Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visit To YUZU Restaurant @ Mid Valley Gardens

So... yesterday I and my bunch of friends visited this restaurant.
Its called Yuzu, located at Mid Valley Gardens 3rd floor. Hmm, I can conclude this whole restaurant in just 2 words. Expensive and authentic. Very expensive and authentic indeed.
When stepping in, you will definitely feel that different ambiance, quiet, warm, and awesome.
That feeling, it will just pull you into a different world, a far away state located in Japan.
Well enough for the introduction, but this one of the BEST Japanese restaurants that you will ever find around. One of the BEST, yeap don't bash me.

After looking at the menu outside of the restaurant, YIKES.
A set of sashimi, RM 480. HOLY FU-
Nevertheless, we decided to enter because this was a once in a lifetime experience.
On such a special occasion, My BIRTHDAY woohoo :)
They restocked their fresh fish thrice a week, very fresh indeed. This was the reason why it was so expensive >.>

YUZU 001
YUZU 003
YUZU 004

YUZU 008

Interior Table Designing? heah.
YUZU 009

Wine? No. I'm too young. Just sparkling juice :(((
YUZU 011

Norway roll. Doesn't come from norway, but EPIC sushi it is.
YUZU 012

Chicken teriyaki(?) set that was ordered by beanie. Literally it was stoning there ...
YUZU 014

Tempura Tendon. The holy grail for prawns dipped in flour. DEEP FRIED!
YUZU 017

Treating my friends tons of sushi rolls. 2 of them cost about RM 40 >.> We are such poor kids..
YUZU 021

The above is what I ordered. Looks awesome right? Yeah it is.
Chicken katsu floating in sauce, cooking with burning lit fire with an egg and seaweed to top it off.
Yeah... Don't lick my screen lol. Anyway, If you are craving for HIGH CLASS japanese food...
You must check this Japanese restaurant out. It will definitely feed your desires.
Till then.

P.S.About a full food review, I was quite lazy but by reading what I've wrote above... I think you know what I'm trying to say. heh. And about our bill, also known as DAMAGE, rm 220 for 5 people.

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T236, 3rd Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 – 2284 7663

Thursday, August 26, 2010

SNSD & More Going to Singapore for Kpop Night 2010

What was that? Did I hear it correctly? SNSD is coming down to Malaysia Singapore this 23 OCT 2010. Thank the heavens for making this true!
Me, feeling excited as ever, am going to make it in Singapore on that day no matter what, life and death situation. Pray that everything goes well and hope that the chess pieces will fall into place as planned.

Well, other than SO NYUH SHI DAE, BIG BANG, SHINEE, INFINITE and Ft. Island will the performing on that stage. Epic enough for you?
There will be a mystery group that hasn't been revealed yet, but I hope that it will be KARA.
Typical SOKA line LOL

Rumours are.. VIP tickets are SGD$298 each, and normal tickets at about $80.
KPOP night 2010 in singapore.

This will be such an epic day in my life that I will never even think about missing.
What more can I say? Singapore here I come!

credits; akp, dkp and proof label.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Featured DeeJay :AREIA creations.

Do you think Korean music is great but it's a bit weak for your lifestyle? Do you need something stronger to get you dancing? Do you find Korean pop fashion very attractive and you love the artists but you think something is missing from the music? Then you're in the right place!

Yup. Thats his motto. His mission. To take KPOP to a whole new level. Will you ever imagine, being in a hot club, dancing to awesome kpop beats and moves? Yes. It just came through. Trance, bass, techno, this guy is just the holy grail of KPOP remixes.

Let me introduce.. AREIA CREATIONS!

Just listen to the bass, the tune that this guy has given to the songs and feel the effort.

Samples and his latest work below:

Some of my favourites above.
Enjoy and just take off from your seat and dance !
Check out more of his remixes @ his channel and be AMAZED.

"My mission is to make those songs 'club-proof' in order to be enjoyed in clubs around the world and in Korea."

Well said done indeed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

[ETC] Visit To Aquaria KLCC.

