Saturday, June 25, 2011

Halo! YG day at 1Utama ; Pictures & More!

Finally, Halo! YG day hits Malaysian shores! As its first, this event gathers all fans of our lovely YG family into one big gathering cum stage battle all for our entertainment!
The main activity for the event was the YG dance competition, where 10 groups fight it out on stage to win RM2000 and also a flight to Singapore to watch 2ne1 and Big Bang live! With our supporting Malaysians, this event was a really huge success as the dance groups blew our mind away. It was also a chance for YG fans to meet others as well, and also convey their message to the idols themselves! The event was held in 1Utama today from 2pm-5pm. People were showing their support for *Big bang's daesung incident* by wearing big bang uniqlo clothes and also writing supporting messages onto their postcards. Check out how the event went out-

Halo! YG DAY 005

Stage and speakers set for the dance competition.
Halo! YG DAY 004

Big bang and 2ne1 wall for those fans who want their pictures taken with their life sized pictures.
Halo! YG DAY 003

Fan messages that will ultimately be in their idols hands.
Halo! YG DAY 006

Promotional merchandise were on sale as well.
Halo! YG DAY 008

Three judges to adjudicate the dance performances.
Halo! YG DAY 014
Halo! YG DAY 017

Dance group interacting with the emcee and also the audience.
Halo! YG DAY 022

Performing Somebody to luv.
They also allowed solo dance performances as well! Passionate dancing is the key I would say.
Halo! YG DAY 031

This group even used a chair as one of their dance props.
Halo! YG DAY 037

A 14 year old girl even danced ballet in a kpop song (Big bang- Love song) which had put us in awe.
Halo! YG DAY 042

Some were chosen from the audience to play games with the emcee to win Daorae vouchers.
Halo! YG DAY 053

This one really taken me aback. With their comical dance moves, explosive and exciting choreography, it was one to remember. And they are twins! They also used stuff such as an umbrella, and more while performing a mix of 3/4 songs.
Halo! YG DAY 057

Another really devoted group came to carry the stage onto their palm. Ruffneckz!
Take a good look at their costumes, really devoted and passionate. Full of charisma as well.
Their intro dance was A-MAZING, as they danced solo while imitating each big bang member such as G-dragon's "Heartbreaker" , Seungri "what can I do" and more!
Halo! YG DAY 058

LED Micstands. Just wow.
Halo! YG DAY 063

Ruffneckz's G-DRAGON YO!
Halo! YG DAY 071

Another group to remember was "Chrome L" which was a really popular group today. People were cheering their name from every corner! As you can see, they are performing "Where you at" This dance group consists of 5 members which they utilize each for different songs in just 5 minutes.
Halo! YG DAY 078
Halo! YG DAY 091

Chrome L's "Taeyang" and "Dara" performing I need a girl.
Halo! YG DAY 095

Awesome interchange and timing.
Halo! YG DAY 110

Halo! YG DAY 114

Very beautiful costumes.
Halo! YG DAY 117

They even did the guitar smash! Everyone went WOW.
Halo! YG DAY 126

20 cents performing as the last group. They performed Digital sound if I'm not mistaken.
Halo! YG DAY 133
Halo! YG DAY 137

Fans and friends of Chrome L.
Halo! YG DAY 142

Chrome L's "Taeyang" and "Dara" for a shot together.
Halo! YG DAY 145

Halo! YG DAY 161

Lastly, the Top3 groups that made it. Ruffneckz, Chrome L, and the twins. Ruffneckz posing for a picture *Above*
Halo! YG DAY 164

The twins. (Oops I forgot their stage name)
Halo! YG DAY 165

Chrome L waiting anxiously for the results.
Halo! YG DAY 168

Halo! YG DAY 173

Runner up Chrome L with their prizes.
Halo! YG DAY 175

Also with their prizes.
Halo! YG DAY 179

A group photo with the judges to end the day!

Explosive and amazing dance performances took me away today. Whats more than the idols performing their hits themselves? OVERKILL!!
Also, come back next weekend for coverage on B2ST's first official fanmeeting in Malaysia!

Special (Just for you readers) : A fancam from today's event!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super GT Malaysia 18 June 2011

This will be the 11th year that the Super GT have arrived in Malaysia and it is testimony to Malaysia’s capabilities of successfully hosting an event of such stature. Building on their experience of supporting the Super GT 2010 Series Malaysia Round, JPM Motorsports will be making 2011’s event bigger and better than ever. The event was held at the ever famous Sepang Circuit.

After officially receiving the baton as organizer of the Super GT 2011 Series Malaysia Round, JPM Motorsport have put together an itinerary that is sure to thrill both existing fans and new fans of the series.Its an event not to be missed as its fit for the whole family. Ticket prices are as low as RM100.00 for the Main Grandstand, K- Stand and F-Stand.There is an early bird promotion price of RM 88.00 with freebies.

Yesterday I attended the qualifying day for the race which were to be held the day after.
With race queens, cars and beer, what more could a guy ask for?
Here are some of the pictures that I took during the event-

Super GT 003
Super GT 004
Super GT 006
Super GT 007
Super GT 008
Super GT 009
Super GT 010
Super GT 011
Super GT 012
Super GT 013
Super GT 014
Super GT 015
Super GT 016
Super GT 019
Super GT 022
Super GT 024
Super GT 027

Overall this event had different takes on my experience as I had never attended such a show before. It was something new for me but nevertheless, it was quite fun!

Note: I didn't put much work into this post because there was nothing really needed to be said. Pictures do all the work nowadays huh?