Saturday, November 28, 2009

LOL. woke up today at noon.
I visited this cafe recently called "THE MAGE CAFE"
It has like over 9000 board games to play there lol.
Sadly we just went there to eat food.
Then go popeye eat again, then go jaya 1.
Hais so boring today, ditched sandy lam and alan tam and hacken lee concert lol.
Today no has japanese class :(
Anyway tomorrow is a brand new day.

Friday, November 27, 2009

woo i love my CL wallpaper like seriously LOLHA.
Anyways recently got guests coming to my house so i will be at pavillion at sunday, and sunway at monday .
Really really bored these days but we haz many dota game like siao
anyway, did you see the above PRICE? HAHA.
Notice the size comparison with my wallet on the TV , effing huge.
Sometimes play dota lose like shit,
sometimes damn lucky.
So unpredictable ==

OK bye, will be MIA till next tuesday ^^

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The moral of the story: don't get a stupid, high maintenance girlfriend that blames an inanimate object instead of her own ability to keep a boyfriend interested.

Always remember to lock ur consoles LOL

Monday, November 23, 2009

3/4 days MIA now want squeeze 4 days happening into 1 post. hais.
Seriously it was like the best day of the year.
Then lately got stomach ache no idea why.
Yesterday went to mid valley with mom and dixxon, walk here walk there nothing much.
walao, still havent eat finish lol, still got 7 sins of chocolate.
Then today is the so called class party.
9am++ AZMIL came to my house to pick me up.
No transport as usual.
We went there, go play arcade abit , then meet up joshua over there.
Then went to kenny rodgers to spend that RM20 that i have used in school.
After that they all decided to go watch 2012 .
I was like ==. I watched already,
Then josh wanted to buy l4d2, ORIGINAL. LOL
Rm138 good burning. After that i thought i have to sleepwalk until 5pm.
Walk walk suddenly meet nicolas and ong ray xiang,
We decided to watch POKER KING lol.
I buy ticket later than them but i got seats next to them. Lucky? Lady luck lol.
IMHO , the main girl character in the movie so ****ing chio . XIAO RONG T_T
Its damn interesting but seriously i dont know how to play poker ==
After movie came back home now blogging. Thats about it.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I tell chiu, LAGI tiring yesterday ==
My handphone suddenly out of battery, cant even snap alot of pics wth
7am i woke up. then relax bath till 8am because the day before , edwin said he would come at
8-9am. then when i call him at 9am, he said he juz woke up. RICKROLL KNN
11.30 only he reach.
Then we were headed to sunway pyramid .when we reached there, we went to meet those noobies. They were at starbucks ,so we just relax there chit chat till all the people arrive.
After that they headed to burger king , because they were hungry. zz
Then we headed to sunway lagoon, paying the fee of rm46 double park.
Then we enjoice enjoice enjoice till about 4-5, then we go pyramid walk walk lo.
Then after that try book tickets for 2012.
wtf. 7.30 sold out 8.30 sold out 10.30 sold out left 11.45
we went to watch midnight show.
i came back at 2AM+
i came back broke with no $$.
2012 damn nice. Got random people clap hands in the audience lol.
kthx bye.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fwah, so tiring yesterday.
Woke up at 8AM, then go to yew kong X charity de wedding
See everyone there then sit down enjoice ceremony.
Then after that look at my watch, 12pm liao
then go bangsar seafood village for wedding lunch.
Go there then that MC sibei talk talk talk then only food come
Food come then look at watch, 1.30 liao cb
only eat 2 pieces of food sia.
Then headed to Japanese beginner II class.
So many ATARASHI GAKUSE there knn.
weird people really.
The teacher dont recognize me because im BLONDE lol
After class i headed to Starbucks relax there buy sandwich to eat.
Then after that see my friend kong fei,
i told him i came back from wedding thats why im wearing these type of clothes.
Then he say "I also going wedding later"
so many ppl wedding same day meh?
After class i thought can go back home sleep le.
Then KNN, go to the richest area in the whole of malaysia.
Kajang country heights , the area doctor mahatir stay.
then go to the relative house so cb cb cb big
bigger than my whole apartment
Inside the house got, almost 15m dinning table , A wine cellar , personal jacuzzi
, 2 rooms JUST for wardrobe , 9 BATHROOMS WTF , A gym , Alot alot of plasma TV ,
and their own PUB

WTF ==
after that we went to eat dinner , after dinner i looked at my watch , 9.30pm
reach back 10pm go bath jump bed liao.
hais 12 hours outside very sienz.

Today moar weird, morning i and mom go eat steak for breakfast HAHAHHA.
Then go klang , come back then i blog.

Tommorow got some random outing to sunway lagoon with 1X ppl
I am just an extra.
Will blog tomorrow, see ya guys there. (If you're going)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holidays yes yes the most happiest time in the whole year,
you can do practically anything during this time of the year

1.I want to BLEACH my hair.
2.I want to go to another country.
3.I want swapping presents period.
5.To get alot alot alot alot of $$
6.Get my SUJU M and B2ST album.
7.To be Free.

Merry xmas and new year in advance.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today was IRIS catch up spree.
I just watched 3 episodes today hohoho.
TOP looks darn cool at episode 7.

Monday, November 9, 2009


gratz to GD^^

Stare at pics for jealousy.
No issues now , advanced school holidays ^^