Monday, November 29, 2010

[CD] Orange Caramel 2nd Mini Album A-ing Full View

Actually I planned on updating after my finals but I guess I just have to.
I have something in mind next month so we will see whats gonna happen then.
Okay back on topic, I was fast enough to order Orange Caramel's latest album-
Orange Caramel The Second Mini Album A-ing. Have you heard their tracks? Well you may find them unique and different but its all a good thing. But what do you mean by fast enough?
Why? Because this is a autographed copy! WIN!
Yeap, I went through pre-ordering the album just to own it. So here it is.. amazingly it arrived fast.

OC 001

Front cover of the album. Even though it was autographed, yesasia gave it a good wrap to ensure freshness within. Its really simple compared to k-pop albums nowadays as it still keeps the classic CD album look. Really basic and clean.

The back of the album shows clearly the tracks hidden within this beautiful album.
Also with their main concept of magic and somehow with a happy and fairy-tale type of look.
OC 002

The best part of the album, THEIR AUTOGRAPHS!!
They consist of 3 members, Raina , Nana and My bias - LIZZY! :P Very cute huh?
OC 003

Also to the left as you can see you will be able to find the CD.
OC2 002

Closeup on the CD. Yeah as I mentioned previously its really simple and not too overdone.
OC 004

Opening the autographed flap reveals more photos and goodies within. One of them being a random paperdoll. And yeah I got Lizzy. How awesome! Behind the flaps you can also find lyrics of the songs and so on. Ka-CHING!

Yet again this album is really simple but the songs within are worth a listen or too.
They are different. BUT TO MY LIKINGS! Thats about it for OC's second mini album.
OC2 003

Oh yeah if you hadn't noticed I created a tumblr account. Whats tumblr?
Tumblr is something you get if you combine twitter and blogger. How cool and simple!
Yeah my tumblr is mainly for my taengoo fandom and spazzing needs.
You can satisfy your lust for my kid leader there. Do check it out if you love taeng!

Whats more is I have alot of things that I have in mind for you guys next month.. Loads of surprises and more so be sure to check back as this Christmas is going to be a fun one!
Till then!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A short HIATUS.

Looks like my blog will be on a short HIATUS till 8.12.10.
You will be excited for whats coming up then. TILL THEN!

Monday, November 15, 2010

[CD] SNSD Hoot 3rd Mini Album Hoot Full View

Jigumeun SO NYUH SHI DAE! Yeah they are already back yet again, with their latest title track- HOOT. Stunning the audience with arrow shooting moves and epic vocals skills, our girls never fail to entertain and keep us living within. So there it is, I have the album in my hands waiting to give a review on it and to also show you guys their latest album. SNSD's 3rd mini album, HOOT.
Here goes -
hoot 001

The front view of the album. Looks really sleek huh?
It also has a kinda rough and glossy edge to finish. Kinda similar to the previous oh! album
hoot 002

A more detailed view of the front cover of the album.
hoot 003

A thickness comparision compared to a manga book and also the Oh! album.
hoot 004

Some leaflets that come within the album. A random photocard, a sticker and a SM brochure.
Yeah you heard it, a sticker o_o
hoot 005

More of the insides.
hoot 006

Album jacket photos with the lyrics.
hoot 007
hoot 008

Oh ya, haven't I told you? This album's CD has like the best design overall of all my KPOP cds.
Quality "zzang" HAHA.
hoot 009

The back cover. This is also how the sticker looks like.
hoot 010

Oh ya, A poster also comes with the album. Really big but its actually the same size as the RDR poster. \o/

Thats about it for SNSD's hoot album, nothing special in particular but its really worthy for a sone. Well of course! Buy one at yesasia now!

Extras: Some stuffs from the sones I met that day :P (Well you know who. Maybe)
OOOOHHHHH the poison....
hoot 011
hoot 012
hoot 013
hoot 014
hoot 015

The picture above is my share of the day. It was all worth it :)
Till the next post guys.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RIM BlackBerry Curve 9300 Internal Review (2)

As you've already seen from the first part of the review, the BlackBerry Curve is a small yet powerful device. But what does it actually do? What are the benefits?
Lets start with the main page shall we?

Okay as you can see the main page is a really simple homepage, simple yet easy to navigate.
You will be able to set your favorite apps right onto your main homepage as it is customizable.
Other than that you can clearly see the time, signal strength, amount of unread messages and more. Yes, its the typical BlackBerry main page.

Here is the main applications on the device. There are a whole lot to choose from, so make sure you download them :) We shall go to the email application.

Although I haven't really used the BlackBerry Email function alot due to some rescrictions, I can say that now you can manage your emails on the go, and it is extremely easy to do so. Just sync the BlackBerry with your email account and thats it!

As for SMS and MMS, its quite a new interface for me as I was shocked when I saw that it is actually like a instant messaging system. Well thats also very easy to use but obviously it will burn down your credit if used too long.

