Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homecoming 笑着回家 Meet The Cast @ Sunway Pyramid

Yeap, this Chinese new year season Jack Neo is back with his latest film to jack up the humor levels everywhere this CNY. The title of this movie is homecoming, also known as 笑着回家 which eventually translates into "Laughing all the way home" .I have watched this movie several times in the Cinema and one thing I have to say is... don't miss out on this film!

The movie is set in Singapore and Malaysia and this movie is all about the CNY atmosphere and also about reunion of a family during this season. The languages the movie uses is also the one we use everyday, also known as the 'ROJAK' language so this movie can be understood by Malaysians and Singaporeans alike. The movie is also really hilarious and humorous in every way. No doubt this will be a movie to remember for all. Be sure to catch it this CNY season!

I also attended the Meet the Cast session held yesterday, on the 29th of January. Koe Yeet, Mark Lee and Jack Neo arrived on Malaysian shores a few days ago to meet audiences around Malaysia and also promote their film. Check out some pictures below-
Homecoming cast 002

emcee's opening.
Homecoming cast 012

Koe Yeet appearing aside of the MC.
Homecoming cast 016

The father and daughter in the movie - Homecoming
Homecoming cast 041

Mark Lee interacting with the audience.
Homecoming cast 056

Also we can see "Karen Neo" here playing some games with the audience.
Homecoming cast 073

From left ( Mark Lee , Jack Neo , Koe Yeet )
Homecoming cast 083

Finishing the event with an autograph session.

Homecoming cast 087

My share of the 'goods' :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

DiGi Kpop Party 2011 Concert Malaysia

As you have seen from my previous post, I finished attending the Press Conference for DiGi Kpop Party 2011 in Malaysia. But thats not all. Obviously I would also attend the concert!
Who wouldn't actually?! HAHA. With B2ST 4minute and G.NA up on the same stage, it would be a experience you will never forget. Explosive performances, awesome dance breaks, its all in one.
Lets cut the crap and get into the action shall we? The Concert started at 8pm but even around 2pm the location Stadium Negara was fully packed with fans. People lined up since 5am for the concert passes and now for the concert... aww how dedicated..
Here we go starting off with some pictures of the event:

cubekpop 065

Just look at that crowd... LOOK AT IT WOOOOOOOOOOT!

MC Royce Tan opening the concert with a few words to say.

G.NA!! So tall and beautiful ^^ She sang 3 songs including supa solo.

G.NA covered Rihanna's take a bow. awesome!

G.NA and Royce Tan interacting with fans.

Who couldn't forget this sexy moment @_@

4minute up on stage... they look gorgeous don't they?


4minute performing HuH. Hit your heart.
They also performed I my me mine and Muzik, ALSO HOT ISSUE!

omg... /brb dying

Next up is b2st opening with SPECIAL. Special special special..


Without kikwang... how memorable will this moment be?

I can't take my breath breath breath


B2ST performed V.I.U as their encore song... it was a real treat for the fangirls~
cubekpop 076

Cube closing the concert.... lets hope you guys will be back soon T_T
Will miss you guys... Overall.... it was a concert that surely surely I will never forget..
For more pictures refer to my flickr. Thanks so much for visiting my site!

Oh yeah. I'll end with a cute BTS picture of 4minute at pavillion.. LMAO
Aww so cute <3 Hope they enjoyed their stay here... do come back! /lolhyuna

Guys do check back as I have a fancam for B2ST's shock... my fancams failed so badly due to audio problems.. till then. CUBE HWAITING!

Digi Kpop Party 2011 Press Conference Malaysia

This is the event that everyone has been waiting for. The event that will blow your minds away.
Canceling off the dates one by one. The day has finally arrived. The day that 3 major kpop artists will perform in Malaysia. On one stage. B2ST, 4minute and G.NA will take the stage, and screams will be heard from miles away. The whole of Malaysia will shake in shock as the power of kpop fans unite as one. So how did the event go through? I'll take you through my one of a lifetime experience being a media to cover this event. And its definitely one that will crack your nerves and shackle your eardrums.

Here we go... The press conference for this event- DiGi Kpop Party 2011 Press Conference Malaysia was held at KL hilton hotel, right beside KL central station at 1pm. When reaching there, I did not expect people from so many different publishing companies all gathered for this one huge and anticipated event. 13 January 2011 was the date. It started at 12pm as various medias gathered for registration and then MC Royce Tan did the welcome remarks as well.
After that, an unexpected joint opening remarks by DiGi: Head of Segment Marketing, Moharmustaqeem Mohammad and also General Manager of Universal Music Malaysia Loan Cheong. I got to meet many different people there.

After that, each artists were introduced one by one. G.NA , 4minute and B2ST.
cubekpop 028

Who doesn't know the lovely lady Gina Choi hidden in the last part of shock MV? :P
Introducing .... G.NA!
cubekpop 032
cubekpop 090

4-4-4-4-4minute hot hot hot issue! sexy hot 4minute!
*from left Hyuna/Sohyun/Jiyoon/Gayoon/Jihyun*
cubekpop 076

Smily smily..... hmmmmm LOL
cubekpop 073

FHM top 100 sexiest women on the earth... OUR LOVELY HYUNA TOOK ONE OF THE SPOTS! /forever biased.
cubekpop 062
cubekpop 046
cubekpop 024

Up next.... BEAST! Who could forget them since they caused mayhem to happen here a year ago... and they're back with more confidence and power!
From left *Junhyung/Dongwoon/Yoseob/Doojoon*
cubekpop 101
cubekpop 109

Junhyung. The poppin dragon you know who.. XD
cubekpop 115

SEOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!! *fangirl screams* LMAO
cubekpop 106

jun-jun mida.
cubekpop 105

Hyunseung boss emo LOL JOKING
cubekpop 055

4minute recieving a mosaic gift from our organizers...
cubekpop 143

same goes with beast recieving a mosaic painting as well..
cubekpop 136

And also G.NA receiving a gift from our organizers.
cubekpop 047

Lastly.... cube artists gang! Mafia cube in the cube yo!
Its sooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome getting to cover this event its undescribable... more pictures at my flickr. Till then, check out some of my fancams for the Press Conference as well... will continue updating this post when I'm free so check back!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

[CD] SNSD' Into The New World Live Album

With So Nyuh Shi Dae, our beloved Girls' Generation finishing their Asia Tour, they finally released what we have been waiting for. The Live Album. All the audio and all the action captured into a disc to satisfy our ears. And its worth it. Every single penny. This post will be how the outlook of the album will be. Check it out!

ITNW 002

Girls' Generation Into The New World Live Album- Front Cover.
Doesn't look too fancy but also serves the simple purpose of owning an album.
ITNW 007

The back cover of the Album. Note the Komca certified Original logo. Also shows a detailed view of all the tracks included in the above album.
ITNW 001

After turning open the cover, you will be able to see 2 CDs and also a booklet.
ITNW 003

Closeup on the 2nd CD.
ITNW 004
ITNW 005
ITNW 006

Also a few album jacket photos. Again, awesome quality but the paper that is used is not those glossy paper or other quality paper. Same paper they used for Super Show 2 live album.
ITNW 008

Also, Don't forget about the huge poster that comes with the album. But I think the poster is not included when purchasing from yesasia but you could try sites such as Ebay.
Once again, I think this is one of Soshi's most worthy album as it has most of their songs within. Better yet, you can feel the surrounding of sones screams and shouts and fanchants. Its really a different experience boxed into one. So, why don't get one yourself? :)

Till the next post.