Tuesday, December 11, 2012

121110 ZE:A Showcase In Malaysia

ZE:A held their very own showcase in Malaysia last month, preparing a special stage for their Malaysian fans. The showcase was held at Kenanga Wholesale City KL and at the unusually prompt timing of 7.30pm! The whole floor was enthralled as an amazing intro VCR was played before the showcase. Fans were enticed with happiness as ZE:A performed all their greatest hits such as body to body, All day long, Hearts for 2 , Aftermath, Mazeltov that very night. They also had a more personal session with ZE:A as there were game sessions and more! Check out pictures of the event below!

ZEA 264
Member Dongjun and Siwan.
ZEA 206
Dance pose by ZE:A after an explosive dance performance.
ZEA 293
ZE:A played games and answered questions from the emcee as part of the stage interactions.
ZEA 311
Lucky fans got themselves shirts signed by ZE:A on stage!
ZEA 329
Cheerful member Hyunsik was touched when a cake was presented to him on stage as it was his birthday.
ZE:A performed a total of 11 songs that night which was well worth in my opinion it in value to the ticket pricing.  The showcase was a huge success as fans got the very best from ZE:A that night. We hope the boys would make a comeback to Malaysia as soon as possible! For more pictures from the event, click here.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

121110 ZE:A Press Conference In Malaysia

Like A Phoenix~ ZE:A makes their prompt return back to Malaysia again after receiving a much more heartwarming welcome than their previous visit to host a Showcase in the heart of KL! The showcase was held at Kenanga Wholesale City and I had the opportunity to attend both the Press Conference and Showcase all thanks to organizer (Jazzy Group of Companies) that gave me media access and for bringing ZE:A back to Malaysian grounds as well.

ZEA 024
ZEA 021
ZEA 122
Popular member Kwanghee speaking about the visit.
ZEA 131

 They prepared a lot things specially for their Malaysian fans to make it more special and memorable.
They also said that they were very grateful that the fans were much more supportive and enthusiastic this time around. For more photos on the Press Conference, be sure to click here! Stay tuned to the next post for coverage on the showcase!

Monday, November 26, 2012

121003 T-ARA Showcase In Malaysia

As posted in the previous post, T-ARA made their very first visit to Malaysia for a showcase here! Set to perform big hits such as Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, Day by Day and more, Malaysian Queens (T-ARA fans) were more than excited as this day finally came to a close. Thousands and thousands made their way to Menara PGRM (Venue for the showcase) and to my surprise, the event started punctually at 8.30PM!

A HUGE crowd showed up despite a controversy T-ARA recently had regarding a member change, company treatment issues, and more. Queens from Japan, Indonesia and more flew all the way from their homelands just to catch this much anticipated concert! I was happy to see so many supportive and enthusiastic fans that night.

Below is the setlist for the night so take a look! 

Antipation ensues throughout the venue as fans are eager to see new member Ahreum perform together with T-ARA! It's also such a treat for the fans as there were many interaction and intimate moments T-ARA shared with the fans that night too.

t-ara showcase 2012 255
Hyomin and Jiyeon's cute fanservice!
t-ara showcase 2012 117
Lucky ones chosen for a personal game session on stage.
t-ara showcase 2012 166
A lucky winner with member Soyeon!
t-ara showcase 2012 175
t-ara showcase 2012 261
Soyeon also celebrated her birthday with fans that night.
t-ara showcase 2012 272
T-ARA's first visit to Malaysia, was it worth the wait?
Malaysian queens enjoyed the very best of T-ARA that night as they closed with a high five session up on the stage only for the VVIP ticket holders! 

Till the very end, We all say,
 We can't wait to see you again T-ARA!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

121003 T-ARA Press Conference In Malaysia

Last month, Girl Group T-ARA came down to Malaysia for a showcase. I was given the chance to attend the Press Conference for the event so here's what went down at the Press Conference that was held in JW Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I would also like to take this oppertunity to thank Jazzy Group of Companies for inviting me to the respective events.

tara p.c 300
CCM's Girl Group - T-ARA

T-ARA answered all the questions forwarded by the Emcee while it was conducted as a general QNA session.

