Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Play! F.T. Island Press Conference ; Pictures & Coverage

The following day after the Meet the fans session, Square Roots held a Press Conference specifically for the media & sponsors to attend. The Press Conference was held at DoubleTree Hilton hotel as early as 10.00am in the morning. Local press and media flocked by so they can take a look at this very awesome band. We were surprised to see that many attendees from local media at the Press Conference and we had concluded that k-pop events has already became a hit in Malaysia. Some of the pictures taken -

fti 006

F.T Island arriving on the scene.
fti 043
fti 078

A few questions for F.T Island.
fti 084
fti 098

Photos taken with the sponsors and affiliates of the event.
fti 135

I would like to keep this post short as there wasn't any significant happenings during the Press Conference. Lets leave the best for last shall we? Stay tuned for coverage on the concert!

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