Thursday, November 29, 2012

121110 ZE:A Press Conference In Malaysia

Like A Phoenix~ ZE:A makes their prompt return back to Malaysia again after receiving a much more heartwarming welcome than their previous visit to host a Showcase in the heart of KL! The showcase was held at Kenanga Wholesale City and I had the opportunity to attend both the Press Conference and Showcase all thanks to organizer (Jazzy Group of Companies) that gave me media access and for bringing ZE:A back to Malaysian grounds as well.

ZEA 024
ZEA 021
ZEA 122
Popular member Kwanghee speaking about the visit.
ZEA 131

 They prepared a lot things specially for their Malaysian fans to make it more special and memorable.
They also said that they were very grateful that the fans were much more supportive and enthusiastic this time around. For more photos on the Press Conference, be sure to click here! Stay tuned to the next post for coverage on the showcase!

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