Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[Movie] The Sorcerer's Apprentice Review

Hmm, The sorcerer's apprentice. Ring any bells?
It is the hollywood remake of the infamous disney mickey cartoon! Which also goes by the name of The sorcerer's apprentice.
*Picture Below*

And yes I know all of you remember him making the brooms wash the floor with some weird music or something like that. Thats what you can feel with the movie.
First impression was, WOW NICHOLAS CAGE AND NATIONAL TREASURE director.Well, no.
I felt quite disappointed with this movie because it was such such such a typical disney movie.
I mean after watching prince of persia, you thought, wow. This is disney?
This does not do well with sorcerer's apprentice. What about the spells? They remind you of harry potter right? Well in the movie, all you can see are lame ass spells that work like Goku's kamehameha. Not trying to bash those disney movie goes but what....
The resemblance with that mickey mouse cartoon, way too much.

Nicolas cage should do something more like Bangkok Dangerous.
Just nah. You will feel exactly how you fell when you were watching those disney flicks over and over again, somehow like enchanted, but worse.
So yeah. Get the message?
The action of that china/asian dude was too little and the dragon died in 1 blow. fake enough.

Conclusion: Predictable, bland. meh.
Overall rating: 5/10
Gotta be honest when reviewing though.

Monday, July 26, 2010

[CD] 4minute Huh Album's Full Album View

Guess what arrived to my doorstep when I came back today? :)

4minute's HUH album is finally I MY ME... MINE woot!
Just after 7days from date of purchase, it came to my doorstep in punctual timing. awesome.
So lets take a look of the album now shall we?

4minute HUH album consists of:
The awesome album itself where you open it by turning a magnetic flap.
The photobook which is same size as B2ST sotne album photobook,
Some paper/card which has the lyrics (pullout)
The CD.
(If you read the album as a book, it will have 4 pages)
(quite thick and awesome texture [HARD])


01 Who's Next? (feat. 비스트)
02 HuH
03 Invitation
04 I My Me Mine
05 Bababa
06 Highlight
07 태연하게 당연하게

The photobook.

Flap of paper that consists of the lyrics inside.

Oh ya, my narsha poster also arrived today, so double the awesomeness.
One thing though, narsha's poster got damaged a little and 4minute's poster is folded, SAD!
But, I still love them. :)

That's about it for today's post, check out tomorrow's post for The Sorcerer's Apperentice review! Don't miss it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tekken is in the Cinemas!!

The critically acclaimed Namco videogame franchise TEKKEN is set to come to life on the big screen.

Woot! After some time, tekken is finally going to be in the cinemas!
This movie is based on a game, which I used to play on my playstation 1, and its gonna be quite the fun to watch the action on such a big screen!

Well, who is my favorite character from the series?


obviously it would be Jin Kazama!
Who wouldn't watch or even play tekken without him in play? That super badass which can falcon punch your head in just one punch.
I really hope I would have a chance to catch this movie, on the premier itself!

Ups for TEKKEN!

[Movie] Inception Review.

So today I caught the film that everyone is talking about.
"Genius. Best movie of the year."

These were just few of the quotes that movie critiques made.
Well, what could I say about this film?
Inception is..... one mindfuckingly awesome movie. Masterpiece. Truly A masterpiece.
What can't I forget in this film? The anti-gravity fight. It was AWESOME at the highest level.
So how does the story go? It straightaway gives you a full view on the alternate dimension of our minds. Our dreams. But how do we make good use of dreams? To steal ones idea or to alternate one of his emotions in the future. It gives you a hell of a detailed view on dreamscapes.
Enough on all these crap, this movie gives a non-logical feel to the movie, but still yet is quite logical.

This ingenious movie is one movie that you will never want to miss at all.
Would you have the skills to understand the movie? Maybe.
The movie's plot is quite simple. It is also chronological, somehow. However, don't take this movie lightly as it will challenge your focus on the movie.

You need to remember :
5 minutes of reality = 1 hour in the dreamscape
To wake up, death is one option, but there are others to be found.
Design the dream according to your needs and you will find inception at easy hand.
Memories of yourself can haunt you.
Paradoxs' are damn awesome.
Don't get lost, cause you might be dreaming. (lol)
Being in the dreamscape too long, well you might just think that it is reality.

This movie really reminds me of Silent Hill: Shattered memories.
Your memories are a burden to you. Be careful when dealing with your memories as they will come back somehow in life.

So as for the conclusion, you wouldn't want to miss this epic masterpiece.
Get ready to be mind-blown.
Prepare your money as this movie is hell worth than the others.
Going to watch again on sunday so look out for updates on this post.
Lastly, Rating : 10/10

"I just watched inception today, or did I?"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

[CD] Narsha Album's Full Album View

Hmm.... what the heck could this be???
What is it?


OMG, Finally it arrived to my doorstep after 8 days of the order.
Really couldn't wait to open the package right after receiving it. My heart was beating with anticipation...

