Monday, March 21, 2011

[EVENT] Super Show 3 Malaysia 2011

After a full year of having promoting their album last year, Super Junior is back again to rock the house one more time this year. We have seen it. The success of the Sapphire Blue Sea (Of lightsticks DUH) blown us away. The fanbase in Malaysia (ELFS SHOUTOUT!) ? Countless. They are back with more explosive performances, dance solos, amazing visuals, wait as it just turns out to be one of the best concerts everyone's talking about at the moment. How can anyone miss this awesome event?
Super Show 3 Malaysia.
An event of a lifetime? The atmosphere, unforgettable.
Reminds me of Super Show 2 last year, but this year, its improvement... oh well.. *DAMN GOOD TT* This year, super junior's fan interaction skills are taken to higher grounds.

Below are some of the pictures I took for the event-

ss3 Malaysia 047
ss3 Malaysia 037
ss3 Malaysia 165
ss3 Malaysia 172
ss3 Malaysia 207
ss3 Malaysia 234
ss3 Malaysia 239
ss3 Malaysia 251
ss3 Malaysia 266
ss3 Malaysia 341
ss3 Malaysia 364
ss3 Malaysia 368
ss3 Malaysia 390

The screams were so loud it shook the stadium over and over and over again throughout the concert. IT WAS SO AMAZING.
No lady hee but.... SUJU M PERFECTION O YEA

What amazed me A LOT-
Suju flying high above fans ... what?
Dance performance solos,

DARN GOOD IT WAS. They said they will come back again... and we hope they do.

For more pictures, visit LINK.

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