Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 "Meet The Media" Session

Malaysia bringing a huge scaled concert right here in your backyard. A dream come true for all Malaysian K-pop fans, this is it! Jointly organized by Proof Label and Galaxy Ticketing, they bring you, Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia! This ain't fiction no more y'all, cause the lineup included FT. Island, Teen Top, Park Jung Min, U-kiss, 4Minute , Seungri and GDxTOP!
Held right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Stadium Merdeka at 24th September 2011. It was a night to remember as it was as if the fans were watching a k-pop music show right here in Malaysia!
Certainly this is proof that hallyu has indeed invaded our lands. If you had missed the event that happened just last weekend, check out the cut below!

I attended the "Meet The Media" session that following evening as they had no time for a proper Press Conference. Here are the photos of the idols-

KMW P.C 030

Teen Top looking fine!
KMW P.C 092

Rockstar boys - Ft. Island
KMW P.C 104

The girls with spectacular performing skills, 4-4-4 minute!
KMW P.C 055

Park Jung Min
KMW P.C 136

The highlight of the concert, GDxTOP and Seungri!

Unfortunately U-Kiss didn't manage to attend the "Meet The Media" session because they were busy preparing for the concert. Stay tuned for event coverage of the concert!

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