Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dreamstage Korea : Global Flashmob Day in Malaysia

Dreamstage Korea: Global Flashmob Day, an global flashmob event partnered by Kollaboration,, Koreaboo and YouTube. As we, the Malaysia fanclubs will be participating this global event and there will be a flashmob arrangement at Taman Jaya, Seksyen 52, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (or Amcorp Mall) tomorrow starting from 1PM.

Come to the spot, support and witness the largest flashmob in town with 7 others K-pop Malaysia fanclubs - mysone, Chocofam, MY Wonderfuls, MYB2UTY, SHINee World Malaysia, My4Nia and MYHOTTEST2PM. (Taken from


Some fans rehearsing as early as 1pm as they prepare for the actual flashmob that would be happening on 3pm. They prepared dances for songs like Sorry sorry, Mirror mirror, fiction and more! I was told that the target of the flashmob was not the local audience but to show a presence in Malaysian kpoppers to the world.

And the clock strikes 3pm! Everyone got into their positions and the flashmob started!
Dancing to TVXQ's Keep your head down and JYJ's Ayyy girl.

Jamming to 4minute's Mirror Mirror and Muzik.

A group shot of the participants! It was a really fun day because we got to meet different people during the event as well!

A group shot of the mysone community! Jigumeun Sonyuhshidae!

And last but not least, A clip of the flashmob itself! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[MOVIE] Harry Potter 7 The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

Magical. Truly magnificent, phenomenal. These are some of the few words I could use to describe the true epic-ness of the final chapter. It finally ends.

Today was the premier screening of the final part in the 10 year long series of Harry Potter. I got to participate in this final battle with Potter. Well, what can I say about it? I remember myself savoring chocolate frogs at the lobby GSC cineplexes while waiting for that very premier of a something new in the movie industry- Book to movie conversion, and this time, with mainly the concept of Magic. Its been years by years and which I never fail to watch every single Potter movie out there. It was exhilarating and amusing at times, but the magic of Potter movies will forever be scared into my life. It just gives, heart, soul into every movie. Seeing a child grow up year by year, it just well ; grew with me.

Well, about this final chapter, I could say Potter fans are in for A GODDAMN SWEET DELIGHT. It was like a sugar rush for sweettooths. The mind is set to go for a nostalgic joyride for the past decade you have been living on pretending that magic is real. The spell fight scenes will KILL your hunger for those goddarn robots, or whatever that you can ever think of. You may think that this is a overly biased opinion, well, you can think of it that way, but Potter films hide something in it that will forever relate and trigger that unconscious mind. The mind that defies the very science of this world. Also, a really huge mystery will finally be revealed. This movie will finally fill that gap which lingers for more of potter every year. You know its an addiction. Seat back, dont relax as will be at the peak of your seat at all times. Its the final one, just thinking of the bliss you've gone through, its best to let this one be a big gulp.

Trust me, there's never a better magical experience than going through the world of Potter again.

Final Verdict : 10/10

Words that come from a kid/FAN that watched every Potter movie in the cinemas. Trust me?

Monday, July 4, 2011

B2ST 1st Fanmeeting at Surf Beach 2011 ; Pictures.


Yes, you've heard it right. B2ST is back again! This time after promoting their 1st album, which brought fact and fiction to the international market, fans just can't get enough of beast. They started promoting throughout asia as their B2ST 1st Fanmeeting in Malaysia and this ought to be a big one. Going to places like the states, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, it isn't one that a b2uty should miss at all. Heres what happened on the Fanmeeting in Malaysia.

B2ST during the Press Conference earlier last friday (1st July 2011) afternoon. Has their image changed since their last few showcases?

Beast. Introduction and so-on.

Their Fanmeeting Asia Tour started at around 8.30pm that following night. B2ST had loads of surprises in mind for us that night and it was a blast to party with them. Performing hit songs such as Shock , Soom and Fiction, this night was another night that b2uties will long for.
They even played lots of games with the fans and even shed tears with the fans.
It was truly a more personal experience to their idols.

Their signature dance moves in Soom.

Yoseob hitting those high notes yet again.

Doojoon's SWAGGER!

And thats that. Sorry for the short coverage on this event as I have not been invited as Media to the fanmeeting. Although I have contacts that helped me in terms of photography, overall this STAR PLANET was way strict and I don't like their attitude. Hope I can cover their events properly in the future. Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alex Lee, TommyCCK and Alex Lim for the photographs. These were solely their work as you can see.

Whenever B2ST is on the stage, the mood changes and everyone suddenly remembers the joy that is K-POP. Will see B2ST back AGAIN this month and I will definitely enjoy another show.