Thursday, April 14, 2011

Samsung Smart TV media launch @1Utama

So yesterday I attended the media launch for Samsung's latest product- 3D Smart TVs.
I was noticed last minute as Nuffnang invited bloggers to this event. Thanks Nuffnang!
It was a launch for their latest 3D tv so we were each given 3D glasses to experience it there.
But after holding the 3D glasses, I felt a difference.. and there was a difference. Instead of infared connection between the TV and the glasses, the glasses were now connected by bluetooth.
Which also means no motion delay and whatsoever.

Well what can I say about the Smart TVs'? They looked fantastic. It seemed borderless with a 5mm border, the screens were LED based so they were brighter, smart TV allows internet browsing, skype , and so on.. not to mention the new activ glasses which will be used when viewing. Who can't forget that 2D> 3D live conversion? Its just a perfect bundle!
samsung smart TV launch 003
samsung smart TV launch 004

The Media Launch at 1Utama yesterday morning.
samsung smart TV launch 012

Opening address by Mr. Yu Jai Sul, Managing Director for Samsung Malaysia.
samsung smart TV launch 025

Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Mr. Yul Jai Sul marking the official launch by breaking the 'bricks'.
samsung smart TV launch 035
samsung smart TV launch 039
samsung smart TV launch 044

Mr Jung, Mr Yu, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Chan Lock, Jimmy, Nicholas and Xu Jenn.
samsung smart TV launch 049
samsung smart TV launch 050

And guess what video was the sample experience? Genieya~

Genie for your dreams~

The 3D, woah, impressive indeed. I recommend Samsung from now on.
Yet I heard these new TV's were quite affordable! Head down to 1Utama PJ to check em out yourself!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Twin Towers @live 2011 Malaysia

Who knew that KLCC Twin Towers Malaysia organized a concert at the towers itself?
The Twin Towers @live 2011 Malaysia.
Not any concert, a large scaled FREE concert. Yeah you guys heard that right, the concert was FREE. Priority was given to fans of the artistes as they got themselves fanzone passes though. The location itself could hold in thousands and thousands of people, with around 10 screens all around KLCC, everyone could view the concert with a piece of mind.
So who were there performing for this amazing concert?

Yuna, The Azenders, Bunkface, wakaka dance group, Wondergirls, and Hoobastank.
It was really a night to remember. They rocked the house. The sound system was superb.
If you were there I think there is no need for describing the amazing event.
The concert started at 6pm, warming the audience with local dance groups and performers.
I was there as a media, so get ready to be mind-blown with the pictures that I took for the event.

klcc live 2011 340
What an epic view to enjoy.

klcc live 2011 015
Deejays' heating up the party!!

klcc live 2011 023

klcc live 2011 030

emcee's doing their work interacting and entertaining the crowd.

klcc live 2011 032

klcc live 2011 035

klcc live 2011 055

First up, the amazingly talented Yuna! Shes a local artist and her talent is amazing!
She also covered 'Rehab' by Amy Winehouse. Cool.

klcc live 2011 062

Yuna playing an instrument I had never seen before.

klcc live 2011 069

Next up, The Azenders! They really rocked the night, turned up the heat of the crowd and changed our mood. It was wayyy awesome.

klcc live 2011 078

klcc live 2011 114

With The Azenders catchy rock music, you will never miss out this one.

klcc live 2011 122

BUNKFACE!!!!! If you were a really avid fan of my blog, then you would get to know that I covered MTV world stage 2010 with bunkface last year.
And yeah they're awesome. (sometimes reminding me of Fall out boy) HAHA.

klcc live 2011 130

klcc live 2011 137

The one on the left - Malaysian Justin Bieber!! (just joking haha)

klcc live 2011 141

klcc live 2011 149

They also performed Katy Perry's Teenage dream. WOW. It all started when sam wore that wig..

klcc live 2011 243

The Wondergirls!! Since its my fourth time seeing them in Malaysia, it doesn't get any better!
They look OH SO FINE today... really missed them.
They performed 2 Different Tears, So hot, Irony, Ebabo, Saying I love you and Nobody~

klcc live 2011 390


klcc live 2011 191


klcc live 2011 194


klcc live 2011 267

Last but not least, Hoobastank!
They started out with a really really cool intro- Nuclear war? haha.

klcc live 2011 273

klcc live 2011 285

The night was just so so amazing. Another concert that I would never forget.
Check back for more event coverage!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weird unknown symbols appearing?

Recently I've been looking at some really weird stuff online, especially from this site -
It's really bugging me somehow as me and my friends ponder to get hold of this. What is this about actually? Is it something from the government to play on us? A media stunt? We don't know.
It's up to you guys to investigate what on earth does this symbol mean.

The symbol appearing on the star papers.

On a roadside traffic light.

on top of KLCC? I wonder...

It even appeared on a big paddy field showing crop circles!!

What is this actually? We can only wait.