Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So lately edwin got busted, really really bad.
So I held up my courage and aided him in the service of defending him.
He is really in some deep shit right now so a lending hand would be quite useful.
Ima very lazy to type out the whole story here but the case would be resolved by tomorrow.
Thats what friends are for eh?

BACK to usual stuff.
Dota upgraded to version 6.67, that map is so darn experimental since it was a rushed release,
It had some really epic bugs, BH, SB, and magnus were bugged. Kinda fun playing with bugs LOL
I used bugged bounty hunter and most people left the game before i could buy any items lol.
Gdragon released his "latest" single. THIS TIME FEATURING FLO RIDA. woot.

Mediafire is so freaking slow cant download nuts now, off to tuition then.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Leap For Detonation.

Today's title involves the explosion of the tiny hero TECHIES, and Z:EA's latest album.
Yesterday i played the most , most epic 1v1 match in dota EVER, in my life.
It was techies v techies SH mode, and it lasted 72minutes. YES, 72 minutes.
All those people who just lost their hope in 1v1 matches, even though your rax is gone,
Dont lose confidence as you might just win that game , in late game.
Other than that , Z:EA's new album title track is quite nice. Reminds me of BB in 2008.
And lately, U-KISS is coming to malaysia!! HURRAY!! I already booked one ACE ticket.
The ACE ticket is rm180, includes a ALBUM AND will be signed by them during event.
So omg omg, fanmeeting soon, in JUNE . =.=

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to life.

Recently, school holidays ended. Well that was fast, as usual.
7 more months till the final judgement, what should we do?
Back to school, life continued as usual. HAIR CUT.
Thats bout it then, boooooooooooring life starts again.

Since super show2, i really got hooked on as being an ELF,
feel in love with most of their songs and now cant stop playing them.
Quite fun knowing so many old songs can be so addictive.
I should have listened to them earlier lol.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Arrived at stadium putra at about 6pm, so damn many ELFS everywhere omg.
Nevermind pictures speak a thousand words, dont know how to type this post LOL


Friday, March 19, 2010

PPF vII outing / run devil run.

So yesterday was another PPF outing organized by nehdali, woke up at about 10am+
Adrian called me and asked whether i was going, so i told him that i was, and asked him not to wait.
Then they all gathered at KLCC, dou also went at about 12.30+.
Who were there? Dou, Xypher, Theos, Nehdali , Faust, Adrian.
I arrived at about 2pm, went to kino to meet them, notch bad lol.
After some book browsing, we went to chillis for lunch, CANT BELIEVE WE CHATTED THERE FOR OVAR 3 hours LOL
Anyway it was a quite fun outing. I got to know more of them, after lunch we went to KLCC park. moar relax + chat lol.
After that, gakuto came at about 8pm++ and I escorted adrian back down to the LRT station.
Overall its a good day, if not i will be on comp playing dota anyways LOL

SNSD released a new song, run devil run.
This is the song of their latest concept, yet the dark concept again.
I like this song better than oh! somehow, kinda addictive.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


WALAO EH. Today poslaju came my house for lupin album,
must be another careless mistake by the seller , YES!
P.S. I know im evil. LOL

Alice in dragonland.

Dont mind the title, but tonight was a blast,
Went to mid valley at 6.00pm++ , called over 10 ppl but all FFK,
damn them, they got so much things to do, or always no transport, o0o.
It was a epic movie yo, epic. As a movie critic i shall rate this one 7.5/10, and that is high for an animation, seriously.
Don't forget to watch it in 3D, its worth it.
This movie is kindof like eragon + avatar.
This movie is mainly about trust, and the ancient mythology about dragons, so learn about vikings and dragons LOL. If you love dragons, then yes its one for you.
Other than that, mid valley is already in the alice in wonderland mood as that is the theme for now.
Not bad decos, looks quite real man.I also saw fake madhatter and rabbit hiding somewhere LOL
Adrian called me up to say he is not coming so too bad, so my mom called up her friends. s22



Monday, March 15, 2010


As for this weekends, no events that will interest you guys.
Have been playing dota-dota-dota this few days , RAWR.
Tomorrow, imma watch the media screening for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.
Thursday dou and adrian invited me to their PPF outing vII in KLCC, might consider going.
And what else? This saturday is the SUJU CONCERT HELL YES!!!!!!
I guess this week will be fun.

