Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man 2 premier @ Cathay.

So yesterday I caught the premier screening for one of the most happening movies of the year.
IRONMAN 2. I enjoiced it really much, more than ironman 1. It was hell of fun watching it.
Shall do a full review below, time to become a movie critique LOL

IRONMAN II "My Review"- Ratings : 8/10

Semi drama, semi comedy , semi action.
This movie is totally the full package. Hence, This movie definitely gets my approval.
For frequent movie go-ers/lovers, you will totally enjoy this one. No doubt.
But as for "noobs" that don't know crap about rating a movie, too bad.
I know this is irrelevant but Scarlet Johansson is the BOMB LOL Not literally tho. HA.
Kind of fast paced at first, you had to think quick to recieve info from this movie.
Definitely is a "WATCH TWICE" movie. E.g Transformers II lol
This movie is pretty hard to describe as Ironman has become more carefree as ever, very siao.
There's also many LOL moments in the movie.

Favourite quote.
"So lately many people asked me, how do I go to the bathroom with that suit?"
*AHHHHHH* *piss*
"Just like that." LOL

Ok thats all bout it, but Thor's hammer? Hmm...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aimed like a chicken.

Hmmm... really don't know what to say, shall stick with the bright side.
Yesterday kpop was owning twitter LOL, I did my part in spamming, it was kinda fun.
Other than that, snsd released their cooky MV and cooky website. AND I MUST TELL YOU,
That cooky website is the BEST WEBSITE I EVER BEEN TO, EVER LOL
Other than that, I've really been very ahem at school recently.
Really don't know what to say and I hope time flies faster for the month of MAY.
Mayday and mayhem is sure to arise.

Yesterday night i had the weirdest dream, I ran all the way to KL for SNSD fanmeeting and CNBLUE fanmeeting, then after meeting taeyeon, i spoke with her but she had broken english doh.gif after I went to the CNBLUE fanmeeting, yonghwa asked me for my album for signing, and I left it at my hotel.doh.gif When i reach back the hotel, BOOM , wake up already ==


Monday, April 26, 2010


Its monday, weekends gone again. Yesterday was like ecstasy for me, cause I felt like I forgotten what happened yesterday. Nevermind, I shall use my "google".
Lets see, I woke up as blur as ever to find out my mom already left home, did some internet updates, after that I went to makesh's house awhile to find him playing dota on his new lappy.
Oh yeah, then I came back at 3.30pm and continued surfing the net, after that I looked at my watch and gosh, dinner time. After dinner and some cendol, We went to tropicana city mall for some shopping, then nappy time. Well thats about it, my mind's RAM is running low now.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fresh anew.

Its sunday. God I'm so extra fragelisticly blur today, can't think straight GAAAAHHHH
Recently everything that gave me tension and stress is starting to disappear, now I can finally go through my normal life again. The boring but consistant one.
Really blur now , I shall attempt to type out a post.

Yesterday what happened? I woke up and I found myself lying on my bed, cleaned my eyes and went off doing my japanese homework. Yesterdays' class was kinda fun because we had some kind of sentence restructure game, iPhone has a japanese dictionary app, kinda cool.
After class, went back home for some internet updates, then after that, headed to solaris. YES AGAIN == for my cousin's bday dinner, shu wei's is ? years old (?) LOL DONT CARE.
Dixxon was there, twitting on henry's page like sia0 99, We went for some coffee and tah dah,
Sunday,I'm ultra blur sitting here right now , typing so many crap on my blog, till then.

Friday, April 23, 2010


This is truly one of the most stressful weeks for me in 2010.
I will never forget this week, anyway its gonna be over, a new start is about to start.
I have nothing much to post about today, hell tired and can't play at night and sat/sun.
Day by day everyday goes by, when is it time to mature?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm gonna be OK.

So yesterday i regained consciousness, I warned myself not to tend with the past.
Focus on the future, and happiness will return. A person like me is not good with the negative world. I'm always positive. I know where I stand in this world. God has other plans with me.
This is just a lesson , everything happens for a reason.

So back to life. Yesterday, No chess club. I took my cybershot to tuition to show jon.
He was interested on buying it, RM 350. So I said. Full amount or nothanks LOL.
Anyway, when I and jon arrived at the tuition, WTH, our spots got taken.
And we ended up sitting at the most back of class. There was total slack. It was like another world. We ended up munching on pockys' while playing PSP LOL.
4 hours flew by and we learnt pretty much nothing yesterday . Great . z.
I'm hooked on this latest single in the kpop world, finally kpop has returned to my life.
It's 2pm's without U. Pretty overrated name but hell, its kinda good because there hasn't been any interesting songs lately. :/

I'm gonna be ok, gonna be ok, I'll be ok, gonna be ok

Baby without you, baby without you

Neo eobshi meojige, eobshi meojige, deo meojige, eobshi meojige

Ireonal geoya, without you, saragal geoya, without you

Listen, everything happens for a reason, everything happens for a reason

Dareun namjareun mannan geoneun ibeon han beonppun iraneun

Maldo andweneun mallo bonamana tanlo nal yaegi malgo geunyang doraseo

Naega neomu apeo neoreul boneunge geuman hago shipeo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flight of life.

enjoice and share the love.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Forget the past.