Q : Is this the first time for T-ARA to be in Malaysia?
A : (Eunjung) Yes, as a group, but for me this would be my second time. I have been here for a MBC “We Got Married” recording for a ‘honeymoon’.
Q : How was the ‘honeymoon’?
A : (Eunjung) It was very sweet and Malaysian people are so kind and they welcome me so much, and this time as well so many fans come to welcome us.
Q : Did you know that there are a lot of great foods in Malaysia? Have you tried anything yet?
A : We don’t really get the time to try Malaysian food, but after today’s showcase we’re going to try Malaysia food definitely.
Q : How many songs are you guys going to perform for tonight’s showcase?
A : We’re going to perform 7 songs. It’ll be great if everyone can come to our showcase tonight. We have a language barrier; we’re Korean and you’re Malaysian, but we will try to speak in English on stage as much as we can.
Q : We saw your showcase earlier in Jeju Island, Hongkong and now Malaysia, what is your motivation to sing the same songs again and again?
A : Actually, before we go on stage, we dance to the song so many times and practice hard. Sometimes we’re tired, but when we see fans cheering and supporting us, that’s the happiest moment for us and we aren’t tired anymore
Q : What do you expect from Malaysian fans tonight?
A : It’s going to be a very great time with Malaysia fans and we hope they will have fun with us and enjoy our showcase.
Q : There are a lot of Kpop idols recently, how is T-ARA able to maintain so popular?
A : We always to try our best, not to be sexy or pretty, but to be more friendly towards fans.

Questions credit to; joshuaongys.com

Take a look below to see luharu.com's photos of the Press Conference!

tara p.c 022
Member Jiyeon
tara p.c 080
Member Park Soyeon

For more photos, be sure to check them out @ my flickr account! Stay tuned to more K-pop event coverage coming soon by luharu.com!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

APINK & B1A4 at OneFM Concert 120929 (Part 2)

Continued from my previous post here, Girl Group A PINK and Male Group B1A4 made a stop in Malaysia as a part of OneFM's major lineup for their concert OneFM The One. The crowd went wild as at around 9.30PM A Pink graced the stage with their cheerful and fun hit tracks such as "I don't know, Bubibu, and Hush" while B1A4 closed the stage with 4 songs - "Baby Good Night, Baby I'm Sorry, O.K and Beautiful Target". Unfortunately each group could only perform 3/4 songs each due to time restraint and schedules. Pink Pandas (A Pink Fans) went CRAZY as fanchants Hush hush~ and Bubibu~ echoed the crowds. The event was definitely a success as thousands and thousands showed up even passerbys stopped to take a look. Luckily I was part of the media so I managed to snap a few shots of the 2 charismatic groups. It was an exciting and fun event as the lineup was consistent enough to keep the party going. Many of the local artistes did dance and song renditions of hit k-pop songs such as Gangnam Style and TroubleMaker. One of them even formed a group to perform one of 2am's ballad tracks!

Crowd went wild when A Pink turned up on Malaysian grounds performing: Mollayo
A group introduction and some fan interaction.
End Pose for Mollayo.
B1A4's Baro and Gongchan.
B1A4 and their cute dance moves~
For more photos of the event, be sure to check out my flickr account here. This end of year will be a fruitful year for k-poppers as groups after group will be holding showcases and concerts so stay tuned to more photos and coverage from luharu.com!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

2NE1 Global Tour 2012 in Malaysia - New Evolution


Malaysian Blackjacks are you READY?????

YGE's 4 Member Nationwide Hit Girl Group 2NE1 is set to visit Malaysia for their first and one-night only concert in Stadium Melawati on 8 Dec 2012, 8.30pm! with ticketing details
available within the next week! (27 Oct)

Concert organizer Running Into The Sun (RITS) is pleased to
announce that one of the hottest and most influential global music acts will be coming to Malaysia. 2ne1 will be making a stop here for their 2NE1 Global Tour- New Evolution concert on 8 Dec 2012, 8.30pm, at
Stadium Melawati. Ticket sales start on 27 Oct with more ticketing details available from RITS within
the next week. Regular updates will be posted on www.facebook.com/runningintothesun and @RITSmy on
Twitter. Strictly a one-night only show with no further addition of tickets, this concert will mark the
first time ever that 2NE1 are coming to Malaysia.

Updates will be posted as soon as we get them so make sure to check back regularly!

Win K-pop Storm Artistes Gifts Packs & Backstage Passes!

Exclusively for the readers of Luharu.com, we are offering a chance to win K-pop storm Artistes Gift Packs and Backstage passes to the K-pop storm concert that's happening on 6 Nov 2012! With mindblowing NINE top notch K-pop acts such as SHINee, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Block B, Girls Day, DalShabet, No Brain, D-Unit and The Gwangdae, you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity!

So here's how to be eligible to win K-pop storm Artistes Gift Packs and Backstage passes to K-pop Storm- Only via luharu.com, purchase ANY tickets at www.ticketcharge.com.my with reference code KPS02 [Deadline : 31 Oct 2012] And that's it! Lucky winners will be on the run for a lucky draw to win exclusive goodies exclusively from the K-pop storm organizers themselves so good luck!

