Saturday, October 30, 2010

BlackBerry Torch Launch and Press Conference @ Pavillion

Firstly, before starting this post, I would like to thank Nuffnang for approving and inviting me to these events. Thanks so much! As for the event itself, the blackberry torch is finally launching itself into the market! Is everyone excited? I betcha. With its QWERTY keyboard and also the touch screen all in one phone, you will be dying to get one.
The first day of Blackberry Torch launching... is definitely an expected sight. Loads of people gathered in order to get that new blackberry phone. But wait.... At A price of RM8? GOD.
Check out the pictures below.

1 003

The crowd that had been camping for the Blackberry torch since the early morning.
Such a huge crowd.
1 011

Bloggers and press registration for the BB torch Press Conference At La Bodega Pavillion.
1 016

Started with some introduction on the BlackBerry torch, followed by some plans and then unboxing the blackberry itself.
1 032

Celcoms' Chief Marketing Officers unboxing the Big Box.
1 037

Blackberry torch... UNLEASHED!!! *Hallelujah* LOL
1 044

Yup, just look at how beautiful this thing can be.
1 055

And there you have it, A blackberry slide phone. The Blackberry Torch!
1 057

Yup, Are you tempted to sign up already? Find a Celcom Branch near you!
1 058

Just look at those crazy deals that day... amazing. Sadly it was just a one day promotion, bleak.

1 121

Oh yeah, A little something I got myself that day.. More on this... in the next 2 posts!
Remember to check back as there are 2 more awesome events to be unveiled :P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[CD] SNSD Japanese Gee Album Full View

Yes. SNSD debuted in Japan for quite some time already. They're back with a remake of GEE- The japanese version! Aren't you all sones super excited? But that time is already over.
Now its all about hoot. Nevertheless, being slow, I finally got my album after around 1 week of album release! You guys had been desperately waiting for it, well me too!
Here you can experience what I've gone through looking at this album- made of perfection.
Here we go, SNSD's japanese gee album..

gee 001

Just look at it, mesmerizing right? Its just so so so perfect.
gee 002

The back of the cover.
gee 003

A thickness comparison to other albums. Not bad, average thickness.
gee 004

Freaking awesome gold and pink disc that will keep you alive for the rest of your life. I mean for quite a moment. Superb quality and texture.
gee 005

A photocard that will be included if you purchase this album.
gee 006
gee 008

Freaking freaking beautiful album jacket photos inside. Just a tease, buy the album for more! \o/
As for quality, look for any album (original) and take out the flap that is the cover, same texture.
Unlike oh! and some other certain albums, the texture of the pages was not much to be amused about. As for quality, YEAHHHHH \o/
gee 007

Sorry for taking so many pics of my Taeyeon card, just can't help but to LOL
Yup, thats about it for SNSD's Japanese gee album. Oh yeah A reminder, Mine is the first press limited edition. So remember that when purchasing.
Get one at YESASIA now!!


Some other goodies that were shipped to me this morning. Freaking awesome right?!

Monday, October 25, 2010

SNSD releases 3rd mini album "HOOT"

I mean what sone will miss this moment? Our beloved angels are back! This time with a suprise.
The bond concept? We know our girls had already have the soshi bond, but it wasn't enough. They are coming back with a DOUBLE O NINE CONCEPT. 009 max. If you followed me on twitter, I bet you can't withstand my spazzing on this album, sorry ;P

Trouble trouble trouble, they're back for more soshi world domination.
Check out what teases our nine gave us lately for the release for their 3rd album - HOOT.

Hows the teasers?
Yes, excited already? Lookout for their stage comeback on 29th OCT on musicbank and so-on on other music shows too.
So Nyuh Shi Dae HWAITING!

*and yeah, still crying that the fact that I missed out kpopnight2010 in Singapore T.T*

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

JYJ Showcase In Stadium Negara Malaysia.

Yup, continued from my previous post, JYJ was in Malaysia last sunday and yeah. It was a hell of an awesome time. The showcase was held in Stadium Negara Malaysia, our big and known stadium. As you can see from the below photos, it was so darn crowded, with who? Cassies.
It was an event of epic k-pop proportions that you shouldn't had missed. Check it out if you did miss the event.

JYJ 012

Our stadium negara crowded. Very very crowded. Loads and loads of people. Okay I'm exaggerating already >.>
JYJ 008
JYJ 017
JYJ 019

Banners! And LED banners! Who doesn't love that dedication to your favorite kpop idols? :P
JYJ 025

The 'red' sea. Sea of lightsticks and also red balloons! Well done MYcassies.
57048_448388808035_602608035_5564911_5636927_o^From left: Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu.
JYJ performing on stage. They were awesome as a 3 person group. Even though they had 'loss' their other 2 members, they are still equally awesome.
They performed most of their hit songs from their first album- The Beginning. Their title track, Ayyy Girl, features hit star Kanye west and also Malik Yusef. They even lent their vocals to this track. Darn nice stuff. They performed 5 songs, and it was real short.The showcase lasted around 1 and a half hours. But MYcassies didn't complain at all since it was JYJ.Sadly certain people who paid the RM800 price for their VIP seat... potong stim lol. But heck, They are still loyal to JYJ!
The bass and background music blasted the whole stadium with exploding sounds and power.
It was *CHUN!*
Always Keep the faith!