Today is a sad sad sad day for me, because loads of things are popping in my mind.
I have decided, I want to forget about them. I want to focus on the future now.

Today is really a sad day. Taeyeon is quitting as chin chin DJ.
This is obviously one of the saddest things that happen to me in my KPOP obsessed life.
But its all not bad, she can get more rest now. Other than that, I will miss listening to her voice at night and her dorky chin chin pictures.
Besides, #TaengDJ become trending topic on twitter as number 4 trending topic today.

As for this post, as u known, I didn't go school today due to mental illness.
I will handle the things in my mind myself. Hope for a better improvement in the heart and mind.

Thats about it for todays post, hope for more happiness to come. TILL THEN.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The migraines of life.

So I'm back. YES AGAIN. to make a proper post. Hmm, so what happened during the weekend?
I'm glad there are so many people supporting me, but I really had to end this now.
I couldn't sleep thinking about it, can't stop can't stop thinking about it, really, almost suicidal feel.
Anyway, don't wanna talk bout that any more..
Saturday was my "first" japanese class yet again. And this time, its intermediate lvl 1.
WOAH. I was shocked because.... same teacher again, kanasai. LOL
The class had obviously less people that the previous one, lessening to 10 people. I THINK.
And japanese is getting real complicated now so I gotta put in more effort.
Other than that, I was out during the weekends for some shopping and etc, really lazy to type everything out, I still don't have my mood yet.
It takes time to heal an arrow struck through your heart.
I hope it heals soon. Till then.


War is on. I'm in the battlefield. AS THE LEADER?
I guess its me against the court.
Stressing topic but I have hope. High hopes.
You guys really support well. really.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh can't you see, I'm still loving you.
Say no no no no no.

Miracle? My psp speaker automatically fixed itself , now got speakers again. nice.
So as you've all heard, I created a anti group in facebook to fight those scammers.
It' gained loads of support. Go check it out when you have time. Those scammers got owned badly. Other that those wars on the net, I had some minor "issues" in school, but meh.
After school, I went to COD with some guy concerning something I sold in LYN.
That guy thought I was a female according to my LYN account tag. LOL
Successfully done, that guy was very down to earth. He was friendly and was a quick job done.
Got back at about 2pm.
2pm are gonna release a new single soon, so stay tuned!

Support taeng's first musical!!! She is working very hard on it and I really wished I was there to watch it. Till then.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't scam me.

What? You heard that b2st is coming to malaysia?
And T-ara? And KARA? AND EVEN 2ne1?

Its' all lies. Scams. These amateur companies can get 5 groups so easily? Like this I also can host a concert already. So what are they planning to to scam? Or WHO?

People who are so darn gullible like all these kpop hyped people. But definitely not me.
They are planning to scam over rm10k. Bank in before official statement? PUI.

If really got concert with so many artist,I can really go and lick their shoes already.
Enough bout all these scamming stuff, people are in desperate need and to aim who? Kpop fans.

So yesterday I went out for dinner again, this time at 99 restaurant , at sungai way.
I notice this restaurant was quite empty, but my mom just decided to eat there thanks to their big STEAM HEAD FISH banner.
Ended up quite bad. Cause I was as famished as a pig that hasn't eaten in 2 days.
I waited and waited. I think it was 25 minutes then the food came.
Overall, nothing to say. The menu has too little selection. Seafood . No chicken no beef no egg.

Now, I just came back from photography club. Tiring day overall.
Hmmm what else to say..OH YA, my PSP SPEAKER BROKE. DAMN.
Ok I'm very lazy to type any more. Till then. MNET COUNTDOWN NOW!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lame? LOL.

Yes, i was bored at tuition. Very bored.
anyway, MAKESH broke his leg yesterday, very pity him free vacation at home for 1 month.
hmm, nothing much recently, just finished tuition, till then.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Want To Find. (WTF)

Tuesday. Just came back from chess club. Today's chess club? Chess competition.
Left after losing in first game. 2MINUTES GAME. HAHAHAHHA feed.
So yesterday, whole day no water. OMY. Till now also no water, no need bath liao.
Yesterday I didn't eat homemade dinner since rice has to be cooked by using water, so we went out for dinner at a random stall in paramount. It is said to be a famous restaurant.
MengKee steamsoup, basically that restaurant is all about soups, so if you like soups, just go there. It would be a taste paradise for you. Rating? 6/10, not a big fan of soups here.