Tickets are priced as below - 
 VIP : MYR688.00
Blue Zone: MYR588.00
Green Zone: MYR388.00
Orange Zone: MYR 133.00 

(map of stage layout above)

For more information about KPOP STORM LIVE IN MALAYSIA, visit http://www.facebook.com/KPopStorm

In the meanwhile, groups and artistes from the major lineup have recorded promotional videos on their own for the concert so be sure to check them out! I'll see you there!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

WBS Concert: K Pop Storm Live in Malaysia 2012

WBS Korea and Respective organizer at the Press Conference
K-pop Storm Concert Poster

 “WBS Concert: K Pop Storm Live in Malaysia” 2012 is the biggest K-Pop concert in Kuala Lumpur. This has been an on-going Korean Cultural Program in Korea for the past few years and it is the first time to be held in Kuala Lumpur, brought to you by WBS.
This is the first time where SHINEE will lead the Top Korean K Pop Groups. SHINEE is also one of the top five groups in Korea. For all the K-Pop fans, this will be a very rare opportunity to see nine of the most famous K-Pop idol groups from South Korea; SHINee, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Block B, Girls Day, DalShabet, No Brain, D-Unit and The Gwangdae.
“WBS Concert: K Pop Storm Live in Malaysia” Concert 2012 will satisfy the K-Pop fans who have thirsted for a mega K-Pop concert in Malaysia. The concert will be held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on 6th November 2012 (Tuesday), features all top-rated and new Korean pop stars who are currently leading the Korean Wave. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet SHINEE’s 1st visit in Kuala Lumpur. There will be a surprising K-ROCK collaboration performance as well.
““WBS Concert: K Pop Storm Live in Malaysia” Concert 2012 is brought to you by WBS and organized by Happy Entertainment, Mega Ultimate and CFA x NUDE as joint concert management, Ticket Charge as official ticket agents, Sunway Lagoon as the official concert venue. It is supported by the Korea Tourism Organization and Malaysia Truly Asia.
“WBS Concert: K Pop Storm Live in Malaysia” will be documented as a historical event in Malaysia that features nine famous K Pop group. The concert ticket are categorized at Super VIP, RM688, RM588, RM388 and RM133 with limited availability. Do visit the official ticket agent website: www.ticketcharge.com.my for further inquiry on ticketing.

Be sure to check back as we will be posting up coverage and updates on this upcoming EPIC concert!

Friday, October 5, 2012

APINK & B1A4 at OneFM Concert 120929 (Part 1)

Last week, South Korean Girl Group A PINK and Male Group B1A4 headed down to Malaysia to headline OneFM's very first concert - THE ONE Concert! It also included stars from Taiwan and also many local artistes were set to perform. OneFM's DJs also prepared their very own skit to open the concert as they jammed to top korean hits such as Wondergirl's Like This and PSY's Gangnam Style. The event was a major success as a crowd of approx. 10000 turned up at the venue itself. Jointly organized by Jazzy Group and OneFM, the concert was held at Boulevard Strip, Plaza Low Yat on 29th of September 2012. A high-five event was also held on the following day just for the fans. A PINK performed 3 songs that night - "I don't know, Bubibu, and Hush" while B1A4 closed the stage with 4 songs - "Baby Good Night, Baby I'm Sorry, O.K and Beautiful Target".

OneFM DJs interview A Pink before their stage performance.
*from left to right* Eunji, Hayoung and Chorong
Member Bomi answering some questions as a representative of A Pink.
B1A4's group intro - Lets Fly B1A4!
Member Gongchan and Sandeul posing for the cameras.
B1A4 at the scene!
This concludes Part 1 of my OneFM concert coverage as there are too many photos to be posted up! For the meantime, check out the other photos HERE. Check back for Part 2 of luharu.com's OneFM event coverage!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Purchase tickets to BIG BANG Alive Tour Malaysia now!