Credits to showcase stage pics; JonYKT , Azrin

Oh yeah, a present. LOL

Sunday, October 17, 2010

JYJ Press Conference in Malaysia

Yes. You should have known that JYJ is stopping by to Malaysia to promote their latest, I mean debut album - The Beginning. This is the beginning... of JYJ!
JYJ consists of 3 members, Jaejoong, yoochun, and Junsu. Previously from the epic group DBSK/TVXQ, they formed this sub-group right after their 'breakup'. But as all cassies say...
Always keep the faith!

And you know it, for every showcase in Malaysia (JYJ showcase in Malaysia), there will be a Press Conference where pictures will be taken and shutter count will drain dramatically. (jokes)
Anyway, heres roughly what happened in JYJ's press conference in Doubletree Hotel, KL hilton, Malaysia. WITH PICTURES! XD

JYJ 051

Yup, the MC for todays conference. Who could miss that?
JYJ 063

JYJ APPEARS!! *Crowd goes wild!*
From left- Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun
JYJ 067

*Hi Malaysia! Can't bother to miss you guys cause you guys are just above of Singapore so we decided to drop by :P*
JYJ 092

JYJ 104

JYJ 142

JYJ 131

Jaejoong answering one of the questions during the QNA session.
JYJ 149

Signing posters for the sponsers, without them, of course there wouldn't be this event lol
Perfect gift for sponsers - Autographed JYJ poster :P
JYJ 160

Redstar Kino and JYJ posing for the cam.
JYJ 163

Daorae- Official restaurant's boss posing for the camera with JYJ side to side.
Well thats about it on the press conference @ Doubletree.
For more pictures, keep on a lookout for my future tweets. Hope you enjoyed this short post.
Looks quite boring and duh---- its for medias and press peeps only so enjoy the leak :P
But to tell you the truth... IT WAS HECK FUN!
Thanks redstar and also my beloved spotlite mag.
JYJ 026

Not to forget a teaser of whats coming next. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nuffnang Glitterati (PLUS) Meeting at Taylor's University

Yup, betcha Nuffnangers had heard it. Nuffnang is launching their new upgraded version of their Glitterati Membership. And what shall it be named as? Glitterati Plus. Creative name huh?
Okay... so anyway, when they decided to launch this new exclusive club, they had to think.. why not host a meeting to get existing Glitterati members to voice out their opinion on the new club? And there, they held a meeting for 'future wannabe' Glitterati plus members. The meeting was held at no other than Taylor's university! Not the college but the university!
So what benefits do Glitterati Plus members get.. lets see..
Chances to get invited to press screenings, 1 week before the premier screening date.
Huge chance of getting invited to loads and loads of awesome events
More contests and informal meetings = FUN LOADS.
As I've said.... its gonna be hell loads of fun joining Glitterati plus.
So heres how things went today..

Lets get the ball rolling now shall we..

taylors_uni 002
taylors_uni 013

Taylors university and its awesome view. Its very very very new here cause they just opened it. (Correct me if I'm wrong ?_?)
taylors_uni 016

Nuffnang members registering for the meeting @ Lecture hall 12.
taylors_uni 018

Sleepy bloggers that had to wake up very early in the morning to attend this meeting.
taylors_uni 025

Awesome speech by NuffnangMY staffs and Teh tarik drinker, our current Glitterati Plus boss.
Some FAQ and what Glitterati + was all about, they were all explained here.
taylors_uni 026

If you're interested, look above as this is the criteria for you to actually be 'upgraded' into a Gliteratti + member.
taylors_uni 030

taylors_uni 036

Tweeting all the action LOL
taylors_uni 043

Chilling out at wong kok, right in the campus LOL
taylors_uni 060

carm ready for photoshoot? LOL
P.S beanie don't kill me LOL
taylors_uni 061

View inside lecture hall 12 @ Taylor's university.
taylors_uni 062

/meeting ended. Left in a quicky.
taylors_uni 058
taylors_uni 057

Ending this post with this 1337 'Nuffnang' Blogger team /heh
Blogroll with the above (or below) epic bloggers by clicking on the numbers below... If I missed you out, you know where to find me LOL
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Thats all for today, freaking tired/made this post at around midnight.
Check out my following post for.... K-pop sensation JYJ in Malaysia!