheese? LOL
Yes it is.. maybe I've had the kenny rodgers macaroni and cheese in mind but this was different.
This isn't the macaroni and cheese with sauce, this one was covered in pieces of cheese!
Really nice to initiate your tastebuds in a totally different way.
Definitely approves this one.

As for my drink, I ordered root beer because on their menu root beer was on the "MUST HAVE" status, the price, rm5.50, WHAT? lol
But I can feel that their root beer was "homemade", not all those A&W cans and pour inside.
OK-OK , what more can you get from root beer anyway?

Total rating.......................... 6/10!

So come on, check it out yourself yo!
Betty's Midwest Kitchen @
Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya

Now its up for my second review on a totally different restaurant.
LIN YUAN STEAMBOAT KITCHEN is located at queens park, really nice place cause when I arrived, I saw tons of people feeding themselves there, the more people, the better it is? lol

So whats so special about this place? Why come so far to KL for this?
Steamboat....wait what?
Steamboat with pumpkin porridge soup? NOWAYZ MAN.
Yes way. Thats what I'm talking about..
As you can see from the above, YUM YUM YUM

So when your here the raw food will be counted on heads of people. So price differs.
I really recommend the QQ toufu and also the SUI GAO as both of them impressed me.
Really nice place to have a great dinner. There are also plenty of shops around so after you eat you can check them out!

An Egg boiled in the "soup". NICE pumpkin taste + Egg.
This is quite a short review but its really not bad! Try and come down to try this alternate steamboat yourself!

Total review 7.5/10
Lin Yuan Pumpkin Steamboat @ Peel Road , Queens park, Cheras.
Check it out yo!

Thats about it for todays post, woot tiring after bring out for the whole day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pray. For luck.

So recently its all about exams, but now I should tend to ease myself cause next week is the last week lol.
So exam exams exams.... just one more week.. damn....
Recently I've been kinda sick, really not feeling well...
But as for the upcoming holidays, I feel really happy and I can't wait, ^_^

So what have I been up to lately?
B2ST might be coming to malaysia next month, and all you'd have to do is click ATTENDING!
If the amount of attendees reach 5k, B2ST would come next month, so vote for the sake of the fans please???

"VOTE just for B2ST/BEAST !!
The decision is yours to bring B2ST/ BEAST here in Malaysia.

We are trying to bring B2ST/BEAST come in Malaysia.
If we hit 5000 votes, you might meet the boys in Malaysia!"

Other than that, I also joined in some contest to win the official SNSD photobook!

So I finished 2 weeks of exams, it was almost like a dream/ wait, nightmare.
It looks like I slept through most of it. But I shall not give up!
Most of the time, people look down on me. But I know, I'm unique, so what?

Time will tell anyway. See you guys next time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ray of light. but darkness?

Last two weeks before holiday. This week, is literally hell.
Damn, I don't even wanna talk about add maths. Seriously.
I have nothing to update actually, just wanna update for the sake of it.
So last week uncle john came to my house , yadda yadda yadda. Monday he went back, too much $$ to spend already. Bought some feng shui items for me but still not working yet..
Yesterday I also went for a haircut , out and doing random stuffs etc.
Okay I really have nothing interesting enough to blog about LOL

Exams exams exams... Is school life just about exams?
Can exams calculate the intelligence of one?
Academic results are defined by rulers of once before. Must we follow the path..

So sunday I wanted to write a review on a restaurant, again...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Japanese is....muzukashi... RANT!

It had been a year since I started learning japanese, I'd still remember the days I used to ask my mom, " Can I learn japanese? Please? " Nowadays, learning another language of the world, it was fun and enjoyable, really gained tons of knowledge and getting to know many new friends.
Now at the level of intermediate I, things have just started to get more interesting.
I'll now do a short review of how my life passed on with knowledge of japanese.

So how is japanese compared to the chinese language? Japanese has really basic lettering when you start, Hiragana, their basic self formed lettering is really interesting which you must memorize and first and know how to make basic sentence structure.
After that, you will take on Katakana, which is a different lettering but same pronounciation as Hiragana. Katakana is more on english/other language words such as,
Kuala Lumpuru or tannku or Mareshia, words like that, you'll have to write in katakana.

After learning those, you will get to more higher standards of japanese, like grammer,
adjectives, etc.

