Saturday, June 11, 2011

U-KISS 'Bran New Kiss' Malaysia Showcase ; Pictures.

After the Press Conference earlier in the morning,we skipped the fan luncheon with U-KISS and headed straight to Pavillion KL for the showcase. We reached around 3pm, giving us a whole lot of time to just chill out and have a drink while waiting for the show. The wait was really really worth it! With U-KISS performing that night, Pavillion shook with anticipation and excitement.
The venue was really crowded when fans came as early as noon to reserve a standing spot.
Their fanbase gradually increased tremendously since their fanmeeting last year and that was one of the factors that made this whole event a huge success. Gotta thank Redstar and Martensia for that joint collaboration which also adds up as a factor that contributes to the success of another hallyu event. But can you really experience the event by virtually immersing yourself into pictures from the media? No one can describe the joy and fun of being in a kpop showcase.

Nevertheless, some pictures of the event yesterday-

U-KISS 2011 171

The emcee interacting with the crowd.
U-KISS 2011 186

Opening acts, to warm up the atmosphere of the venue.
U-KISS 2011 189

Our Kiss-Me's (Fan name for U-KISS fans) showing off their banners and cards. It was surprising to see loads of international fans as well.
U-KISS 2011 200

U-KISS finally up on stage!
U-KISS 2011 212

emcee interacting with U-KISS.
U-KISS 2011 233

They had a game session with the fans before their performances.
U-KISS 2011 261

Soohyun covering a song by 4Men. Just for a fangirl, how sweet.
U-KISS 2011 277

Taking a polaroid picture with the winning fangirl.
U-KISS 2011 286

Birthday cards for 2 of the members which happen to have their birthday on the same month.
U-KISS 2011 303

U-KISS & Daorae also donated RM30,000 for a local orphanage, how kind of them.
U-KISS 2011 313

U-KISS and their dance intro.
U-KISS 2011 319

U-KISS in line for 0330. (Their latest song)
U-KISS 2011 330
U-KISS 2011 355

"Don't deny our R squared Pie sing it with us!"
U-KISS 2011 376

Going bingeul-bingeul, round and round.
U-KISS 2011 382
U-KISS 2011 387

Getting ready with their ninja stances for Shikuro!!
U-KISS 2011 392


They sang a total of 4 songs. (Aw, so little..) Intro + 0330, Bingeul Bingeul, Shikuro!!, and Man Man Ha Ni. Note that I don't have any good pictures of them performing Man Man Ha Ni.
U-KISS 2011 409

Lastly, just for the loyal readers, footage of u-kiss performing 0330!

U-KISS finishing off with a poster and album sign giveaway.
They said they promised to come back with a full concert someday. Will you go then?

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