I also am trying to sell some stuffs on LYN, so do support! Looks like my pro selling strategies are coming handy ^_^

Other than that, I'm designing a MYtaeganger shirt so be on the lookout.
It will be a simple design so don't expect too much out of it, might be doing bulk. At the end of the year LOL. "see conditions"

Najib : How bout we nuke malaysia?Ur place got place to stay?
Obama: Sure man. sure, US has the technology to do it.
Najib : Ok, meet me at white coffee kopitiam tomorrow 1pm,we discuz. dont FFK ar!
Obama:Ok, by the way, whats FFK?

"Joke please, Y so serious."

This world is really coming to an end anyways >.>

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to basic.

There, school's back, another week yet to past in a blink of an eye.
I've been really blur and sleepy nowadays, really sad. Hence a picture to brighten up my day everyday^ LOL
I'm really ignorant nowadays as I've been a fool of life, what can I do to sustain myself in this world? Hmmm... life has came to a point that ignorance really is bliss
Anyway, I've caught a minor cold now thats why I'm just linking my mind to this post.
Don't really know what to expect soon, what would happen in the future?
Let my blog posts do the job as you pass by my "distinctive" life. (of boredom)
time to wait for the future to be the past. FIGHTING!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can you handle it?

So yesterday i watched one of the latest flicks in cinema industry, this one's called "CLASH OF THE TITANS" What do I say about it? I can say this is pretty much of an action packed movie. Well, the plot, nah average. I liked the medusa scene though , don't blame it since I haven't watched percy jackson. Rating : 6/10. -FUN TO WATCH MOVIE.
Anyway, I didn't know hades was voldemort actor, wtf.

Yesterday was pretty interesting as I went to 1u for dinner and some shopping. Watched the movie at late night, at about 10.30, ended at precisely 12am. I bought a powerball, I needed to buy it because of my fail hands, anyway, wondering what is it for, read here.
Now I'm back to my peaceful home, and yet school days ahead again. DAMN.
I wanted to do some food reviews on this post but darn it, my phone photography sucks.
Hence, thats about it for today's post.

Friday, April 9, 2010


yes. It's friday once again. This week was like seriously empty, without any pending events or whatever.It's a hella boring week for me. I wanted to post something relevent to my life on my blog this week, but its been kind of hard for me to think of a post. As for kpop, this week, no KPOP. I meant last week but hell, it felt like quite a long time I didn't catch a music show live.
As for school, its been getting worse and worse since puan wee kept aiming me at class.
What else to do? Nothing interesting recently and I'm typing this post.

If you're bored just like me, come down to LYN sone thread or soshified SM.
PM me on msn , call me on skype or ask me for a dota game. I will just be a good servent.
That's where i lurk usually while I'm on the net. Ah, I wish this week would have more events.
Now, off to lurking will be waiting for K-on!! season 2 episode 2, awkward much?

+. I got very big urge to visit taeyeon's parents glasses shop already. LOL


Monday, April 5, 2010


Disappointed.I pity myself.I know I'm not like this for my school results but...
I was so darn nervous and hyper when i was doing that exam, so careless didn't see the paper properly. haiz.
Nevermind bout that, now that I "ranked" to intermediate 1 , nothing will stop me now. WAHAHA.
Ima miss my old teacher though, should be a different teacher teaching already. 17 april, to august.
Other than that, uncle john came back from HK, yet again lol. My room feng shui'ed up as there are many things there to boost luck, money and etc. I'm finding myself weird believing these type of stuff actually works, haha.
Went out this weekend , to the curve , ah nothing much there, just some shopping.
I NEED MOAR $$! rm 40 now. RM 140 left for "DEBT" to be gone.
Else, hwaiting.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Fool's gold.

Lately april's been playing tricks on me, but its a good start, as I can say.
There was moar hoax on this years april fool. FUN yeah.
Razer and blizzard was on it. As well as google and yeah it was fun. I didn't even go to school that day . ==
Back on daily life, it has been kindof interesting lately as many things falled into place.
Uncle john came back from HK and bought me some random stuff, which would be updated on the next post, tomorrow I have japanese exam which upgrades me to intermediate LVL 1.
Other than that, edwin belanja friends and me, IM EXTRA PPL LOL,
to eat pizza hut, rm80 o-o, if its me, really like , HELL NO lol not that im not generous or what.
I really am broke. ha. Then duno who go suggest the idea to wear girls school uni to friends party, like WTF, i already chickened out quick LOL
Thats well about it, well, most of it, ima catch clash of the titans this weekend. woot.