Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Betcha' heard that the iPad has already been released in Malaysia. Since that very day lots of people got their hands on their very own iPad.

But why do people want to own their own iPad? Is it because of the amazing applications within? Is it because of the video functions, web browsing or maybe for music? Well everybody loves apps. Especially when you can experience them hands on right on the iPad.
*Imagines apps on a big touch screen*
There is so many applications to rely on nowadays, but I want to voice out a app that in my opinion will be very useful for us Malaysian users.

Heres my go on the app that I will want to invent to ease Malaysian hearts.
"1M'akan Survival Kit"
Well what is "1M'akan Survival Kit" and what does it do? By looking at the first two initials, you can see very well that 1M means 1 Malaysia. 1Malaysia is the unity of our 3 cultures. Malay, Chinese and Indian. With all three races in unity, we call ourselves Malaysians.
But what this revolutionary app will do will amaze you in many different angles.
"1M'akan Survival Kit" is an app that will aid you in selecting different ingredients for any Malaysian food. Well, all Malaysians love food right?
Through my observation, I can see that even though we enjoy foods of different races, there is still a boundary that blocks us from learning from it. Through this application, we will be able to:

- Discover new Malaysian food (Be it Indian, Chinese or Malay)
- Cook up foods of other races at ease (In a click of a button you will be able to find a recipe)
- Comment, rate and post photos of a certain dish that is your liking
- Amazing Ingredient search function that allows easy finding of ingredients, in the supermarket!
- Identify whether ingredient or food in app is halal or non-halal easily
- Bookmark your favorite dishes and share personal recipes with others
- Detailed showing of nutrition values, such as chinese soups which are beneficial to health
-Calander-ize your month and plan what you want to eat on any occasion

With this application you will never struggle to cook up a dish for your friend ever again, Malaysian style! Look through different Nasi Lemak recipes or even share your own, it will make a definite difference. Ingredients at hand with full detail, your stroll to the nearby supermarket will be way more fun and easier to handle. Even detailed cooking methods will be shown through the application! Don't forgot that it is also highly beneficial for overseas Malaysians that miss their homeland food!

Just look at how lost this woman is in the supermarket whom finds herself confused as she doesn't know what to cook for dinner or for her friends..

But after buying and downloading this wonderful app, watch how one's facial expression turn into joy and stress free!

Below is how the app will roughly look like: (Please zoom into picture if unclear)
1'makan survival kit app 001
Main page of the application as you can register or login into your existing user.

1'makan survival kit app 002
After logging in you will be able to browse through functions and share your knowledge with other Malaysians at the same time! Choose any cuisine that you want to cook and show them that racial boundarys don't matter!

1'makan survival kit app 003
Rate and view recipe of a specific dish and so on with clicking into a certain dish. You will be able to comment and upload your personal dishes as well. See nutrition facts as well! How awesome!

1'makan survival kit app 004
Detailed ingredients and methods of cooking stated within. Lock down recipe if you are easily forgetful or save it for future use.

1'makan survival kit app 005
Calander-ize your month with breakfast/lunch/dinner plans so that you will be able to fulfill anyone's desire! Note their favorite food to impress them as well!

1'makan survival kit app 006
Sketches above are handwritten and hand-drawn by author of LUHARU.com Ethan/Haru.

So watcha waiting for? Isn't it a wonderful iDea? Set aside what you will do to impress your friends and you now can focus on what you really want to do with your time. Cooking a Malaysian meal anywhere anytime will not be a hassle for anyone!

Maxis contest participant badge
Now this a worthy savior for all Malaysians, also, will be supported by our beloved telco provider, MAXIS! Do not forget you now can get your very own iPad and also super awesome plans that come within! Check with Maxis now at:
Great data plans await!

Friday, December 17, 2010

[MOVIE] Tron Legacy Review

Most people remember this classic. A disney classic back in 1982. Tron is remaked recently through hollywood means. Looking at only the title, we can think of a few things. Computers, devices, and the future. This movie has quite a few of the elements in it, but still lacks something.
Tron Legacy is actually targeted mainly at Tron fans back then. It was a hit decades ago.
Satisfying CGI needs, TRON is recreated again , now with better graphics.

Now what is TRON anyway? What can you expect when watching this movie?
Expect loads of tech jargons, and more about chips and circuits.
The story is actually about a kid, whom lost his father 15 years ago. His father was a great scientist and therefore created a system to penetrate the computers' system. He called it the grid. The son (Sam) was paged one day which unseemly put him into the grid as well.
He struggles to find his father while facing many different obstacles. Will he and his father find freedom once again? That is what TRON is about.

Up for the review, it didn't hit my expectations. I mean the graphics was oh yeah, but how they tell the story, I think not so good. How they utilize the plot, they should do better. It kind of lost the TRON feel from the 1982 classic, it was quite different but also the same. Its kind of a new concept for those that didn't watch the previous TRON but thats about it. Not to mention the OST in TRON legacy. Awesome choice. If you don't know who are Daft Punk, you're missing something. Daft punk made a difference in this movie. The most memorable parts were the fights and action. However, the story is really dark and you only get to see the sunlight only at one scene. LOL
It might be quite confusing if you didn't catch the original one, but nevertheless with intuition you will understand.

Enter into the Digital undiscovered world to unveil more. TRON.
Overall rating: 7/10

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wondergirls 1st wonder concert in Malaysia 2010

If you read from my previous posts, you would have known on December the Wondergirls are coming back to Malaysia again. But this time, a full length-ed concert! it was held in the Arena of Stars, Genting highlands. Regional wonderfuls came from far abroad just to experience the wonder of the wondergirls! This is their 1st wonder concert which will only be held in Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Me and some of my friends were lucky enough to get passes.. and enjoyed ourselves! Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures in the event but there are fancams and pictures all around the internet.This is what we experienced.

WG 001

Fans gathered early in the morning to discuss wondergirls schedules, sell fanpacks and more.
Above is a card that is given to the wondergirls.. spot my name!
WG 002
WG 003

Some other fanmade stuff such as postcards and more.
WG 004

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.
WG 005
WG 006

A huge stage set for the Wondergirls. Surprisingly the place was very packed and also it is small in terms of venue.. that could be a good thing because the distance between the audience and WG will be shorter.
WG 007

The only few shots I took during the concert. This is after their encore 2DT remix and nobody.
WG 010
WG 013
WG 017

Sunye kiss! :P
WG 021

They performed around 20+ songs and some of them which were solos by each member.
It ended with a blast! There were flames, pyrotechnics and more! Confetti too!
Real fun.
Thats about it for this post. Wondergirls gave the audience the time of their lives. Not to mention the wonderfuls, who can't sleep after the concert due to excitement. Check back for more shots and updates. Official photos soon! It was real awesome!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


yeah you heard it right. There is a major kpop event happening next month. How GODDAMN excited am I? B2ST, 4Minute, and G.NA are coming to Malaysia
I don't know.. but unofficially... its a CUBE concert in Malaysia!
Its gonna be so freaking awesome and I am so... excited :)) I'll definitely be there so see you guys there!

With tickets pricing rm120-rm350, you wouldn't want to miss this!
More details on digi Malaysia site.
*prays hard for spamming shots on hyunah *