But now... seriously bugging, so damn many things to remember LOL
Japanese has past tense adjectives... wtf.
And they have Informal language and Formal language. Is like both 2 different languages.
Other than that, there are wayyyy many grammer rules, ._.
Kanasai. All the best on those who are trying to tackle another language , yes its fun but remember to always practice ^_^

Chinese>Japanese>English. (In terms of difficulty)

Ok more back to my personal time.
So yesterday, I had one of the best dota games of the year.
SO GODDARN EPIC GAME. It was 3 INT HEROS against 3 Different types of heroes.
Really was unexpected for us to win this game.
Confidence and persistance was the way to go.
I want to give a rant to some certain people in garena too.
Nowadays, damn many people are overboard with their actions. So goddamn selfish,
if they unhappy about their hero/game, even they died also must release anger, seriously.
I have no problem with that but why must you let other people suffer at the same time?
Can't keep it to yourself? Make other people have the same fate as you?
So selfish , really man, these type of people... KANASAI.
Furthermore, I also hate people that give up in like.... fukken 5minutes?
Our team died 10 deaths, SO WHAT? Learn to be persistant man. Seriously, read the keys to success. If you have that type of losing attitude, i mean, don't play at all. Fukken dogs.
Don't even have confidence. "WHY SO SRS?" "If you not serious, then what for u play?"

cakes. Learn more about the world man. Don't just be a selfish dog living in your own world that you rule. I always try to think about others before myself, trying to improve my self attitude.

Uncle john is at my house for a few days, exam season. 5 more months. In my head, life is fun.

Other than that, I saw this at a bus stop today^ LOL.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shrek Forever (4) Review.

It was 6.40pm, I rushed to the bathroom just to take my shower.
After that, It was a hell long of a trip to joshua's house to catch one of the latest animations in the cinematography market. Shrek 4, The Final Chapter. Review will be below after I done abit of personal blogging. So I went over to josh's house reaching there at bout 7pm+. Had dinner there and we took off to mid valley with Alex and Kendrick, After we arrived, we went for some pool, of course had to enjoice first, XD. Won against josh in 1v1, then 2v2 I teamed with kendrick and yet we won again, WAHAHAHHA. Sad we played american pool though, /heh.

Bought some popcorn and drinks, then, movie time. Its been long since I watched a shrek movie, cause I caught every single premiere since the first movie. XD

So what do I think of shrek? Overall its a really fun movie to watch, loads of humour so its a really really fun movie to watch with your friends. The movie is pretty much about a "scam" case by rumpelstiltskin, this guy, scammed shrek to sign one of his contracts, sending shrek to an alternate universe. All he needs to do is to make that contract void.But how?

Since I watched this movie in 3D, Its a breakthrough for 3D flicks cause the 3D animations were breathtaking. Very nice. Filled with humour, its a flick that you should catch to release all your stress and LOL. Its like a modern twist to fairytales so it will be a flick that is set in modern scenes.

Overall : 6/10
Summary: AMAZING 3D, LOL- moments but storyline, meh.

Remember to catch it in a cinema near you, in 3D!

Its just quite sad that its the final shrek movie, but it was fun. ^_^

Till then, see you guys tommorow.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Pardon me for my kpop fever this week. But alot of songs got stuck in my head this week.
Gosh, They keep hovering around my mind for the whole day, can't stop replaying them.
I just had to post tons of kpop stuff on my blog cause the fever is back. If you're not interested, please check out my older posts for some refreshing moments, as if. LOL
So today was English exam, hella fun writing the essay and doing the paper, loving it.
Tonight, I got some kind of event to go to after my tuition, a teaser photo here.

Be sure to check out my next post tomorrow regarding the (above) event, hey yeah.
It's quite fun being in exam week. NOT.
Then, I also joined the nuffnang community recently, so hi to INNIT people who visit around.
I really hope my blog will be a success soon , LOL

Daily dose of kpop time.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Give it to my whyyy ai.

Tuesday, hell, exams.
I'm still here even when its exam season, I know I'm an asshole, but bleh.
So yesterday makesh finally got into the world of internet thanks to tmnut screamyx.
Went over to his house to download/install some stuff then came back for dota.
Yeah its gonna be boring these few weeks. 5 more months. Just 5 months.
This one's a hell of a good song. Seriously touching.
I got nothing, nothing to say..
Tell me goodbye tell me goodbye.
And yeah, IN JAPANESE hell yeah (LOL XD)

Latest hit by mblaq. check it out yo.
Till then.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stoop motion.

Something i made just now, support thanks LOL
Very bored. Yes very.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ling dan (Zero) VS LCW (Lansi Warrior)

So yesterdays hype was about one match.
The match of China VS Malaysia in the thomas cup.It was all over the internet.
Guess what, Lin dan won again. LOL. Sau pei for lee chong wei ... sad
So darn many topics on thomas cup in LYN made me lol yesterday, siao
And anyway, Lin dan was so lansi he showed his tits and did some robot dance
KK today stadium only got indon and china people, no malaysians in a malaysian stadium
Too bad, just too bad.

