Wednesday, October 24, 2012

APINK & B1A4 at OneFM Concert 120929 (Part 2)

Continued from my previous post here, Girl Group A PINK and Male Group B1A4 made a stop in Malaysia as a part of OneFM's major lineup for their concert OneFM The One. The crowd went wild as at around 9.30PM A Pink graced the stage with their cheerful and fun hit tracks such as "I don't know, Bubibu, and Hush" while B1A4 closed the stage with 4 songs - "Baby Good Night, Baby I'm Sorry, O.K and Beautiful Target". Unfortunately each group could only perform 3/4 songs each due to time restraint and schedules. Pink Pandas (A Pink Fans) went CRAZY as fanchants Hush hush~ and Bubibu~ echoed the crowds. The event was definitely a success as thousands and thousands showed up even passerbys stopped to take a look. Luckily I was part of the media so I managed to snap a few shots of the 2 charismatic groups. It was an exciting and fun event as the lineup was consistent enough to keep the party going. Many of the local artistes did dance and song renditions of hit k-pop songs such as Gangnam Style and TroubleMaker. One of them even formed a group to perform one of 2am's ballad tracks!

Crowd went wild when A Pink turned up on Malaysian grounds performing: Mollayo
A group introduction and some fan interaction.
End Pose for Mollayo.
B1A4's Baro and Gongchan.
B1A4 and their cute dance moves~
For more photos of the event, be sure to check out my flickr account here. This end of year will be a fruitful year for k-poppers as groups after group will be holding showcases and concerts so stay tuned to more photos and coverage from!

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