Blackberry Messenger, ah- I bet you guys know how to use this one. This EXCLUSIVE app for BlackBerry is what the blackberry is famous for. This app allows you to chat with other bb users straight on the go. You can even send media files or share pictures among your friends. That is, if they have a Blackberry too.

As for the web browser, its actually not that good because of its slow browsing speed and definitely not one of BlackBerry's strong points.

With app world, you can download your favorite apps anywhere or anytime you want. How awesome is that? There are free and also applications that you may have to pay here so choose wisely.

As for viewing pictures in the curve, its quite fun to do so as the pictures can be viewed smoothly without problems with high resolution.

As for media you can control your playlist easily as there are media controls in the upper body of your curve, which makes it easier to use. But for the sound system/speakers, is not that good.

As for video quality, its amazingly quite good. But for youtube streaming, no.

Sample picture taken from a 2MP camera installed on the BlackBerry curve 9300. What can you expect from a phone camera anyways? But all is good because you can instantly upload them onto your twitter or facebook account! Awesome.

As for the calander feature, its pretty good on the blackberry as you can easily input what to do on what day, keep track of meetings and reminders, and so on.

Not to forget its facebook application where you can easily find your notifications and etc.
You can easily navigate through the features of facebook using this app.

If you're a person that looks to games on a phone then the BlackBerry is not for you cause the games are a real bore and they won't amuse your likings.

Thats about it for my review today and remember to check back for the conclusion post!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza. I LOVE IT.

Oh please, don't tell me u never heard of the best pizza in the planet?
So what is extreme cheesy 6? It's a new pizza by our lovely pizza provider, PIZZA HUT.
Everybody loves pizza don't they? And what do they look for in a Pizza?
Some say pineapples. But I say CHEESE. (This is not photography)
But yeah you've heard me, Cheese fans and lovers will definitely love this one because why??
Isn't that crazy?? CRAZZZZZY?!

Yeah Pizza Hut, Do you wanna know why I love this Pizza SO SO SO SO MUCH?!
I love every type of cheese, monterey jack , romano, mozarella, AND WHAT? You guys created a Pizza that consists of all of those? *FAINTS*

Cheese melting in my mouth is just like a volcano exploding on the earth.
That taste, combined with tomato (LAVA) creates an atmosphere of orgasm. Seriously this pizza has made me gone crazy. Really crazy and thanks to Pizza hut, its been a week since I ate a normal meal- Rice. Thats how much I love this Pizza.


Could you look at that?
*Goes Speechless for the next few hours*
That beauty... you can't find it on any other piece of pizza. Its just...


Yup, I guess most of you already knew this pizza had 6 different types of cheese. YEAH IT DOES HAVE 6 DIFFERENT TYPES. SOME THAT YOU DON't even see in the supermarket.

So what are the 6 cheeses? *Looks up*

Cheddar Cheese,
Monterey Jack Cheese,
Mozarella Cheese,
Parmesan Cheese,
Provolone Cheese,
Romano Cheese.


Right after reading that Pizza hut had this new pizza, I went on facebook in search of my favorite game - MOUSEHUNT.
Clicking on the shop, I WENT WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-
PIZZA HUT, SUE THEM!!!! *jokes*
Is it that good? Will this pizza change the world?

EXTREME CHEESY 6, to share the love with my family members.
Look how happy my brother is.... awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
First 10 seconds after stepping in the house.

The 11th second, THAT WAS FAST. IS IT THAT GOOD? I know you love it too right?
Family genes maybe?

And there it was... *goes speechless again*
Till then Pizza Hut, thanks for creating such a meal, and I really love you. I DO.
Oh ya, I ate those in 5 minutes. HAHAHAHAHA.
Nah joking.

Anyway heres a little something I made for you guys. ENJOY IT!
Please watch it? I took quite some time creating this one :)


And.... yeah.
I'm crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

DiGi Internet Angels Gathering @ Modesto KL

So this is it! The final event I been through last week. All thanks to Nuffnang and DiGi, I and alex were invited to the DiGi Internet Gathering held in Modesto Restaurant KL. So what is the event mainly about? DiGi officially announced their winner for the iPhone 4 contest and sadly it wasn't me :( Other than that, DiGi gave us nuffies a free dinner \o/ And they also announced about their latest iPhone and Android plans, new iPhone apps and so on. It was a blast!
Check out pictures below the cut,

1 080

Just look at that iPhone 4 banner, BEAUTIFUL. Yeah I want one T.T
1 085
1 086
1 089
1 090
1 112

Appetizers, main course , deserts \o/ Thanks DiGi.
1 101

Our "boss" explaining on what the event is about. Mobi Zii won the iPhone 4 contest, really sad.
Well for me. There was icebreaking games, group games and more. Glad that I met some new bloggers at that time :)
1 109

DiGi 4 THE WIN~~~ A group that won some goodies from DiGi. Yeah it was a really fun and awesome day and a great way to end it. Thats about it for this post, till then!