Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alexander in Malaysia Press Conference ; Pictures & Coverage

17 December 2011 was the day Alexander (Formally from U-kiss) came to Malaysia once again, now to promote his solo debut and to personally greet and meet Malaysian fans. Here is some light coverage on what happened during the Press Conference with Alexander that was held @ The Seri Pacific Hotel. With his new FIRST solo album debut, 'I Just', anticipation for his debut kept increasing as Xanderettes (Alexander Fans) were as excited as him himself.
Check out some pictures of Alexander at the Press Conference below!

Xander And CF 380

Alexander introducing himself and talking about his solo debut.
Xander And CF 388
Xander And CF 393

Alexander answering a whole lot of questions from the Media.
Xander And CF 409

Alexander taking a picture with a bouquet of flowers given by Soya Beanz (Main Organizer)
Xander And CF 428
Xander And CF 433

Some close up shots of Alexander.
Xander And CF 442

He also had another more private session with members of the media which later asked him about more personal questions. The interview with Alexander was a whole lot of fun as he was humorous and down to earth. Check out a video of the interview below.

Stay tuned for Coverage on the Showcase at Cheras Leisure mall and more updates!

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