Thursday, May 19, 2011

2AM in Malaysia Press Conference ; pictures.

You heard that 2AM, JYP's vocal group is coming to Malaysia for a showcase right? I bet you guys heard the news faster than I did. Anyways, I went to the press conference today at KL hilton.
Organized by collaboration between DiGi and Universal Music Malaysia, this event is definitely another success at hand. The showcase will be at 21'st May 2011 and Wisma MCA, so don't expect showcase pictures to be up today yeah, I do not time travel.
Heres some of the pictures that I would like to share with you guys.

2am pc unfiltered 029

2am pc unfiltered 038
2am pc unfiltered 065

Changmin answering a question from the media for the QNA session.
2am pc unfiltered 100

Picture taking with The Presenter of the Event (Digi Telco)
2am pc unfiltered 115

Picture taking with Era FM (Official Malay Radio Station)
2am pc unfiltered 120

A group picture with the Media partners/sponsers.
2am pc unfiltered 134

2AM receiving a 'yellow man' from DiGi as a gift.
2am pc unfiltered 153

2AM receiving souvenirs from UMM.
2am pc unfiltered 158
2am pc unfiltered 165

2AM said they really love the ambiance and atmosphere of Malaysia!
They also enjoyed the food as well.
2am pc unfiltered 170

Autographed plate for the media sponsers.

Thats about it for the press conference! Be sure to look forward to the showcase pictures which will be posted as soon as possible as well :D


  1. how did u do it? u managed to get in?
    awwh! how how? ^^

  2. time be sure to announce earlier we can go together! haha
    sharing is caring maa..

  3. envy u. i'm taging u at tis post ;)