AQ 014

No no no, you've got it wrong. Thats a model.
So what is Aquaria anyway? Aquaria is a gigantic aquarium open to public, but the entrance fee is .... RM35. Overpriced yeah, but what u pay is what you can see. Which is quite worth it.
Inside Aquaria KLCC, you can see over 9000 species of fishes and worms and etc. No really.
Below are some of the pictures I have taken with my DSLR, no flash allowed, WTF.

AQ 004

Yeap, they are pirahnas. Really. Be scared.

AQ 006

Played too much mousehunt? Maybe. But this water rat is one heck of a big rat.

AQ 007

Mushi King? lol.

AQ 010

How to train your dragon? By placing them in some deserted aquarium tank.

AQ 011

Marcus is really amazed by the shark's size.
Note: Exhibits are 30% smaller than actual size.

AQ 012

Yum yum yum. "The caption inserted is for the above and below picture"
So yeah. If you are a foreigner planning to come to Malaysia for a visit, check out Aquaria in KLCC. The amount of seawater creatures inside will blow your mind away. But be warned, enter at your own risk. Nah.. joking ^^

More pictures @ my flickr. If you know where to find it. heh.
AQ 015

Its weird to put pics of my lunch into this post but.... HECK YEAH! CHILLIES!
*Drooling not required*

AQ 002

Also played some pool with some noobs in the morning. Sadly I lost to those noobs!
AISH. Anyway, Happy birthday to Makesh! Its his idea to go to Aquaria anyway. or was it Marcus's idea, oh nevermind. Too much inception.
Till then.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm here to announce the grand opening of...


Yeah finally woot! I finally got my own domain! All thanks to.... Exabytes SG.
I bet you've noticed it but now you can visit my super ultra lame blog by just entering such a short name. Hooray! >.>
So why luharu? Lu is my surname, and haru is my nickname. Its just that simple.I decided to combine both of them to give life to this name. Support!
hehe, not long more till my blog gets recognized.. TILL THEN!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

[KPOP] Power of Girl Groups

So whatsup in the KPOP scene nowadays?
Last week, there was an increase of girl groups performing on the kpop stages, such as musicbank, music core, and inkigayo. But who are they? Why so many girl groups appearing in such a sudden?I also don't know but here are the MV's for each of their groups respectively.
There are four "new" girl groups, 3 of them are comebacks (which means they already debuted awhile ago) and 2 of them are totally new to the business.

They are...






Well, its gonna be a tough battle. Really its gonna be a tough one.
Enjoy each of the MVs above because they really put in quite an amount of effort on these.
The sudden surge of new girl groups... good or bad? We shall see.

Who's your favourite? :)

mine is..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

[CB] Scott Pilgrim Comic Books Full View

You've heard of Scott Pilgrim right? That movie with those game effects, comic book style fighting, which will be released in the cinemas very soon..
Well, I have all of Scott Pilgrim's comic series already. And they cost USD 11 each. *WOW*
Actually, I didn't buy even one of them *whew* But it was a gift to me :)
Below are pictures of the series and it ends at the 6th book.
Enjoy my pictures and don't drool though .. xD

scott 001
scott 002

Size comparison with my lens cover.

scott 003
scott 004

Yep I know you are dying to read them...

scott 005
scott 006
scott 007

Some of the back covers.

scott 008
scott 009

Above are pictures that show how it looks inside.
Anyway about the comic, reading it gives a different feel than other comics, its randomness, creativity, feel, it just feels different than other comics. Really nice.
Yeah its awesome but I don't intend to read it just yet. Don't wanna spoil myself heh. Anyway if you are up to comic collecting, be sure to order them through ebay. I've only read the first book, so I don't have any opinions overall yet. And, if you don't know ANYTHING about Scott Pilgrim or what is this post about..
I recommend you to watch this.

I'll be at the premier screening for this movie next month so remember to check back for my review on the movie :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photography Club Finale

etc 001
etc 002
etc 007
etc 010

Above are the few pictures that I have taken this afternoon. Whatsup on suddenly bringing up such a random topic?
Because after 1 whole year of my school's photography club, it finally ended.
Just wanted to share few of my shots to you guys. Hope its not too bad :P
Well, events are soon to come. They will come when they want to. Till then.

