Wednesday, July 18, 2012

KARA K5J Press Conference in Singapore ; Pictures & More!

KARA visited Singapore for the very first time to promote their signature fragrance - K5J (KARA 5 Jewel). To kickstart their promotions, they held a fansign event and also a full scaled showcase over a span of two days (9 July 2012 & 10 July 2012). With the uprising heat of the K-wave in Singapore, international fans all over the world came down to Singapore to watch and experience the phenomenon which is KARA.
It was totally unexpected that their popularity exploded as Kamilias (KARA's fans) stayed up overnight just to have a chance to meet and greet their idols personally and to obtain that very rare Signatured poster signed personally by KARA themselves! In the end the whole venue was packed with thousands and thousands of fans that turned up just to see KARA.

I was lucky enough to attend the K5J Press Conference on 9 July so here's a short coverage on what happened at the Press Conference.

KARA Press Conf 059
KARA Press Conf 051

Nicole also expressed their excitement as they managed to spend their time at Universal Studios Singapore and they enjoyed the rides 'Battlestar Galatica and Transformers 3D' which was a new experience for them. She also said that what makes KARA different than other idol groups that it is their likable, friendly and approachable image that they have off-stage which makes them different.
KARA Press Conf 047
KARA Press Conf 072

Leader Gyuri was also surprised that there was so many fans in Singapore and of how friendly and passionate their fans was. The maknae Jiyoung also shared that they went to Paris to work with 3CY to examine and create this particular scent. Nicole ended their talk by saying that they were to perform 2 Ballads at the showcase.
KARA Press Conf 183

More pictures of the press conference here!
KARA had a wonderful experience at Singapore and kamilias returned home happily as each of them were given a complimentary box of K5J perfume right when the showcase ended! Everyone is waiting for their comeback to Singapore. Aren't you too?
Member Seungyeon wasn't present because she was hospilitized due to acute anemia.
(She has already fully recovered as of right now!)

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