Happy birthday sunny and I hope more days will be sunny to you in this great year ^_^
Yesterday was also the comeback stage of suju. It was hell big.
Everyone , I meant ELFS around the world was there to watch their comeback.
Suju dominated the internet yesterday. Literally.
Check out their performance here.

Damn. I am so darn super addicted to this song already. LOL
Till then.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Empire state (gallery?)

Back to post my updates. Yesterday was a interesting day, cause.. TUITION ended so fast.
I had no idea why but nvm, don't care. Exams are around the corner, and it sucks cause I'm still enjoying. My class = FULL OF NERDCAKES. hais.
After tuition I went to Empire Shopping gallery. A new mall at SS16, kinda boring there cause most of the outlets there are for clothing and fashion or food. The usual pav type of malls.
After than went to kenny rodgers and eat, dunno why my brother want eat there...
Then after eating we went to a pub to play some pool, ftw . Pool tables are so big (average) than all those British pool tables, G.R.E.A.T.
I suck on those type of tables though, maybe because the cues' are way longer.
Played like siao, but my uncle can own me in 3 turns, obviously giving chance. cake.
Thats about it, don't know what inspiring quote I wanna *insert here*, till then.

And oh ya, tomorrow moi no school, YAY

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

K thanks bai.

Going out to play pool later, might update.
Thanks for following my blog guys, and oh ya, I earned rm0.05 from advertlets.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Catchy & what?

lol wtf, back from " study group"
Today is a great day ^_^ Recently its all about catchy songs that get into your head after a few times played.

yay , time to enjoice.
Just felt like making this post LOL
So wednesday, going to play pool again, very smexcited, maybe addicted liao LOL

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pool's Inferno.

So I have been absent from the blog scene for quite some time. I think. LOL
I'm back after such a boring week. Life didn't seem calm these days so >.>
Anyway, loads of things happened throughout the week, saturday,
Woke up in the morning , Flew myself to summit USJ for the COD of the camera.
Finally the cybershot has been sold for rm350. YAY.
But the cameras' not mine so all cash earned went to my mom, being mothers day,
I still get rm50 commission for selling the camera, /heh

2PM, Went for black canyon coffee, tasty mocha mocha.
Found myself in my japanese class after that, some lol stuff happened again..
After that I went to Tropicana City Mall for some Kaimono-shimasu
Got Dante's Inferno , Silent Hill Shattered Memories and King Kong(yeah lame) for moi psp.
Nowadays I really find my psp a necessity for my life, but the battery is getting a hell lot weaker.
Play play play moar dante's inferno, after few hours, I already reach Holy build level 5 lol
Ok anyway, after shopping, Went straight for a 1 hour (LOL) ride to centerpoint.
Went to Pub for Pool and dinner for josh and christina birthday,
Pooled till 1AM. Went home and recklessly fell onto the bed, sleepy time.
I can say my POOL skills "IMPROVED". Maybe.

Anyway here's my review for Dante's Inferno.
Really addictive I can say. Yes really. If you're the type of person who likes hack & slash.
This is like the alternate version of God Of War. Really.. ==
But I think this game should almost be 18 or R rated since tons and tons of tits in the game.
REALLY , wtf.
This game sets itself in HELL, literally hell. I've never known hell was so detailed.
Fight through hell to save your wife. Really, Hell has its limits, And its like hell.
8/10. Addictive.

Imagine going through this shit. long way down >.>

As for silent hill. NOTHANKSBYE LOL

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm in the trance.

I ponder this thought on myself, from time to time.
Am I the one who deserves all this, why me? Some others deserve it more than me...
Sometimes there are things that come right at you, but well you just don't deserve it.
But what can you do? Just accept the fact that you are alive.
This world is a joke, a game as we know it. Everyone is on to you. Its how well you play this game.

Well cut the crap, Recently , I am bored. Bored outta my mind. I just pray so that one day.
One day, glory will for fill what I desire. Just 5 more months, live will break loose.
This is the real beginning of life.
Well this blog is like my personal memories book, one day I'm gonna look back.
And the past always seemed to be the bright side. For some. But for some, they await the future.
Which side do you fall into?

Monday was like oh yeah, borrriiinnngg as hell.
Tuesday, meh. Didn't go to school due to sickness. Tuition @ 5.30pm.
Don't really know why I'm blogging though, I'm hoping that some people will take advices and use them in the future. Some matters will save your ass.

Finally it was time for WG to dominate K-charts well after their ultra annoying song, NOBODY
After 2 years of absence , its time. They are back. All in the month of may.
May will truly be an amazing month for kpop as war on the kcharts is about to begin.
Keep track. Don't fall back.