Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wondergirls 1st wonder concert in Malaysia 2010

If you read from my previous posts, you would have known on December the Wondergirls are coming back to Malaysia again. But this time, a full length-ed concert! it was held in the Arena of Stars, Genting highlands. Regional wonderfuls came from far abroad just to experience the wonder of the wondergirls! This is their 1st wonder concert which will only be held in Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Me and some of my friends were lucky enough to get passes.. and enjoyed ourselves! Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures in the event but there are fancams and pictures all around the internet.This is what we experienced.

WG 001

Fans gathered early in the morning to discuss wondergirls schedules, sell fanpacks and more.
Above is a card that is given to the wondergirls.. spot my name!
WG 002
WG 003

Some other fanmade stuff such as postcards and more.
WG 004

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.
WG 005
WG 006

A huge stage set for the Wondergirls. Surprisingly the place was very packed and also it is small in terms of venue.. that could be a good thing because the distance between the audience and WG will be shorter.
WG 007

The only few shots I took during the concert. This is after their encore 2DT remix and nobody.
WG 010
WG 013
WG 017

Sunye kiss! :P
WG 021

They performed around 20+ songs and some of them which were solos by each member.
It ended with a blast! There were flames, pyrotechnics and more! Confetti too!
Real fun.
Thats about it for this post. Wondergirls gave the audience the time of their lives. Not to mention the wonderfuls, who can't sleep after the concert due to excitement. Check back for more shots and updates. Official photos soon! It was real awesome!

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