Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rania fansign In Malaysia 111230 ; Pictures & Coverage

Rania came earlier today but they had another event in mind other than the Countdown Concert they will be holding during 31dec2011. It was a fansign event which was held at Sunway Pyramid! Fans of Rania soon then gathered to meet Rania in the flesh and were patiently waiting for a great time with Rania! The event which was held at the main concourse area, gathered attention from many. Jointly organized by Sunway Lagoon and Magnum, its a pretty small but meaningful event from Rania! Check out the pictures below-

Rania Fansign 025

Rania and MC interaction.
Rania Fansign 034

The beautiful girls from Rania. Unfortunately member Joy was unable to attend.
Rania Fansign 173

My bias RIKO. ^_^
Rania Fansign 171

Rania Fansign 166

Jooyi and Di making a heart sign to the fans.
Rania Fansign 158

T-ae is such a cutie, don't you agree?
Rania Fansign 163

Saem posing with a peace sign.
Rania Fansign 152

Presents from the fans! What a surprise!
Rania Fansign 030

Looks like a really cute pairing *_*
Rania Fansign 017

At last most fans got their poster signed at the event and went back with a big smile on their faces. Rania themselves were absolutely stunning in person and it was an honor to shoot them as well. Look forward to the Countdown Party post that I will be making tomorrow,

and for A WHOLE LOT MORE PICTURES, visit my flickr and please don't forget to credit @sdk_haru or!

A short fancam of the event from me -

Stay tuned for more events from!

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