Saturday, March 24, 2012

SNSD/Girls' Generation in Malaysia Twin Towers @live 2012

After all these years of praying, surveys, postings, gatherings, and more, Girls' Generation (So Nyuh Shi Dae) finally made their way to Malaysia! Organized by Jojo Events & Petronas, Twin Towers @live 2012 this year brought us great luck after announcing that Girls' Generation would be in the line up. It shook the k-pop audience worldwide as fans from all over Malaysia and even Asia rushed to grab tickets to this event. It is held at KLCC yesterday 23 March 2012 and it even expected a crowd of 70,000 attendees. Only 8 members of SNSD made their way here as Yuri didn't arrive due to schedules conflict. Unfortunately, media moshpit was really far from stage and the event organizing was shit. It was my honest opinion to say that this year's Twin Towers @live had the worst event management I've ever seen in my life, making the event highly chaotic and messy. Free zones were allowed into the event after a certain period of time whereas people spent RM300 for the tickets, secruity were shit, organizer were shit, there wasn't any official queue or anything. This were just some of the flaws of this event. Jojo events, I beg your professionalism. If it wasn't for So Nyuh Shi Dae there wouldn't be any supporters of Petronas or Jojo events. After SNSD had performed, the crowds left the venue even though the main event hadn't ended. Nevertheless, I managed to get a few photos, below.

soshi XD 007
soshi XD2 181

Sowaneul Malebhwa with Genie!
soshi XD2 208

Fan interaction and a lil' talk.
soshi XD 164

Yoona and Tiffany!
soshi XD 256
soshi XD 261

Precious Taengoo!!
soshi XD 267

Adorable Tiffany!
soshi XD 318
soshi XD2 271

Images 2/3/9 and certain specific images with extra credit to @23april1994 or Do check out his website for more event coverage as well!
More pictures on my flickr. Feel free to take out but please fully credit to @sdk_haru or
The girls performed a total of 6 songs: The Boys, Genie, Hoot, Run Devil Run, Mr. Taxi, Gee.
And they promised to be back soon next time as a full group with Kwon Yuri who was absent this time due to her busy schedule. We can't wait right?!


  1. Hey :D I'm the one who asked for your twitter last night at klia. Super nice pictures ! Glad that I met you yesterday haha ! :D

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