Oh ya, not to mention another tae video to eat your time :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SNSD debuts in JAPAN!

If you're a sone, then you've heard it!
SNSD (So Nyuh Shi Dae) is debuting in japan very very soon!
You will be wondering.. Will they release japanese songs? Yes. But not any new song for the moment. They will be remaking SOWANEUL MALEBHWA into japanese which is....*I fail*
Ok nevermind, The japanese version of Tell Me Your Wish will be their debut song in japan. Hurray! *Tell-me-your-wish-spasm*

Ok enough will the spazzing. Here are the details on their japan debut.
Its set to release on Sept 8 2010, which is actually yesterday, and to my surprise, the first press edition is already sold out.

[First Press Limited Edition]
UPCH-89086 ¥1,800 (~$21 USD)

- CD
1. Genie (Japanese Ver.)
2. Genie (Korean Ver.)
3. Genie (Instrumental)

Genie Music Video

-The main track is the hit song “Genie” in Japanese and it also includes “Genie” in Korean.
-The DVD is the newly recorded Japanese version of “Genie”.
-The special packaged photobook is only available by buying the first press limited edition and moreover, it comes with 1 random trading card out of 9 possible trading cards.

If you’re a fan you must not overlook this must have item!!

[Important Note]
It is recommended that you pre-order this item because they will no longer be produced after the release date.

[Kikan Limited Edition]
UPCH-89089 ¥1,400 (~16 USD)

1. Genie (Japanese Ver.)
2. Genie (Korean Ver.)
3. Genie (Instrumental)

Genie Music Video

[Important Note]
This item is sent to the CD Shops on the day of release.

[Regular Edition]
UPCH-80204 ¥1,100 (~13 USD)

1. Genie (Japanese Ver.)
2. Genie (Korean Ver.)
3. Genie (Instrumental)

Other News
Genie & Gee full ringtones (Chaku Uta Full) will be released on Wednesday August 11th in Japan.

Here are some details on their album release. There will be 2 limited edition albums (?) so please be on the lookout.

Some pictures taken in HMV japan.
Looks like SNSD will be one step closer until they dominate the world!
Be sure to check back for more updates :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

[PB] SNSD 1st Photobook Full View

What. I didn't expect myself to get this item so quickly.
What is it anyway? Its SNSD's First Photobook! Finally I got this most worthy and one of SNSD's most AWESOME merchandise that you will ever obtain.
Lets take a look shall we?

First impression. SO DAMN HEAVY. When I got this from the shop, it was like omg so heavy..
Its also freaking big. Half my body size.. wow seriously. This one's a big one.

The HUGE box that contains the photobook.

The back.

*Opening.......* OMFG.
So darn awesome.... shivers with excitement.

The back of the photobook.

A comparison of the thickness of the photobook with A exercise book.
*Imagines thickness*

Closeup on the DVD. Yes DVD!
The DVD comes with english subs. AWESOME RIGHT?
Below are the few examples of how the photobook looks like inside.
The pictures quality.... MAD CRAZY HQ.

The photobook also comes with a free SNSD phonestrap. Yeah the official one.
Happy happy happy.

Yet another comparison. Just wanna show how thick is this thing. Its as thick as a Yellow Pages phonebook. >.> SNSD all the way.
What can I say after I bought this? ITS DAMN WORTH MY $$. Its like the most worthy kpop item I ever bought in my life, Despite paying RM280 for it.
So order it now :))

Oh ya, something that I achived today.

Just something extra for me. ^_^
Till the next post.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

SNSD's 3rd Anniversary 05/08

Today is one very important day to some of us. Us sones.
So what day could this be? SNSD's 3rd anniversary! Its been 3 years since their debut, and our hearts and loyalty to snsd have just started getting stronger by the years. Above is some spazzing by me HAHA. Follow me @ twitter :)

SNSD really changed my life and the way I viewed it. Only a sone would understand this.
I'm being really lazy on spazzing already cause I'm quite tired, my love to SNSD stays strong!
SNSD. Forever 9.

Anyway check this video out by soshified's founder, SOY.

Gave me goosebumps >.>