Friday, October 8, 2010

JYJ Pre Sales Event @ Farenheit 88

Redstar is back! Their latest event, JYJ "The Beginning" Showcase promo in Malaysia is yet another big hit no matter what. K-fans everywhere coming down to Kuala Lumpur in search to buy tickets for JYJ's showcase right here in Malaysia.

As you know, JYJ is a korean group formed by 3 members of DBSK/TVXQ which is claimed one of the best groups in Malaysia. And their stepping down right here in Malaysia for their 'subgroup debut'! The Pre Sales event was held in Farenheit 88 mall on the ground floor last sunday 3 October 2010 and yes it was the happening! Cassies gathered as early as *dunno* what time camping for tickets and what is the outcome? Check below for the cut.

JYJ 001
JYJ 002
JYJ 003
JYJ 004
JYJ 005

If you missed this event, no worries Malaysian Cassies. There are loads of contests where you can win tickets! Awesome right?
Check out Elosoul online or JonYKT's JYJ contest.
Enjoy and have fun at the event! See you there if you're going :)

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  1. wah, i dont understand a thing, but this YJY must be really popular among chinese ppl...just look at the crowd!