A. How to Purchase (28 July 2012):
Outlet: fahrenheit88 Concourse, Ground Floor, 179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time: 1030hrs to 1800hrs
Payment: Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card and cash
Concierge: +60 3 2148 5488

Hotline: +60 3 8775 4666
Outlets: For list of Red Tix outlets, please refer to the Red Tix website
Payment: Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card and cash at all outlets

Hotline: +60 3 9222 8811
Outlets: For list of Ticketcharge outlets, please refer to the Ticketcharge website
Payment: Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card and cash at all outlets

B. Ticket Categories
Category 1: RM 688 (VIP)
Category 2: RM 588 (Premiere Rock Pit)
Category 3: RM 488 (Rock Pit)
Category 4: RM 388 (Numbered and Sheltered seats)
Category 5: RM 288 (Free Seating)
Category 6: RM 198 (Free Seating)
Category 7: RM 188 (Free Standing)
Category 8: RM 98 (Free Seating)
C. Ticketing Notes:
- For the category of tickets available via Ticketcharge and Red Tix, please refer to their respective websites.
- Ticketing booths willopen at fahrenheit88 from 1030hrs to 1800hrs. Fans are advised not to queue overnight for safety reasons.
- Ticketing booths at Ticketcharge and Red Tix outlets will open at their listed operating hours from 1030hrs onwards.
- Overseas fans can purchase tickets online via Ticketcharge and Redtix via crédit card  (Visa and Mastercard)
- For safety reasons, the age limit for tickets are 6 years old for all seated tickets, and 12 years old for rock pit tickets.
- Each transaction is capped at a maximum of 10 tickets to prevent any black market reselling of tickets and to ensure availability of tickets.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

KARA K5J Press Conference in Singapore ; Pictures & More!

KARA visited Singapore for the very first time to promote their signature fragrance - K5J (KARA 5 Jewel). To kickstart their promotions, they held a fansign event and also a full scaled showcase over a span of two days (9 July 2012 & 10 July 2012). With the uprising heat of the K-wave in Singapore, international fans all over the world came down to Singapore to watch and experience the phenomenon which is KARA.
It was totally unexpected that their popularity exploded as Kamilias (KARA's fans) stayed up overnight just to have a chance to meet and greet their idols personally and to obtain that very rare Signatured poster signed personally by KARA themselves! In the end the whole venue was packed with thousands and thousands of fans that turned up just to see KARA.

I was lucky enough to attend the K5J Press Conference on 9 July so here's a short coverage on what happened at the Press Conference.

KARA Press Conf 059
KARA Press Conf 051

Nicole also expressed their excitement as they managed to spend their time at Universal Studios Singapore and they enjoyed the rides 'Battlestar Galatica and Transformers 3D' which was a new experience for them. She also said that what makes KARA different than other idol groups that it is their likable, friendly and approachable image that they have off-stage which makes them different.
KARA Press Conf 047
KARA Press Conf 072

Leader Gyuri was also surprised that there was so many fans in Singapore and of how friendly and passionate their fans was. The maknae Jiyoung also shared that they went to Paris to work with 3CY to examine and create this particular scent. Nicole ended their talk by saying that they were to perform 2 Ballads at the showcase.
KARA Press Conf 183

More pictures of the press conference here!
KARA had a wonderful experience at Singapore and kamilias returned home happily as each of them were given a complimentary box of K5J perfume right when the showcase ended! Everyone is waiting for their comeback to Singapore. Aren't you too?
Member Seungyeon wasn't present because she was hospilitized due to acute anemia.
(She has already fully recovered as of right now!)

BIG BANG Alive Tour Malaysia - Ticketing Details

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia set to be the first outdoor concert across Southeast Asia, with a wide variety of ticket categories ranging from RM98 to RM688 available from 28 July 2012 

A. Ticket Categories
Category 1: RM 688 (VIP)
Category 2: RM 588 (Premiere Rock Pit)
Category 3: RM 488 (Rock Pit)
Category 4: RM 388 (Numbered and Sheltered seats)
Category 5: RM 288 (Free Seating)
Category 6: RM 198 (Free Seating)
Category 7: RM 188 (Free Standing)
Category 8: RM 98 (Free Seating)

Tickets will be available from 28 July 2012, 1030hrs at ticketing booths and online bookings via Ticketcharge and Red Tix. VVIP tickets (Cat 1, RM688) and premiere rock pit tickets (Cat 2, RM588) are expected to sell the quickest, with only 600 VVIP tickets that will offer the best views and closest proximity to the stage, while 1,400 premiere rock pit tickets will give fans the chance to jump and party along right in the middle of the pulsating action.

Stay tuned right here at Luharu.com for more updates on this epic happening!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BIG BANG Alive Tour 2012 in Malaysia ; 27 Oct 2012

BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 in Malaysia

BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 set for a one-night only concert in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 27 Oct 2012; Ticketing details to be released by concert organizer Running Into The Sun within the next two weeks.