+1 cold story of you guys.

Me : Is there anything you cannot eat? Spicy stuff, seafood, anything?

Japanese Girl (JG) : Almost everything we don't think we should eat... spicy food, fried food... preferably no meat... and tomatoes.

Me : ...tomatoes? You can't eat them?

JG : Yea, tomatoes.

Me : ...how about shaved ice (ais kacang)? I'll buy you guys one to share? It's famous here.

JG : No thanks.

Me : So you don't want to eat anything here?

JG : ...because it's dangerous.

Me : ...dangerous? How so? O_O

JG : We heard the water is not clean like Japan's water... so we're advised not to eat in food courts...

Me : ...I see.

Me is a malaysian, JG is japanese.
Japanese people sure think they are the superior race, me is support.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

After Shock.

woo, just arrived fresh, while I was in my beauty sleep poslaju came at 11am LOL
happy happy happy happy ^_^

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rank "UP"!

Today, I upgraded my MYB2UTYS STATUS,
I have officially became in charge of the news team in myb2utys,
anyhow, b2utys are still a goddamn awkward name for males LOL
do your best to support them!

Today's MusicBank, LUPIN WON!! Congrats , it was about time for kara to win LOL
1 more week to super junior concert , hwaiting!!!
Thats all much about latest kpop news from your local newscaster,

As for life, it was slack slack and more slack today,
theres many retards who think straight nowadays, I tend to ignore them,
In fact, I pity them for not knowing the awesome-ness of other groups,
I just pity them. If listening to boy groups were gay, this is a modern world,
just dont be such a retard living under a frogs well,
you're just missing out on something, after all you have to get to know both worlds.

Thats pretty much it for today, noobcakes piss me off.
Tommorow out for japanese class and more slacking.
Holidays is about relaxing yo. Hence the term holidays!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


woooooooooooooooooooooo, holidays!!!
Today dont have photography club meeting , lame rickrolled.
Other than that, rejoice!! Nothing interesting happening recently.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


태연 (Tae Yeon)~
생일 축하합니다 Happy Birthday To You~
생일 축하합니다 Happy Birthday To You~
생일 축하합니다 Happy Birthday To Tae Yeon~
생일 축하합니다 Happy Birthday To You~~

Happy birthday my beloved taengoo,
hope you'll have a really great day today ^_^

As for today, i received plenty of gifts from one of my friend,
woohoo japanese goodies , pork biscuits? LOL
Countdown 3 more days to holiday, gambateh!
Puan wee yet again gave me lecture, dammit man, today tuition,
moi will spam tons and tons of suju songs while tuition-ing HAHA.
Till then, forget you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So i decided not to cut my hair, so meh.
Lately it was my brothers birthday, so many random people came over to my house.
Played PS3 like siaoz, COD mw2 feeeded like epic.
Ate loads and loads of food and thats about it, not my birthday anyways LOL
1 more week to holidays, can I wait?
Stay tuned for updated taengoo's bday post on 9march. HOORAY.
Just ordered beast shock album and my lupin still havent arrive, darn it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

im lame.

So lately, my sideburns, ARE FUCKING GONE.
never mind, never mind, just 7 more months in this hellhole, which like i care?
Ok enough rants, been very lame lately, super junior concert coming up really soon o_o
Yesterday was photography club, the theme was to take flower shots ^_^
Did not bad, freaking min chen uploaded my pic onto FB, Moi and 7hao scold him till he delete.
Kuat bo?

Off to cut my hair and look like fail GD yet again . whew, bye guys.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Finally, will update this post tomorrow so freaking hard to open the tube o0o
take me 20min, ALBUM MANA?

this post is not over.

A maths 72% WOW, shiok.
So anyhow lately it was abit boring, yesterdday went to tuition 4 hours, dammit.
Made some anyhow jokes that laughed the hell outta me and cheehao LOL
The 2nd pic above is a souvenir that my teacher brought back from japan, ate it already LOL
That is all, i think. For today's post, today chin chin radio got kara w/ TAENGOO so im there.