And guess what??
I LOVE IT. Narsha's album is just too darn perfect.
Let me see...

The album includes:
1.The album itself.
2.Detachable bottom area of the album.
3. A gold piece of paper? LOL
5.Last but not least, the photobook! <3

Look through the pictures that I have taken of the album below.
Damn you gotta love this.

The photobook.

Closeup on the CD.


Last but not least, a final picture to seal the day. Darn happy with the album.
Buy one through ebay or yesasia now ^^

Oh ya, forgotten about this video to sum it all up.
Watch it!

Monday, July 19, 2010


After so long... Finally.... I qualify to take JLPT!
So what is JLPT you may ask?

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験 Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken?), or JLPT, is a standardized criterion-referenced test to evaluate and certify the Japanese language proficiency of non-native speakers.

Info taken from wiki. Sadly I only can apply for the lowest grade now, which is N5.
Anyway, it is still a big achievement for me, so yeah. After 3 courses, Intermediate I is ending already. Time really passes like wind. My perseverance prevails. It was all worth it, kind of.
3 more courses to Advanced level, hmm.. Actually I felt that I've learnt nothing so far, haha well you could say that, cause I fail to construct a sentence quickly, but I tend to understand most of the parts. I didn't know a simple song such as the doraemon song could be so "meaningful"(?) even understanding a song like that is hard for me LOL

So basically, I'm taking up JLPT soon, so best of luck to me, ganbatte kudasai?
Other than that, I'm feeling quite moody now, maybe I read too much concerning todays horoscope. It is beginning to feel quite.... quite visual. Nevermind, more events rolling up, so check back soon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Blog Just hit 10k HITS 88888D

Thanks guys for viewing such a lame blog often, really appreciate it.
Ups for blog post sooner or later, once again,


Recent images of my life, lazy to type out a post though, my surprise hoot post is delayed, sadly, but nevertheless, HWAITING!

And not to forget this.....


Thursday, July 15, 2010

PLKN/ National Service in Malaysia, 2011

Yesterday, the list for the newest NS trainees' in Malaysia has been listed out, so for all form 5 students or those who had just reached the age of 17, just get prepared to get shocked as hell will break loose in your head, or not..

So how do you check whether you're in for NS next year?

By SMS, simply type

And send to

You can also check via their website,

Check out their website for further updates and don't forget to say hi to me next year as I would be going as well, try to accept the fact as soon as possible to get you mentally prepared for it. It would be a tough ride but 3 months isn't that long at all. This was the hype recently so I decided to do a blog post on it anyway.

As for the next post... well be patient as I've got myself a brand new hoot XD

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brian Joo 1st Fan Meeting in Malaysia .


Brian Joo?

Guess what, its a lovely saturday, and I have a surprise for you guys. I attended brian joo's Press Conference and fanmeeting in Malaysia! This is Brian's first time being in Malaysia, so be sure to give him a warm welcome. I'm really sorry to say that most of my pictures that I took today was full of fail thanks to my lens and also to the fail dark lighting at the location, which is The Opera Sunway Pyramid. So basically The Opera is a new nightclub thingy located outside of sunway, its that big glass building that is so obvious you would be blind to miss it. Anyway, lets get started shall we?

The rooftop floor of the opera was where the press conference was held.
It was really hot in there cause it was on noon. roar.
Anyway, brian joo was busy putting on makeup and tweeting so he delayed the press conference for an hour. 1pm. Very Punctual indeed. lol No offense XD

Brian Joo arriving on location. *Screams?* AHHH

The press conference started with QNA session as usual, the usual questions like "First Impression of Malaysia?" and "What do you think of the girls in Malaysia" was asked.

Brian answered, Malaysia is very humid, but not as hot as I expected. And the girls are really sweet and pretty, just my type. (Fangirls prepare to celebrate)

I forgotten to jolt down all the questions into my notebook but heck cares, I was busy taking photos, fail photos that don't turn out good at all ==

The press conference ended right after QNA when Brian continued with a TV interview.

We went for lunch and cameback for the showcase, we were suprised that there were hell loads of fans, fans from other countries here.
Countries like Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Canada, etc.
The whole club was blasting with screams.
The 8TV nite live guy was the MC for the afternoon, he entertained the crowd till...

Brian Joo appeared and rocked the house with In My Head.
The crowd. wow.

After that most of the fans got to take a picture with brian, yadda yadda yadda.
It was awesome but most of my pictures were fail.
His encored return song was "In my Head (Jason Derulo ver.)"
I can tell you, Brian is a really friendly guy, like seriously :)
He ended his showcase after performing about 6/7 songs.
His vocals and dancing skills were flawless.
At last we went up to have a drink and some snacks while brian stayed back to take more pictures with the fans.

This day will always be In My Head. Don't worry, I will definitely try to find more good shots though. HAHA. That ends the post for today. ^_^