BIG BANG Alive Tour in Malaysia 2012 Details and Information below.
 The concert of the year that would undeniably receive an explosive welcome in Malaysia is now confirmed. BIGBANG, consisting of five K-pop heroes G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Seungri and Daesung, will perform the Malaysia leg of the BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 on 27 Oct 2012 at Stadium Merdeka for a one-night only performance in their very first concert in Malaysia. The revolutionary K-pop group is known for their unique urban-originated music and fashion style, often credited to have shaped the hip-hop, R&B and electronic music scene across Asia and now strongly influencing the world.

VIPs, as fans of BIGBANG are called, will be pleased to know that ticketing details will be released within the next two weeks by concert organizer Running Into The Sun. Regular updates will be posted on www.facebook.com/runningintothesun and @RITSmy on Twitter.

BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 is set to be an extraordinary spectacle in terms of production size and creative direction, with a production value of more than RM 3 million, and the powerful influence of internationally-renowned creative director Laurieann Gibson who has worked with a stellar list of artistes including Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Katy Perry. A leading production team will support BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012; including stage and lighting designer Leroy Bennett (Madonna, Paul McCartney, Eagles) and sound engineer Ken Van Druten (Eminem, Jay-Z, Linkin Park).

BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 launched 2 Mar 2012 in Seoul, performing three consecutive sold-out nights with a total of more than 30,000 in the audience. As BIGBANG’s first world tour, the “Kings” as they are affectionately named by fans, are scheduled to tour across Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong; their tour to America and Europe. The highly anticipated show will be BIGBANG’s first concert in Malaysia and is bound to excite many music lovers, as BIGBANG has been one of the most requested acts in Malaysia across many online forums and Facebook pages.

BIGBANG’s recent mini album ‘ALIVE” recorded the total physical sales of hundreds of thousands copies across the world within just two months; and charted number 5 on US iTunes Top Albums and number 3 on Canadian iTunes, beating the record for any Korean album. The music video of latest lead single “Blue” received more than 2 million views on Youtube within 24 hours, and was placed 1st on over seven digital charts in Korea, also making it tops as the most downloaded ringtone.

On June 6, 2012, BIGBANG has released a special edition album, ‘STILL ALIVE’.  The success of BIGBANG seems to continue with the new album as the YouTube footage of ‘STILL ALIVE’ recorded four million views in only two days.

BIGBANG is the first Asian band to receive the “Worldwide Act” Award at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards with over 58 million votes, and currently holds the record for the most number of music show awards won with 56 group awards for BIGBANG and a total of 93 individual awards amongst the members.

Stay tuned to this block for ticketing details that will be posted ASAP after RITS's release!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dalshabet and Teen Top at Hari Belia 2012 ; Pictures and more!

Organized by Malaysia's Ministry of Youth and Sports, brought us Hari Belia 2012 or National Youth Day. An event which celebrates the festivity of Youth alike. It is also known as the largest youth gathering in Asia. This year, the organizers brought us two (2) special K-pop guests (to the delight of Malaysian K-pop fans) Teen Top and Dalshabet! The mini concert was a success as fans gathered up as early as the morning to camp at the stage/event itself. It also attracted thousands of people making it a spectacular featured event on Hari Belia! The event started at around 8.30pm as local dance crew Epsilon gave an amazing opening dance performance before the appearances of Dalshabet and Teen Top.

At around 9pm, Teen Top first made their appearances performing some of their hit songs such as Crazy and No more Perfume on you. Both of the groups played a few games with a number of their fans on stage so it was pretty humorous as well. They also came back with an encore of Crazy right after finishing their main performances. It was a pretty important event for Dal Shabet (Darlings) as this was the 2nd last performance for member Viki who was confirmed to be leaving the groups performances by starting a solo career. It was also member Ah Young's Birthday as well so fans took this opportunity to wish her a Happy Birthday and specially gave a cake to her on stage. Dal Shabet turned up the heat with songs like Supa Dupa Diva and Hit U, it made it an amazing event with such a supporting crowd and they finished performing a total of 10 Songs (2 Groups).

Check out the pictures of Teen Top and Dalshabet below!

Explosive dance choreography by Teen Top!
Member Niel received a gift from his fans.
Fan and audience interaction.
Teen top swagger!

An introduction by Dal Shabet!
Member Viki stunning the audience with her amazing rap breaks.
Member Serri and Viki.
Happy birthday to member Ah Young!

Her smile is stunning, isn't it?
Another awesome end pose for one of their hit songs.
For more pictures be sure to check out my flickr account!
Lets look forward to their (Teen Top and Dalshabet) korean comeback as it is set to be in a few weeks time, check out k-pop news sites and don't miss this moment as they'll be back for promotions real soon!