Sunday, October 17, 2010

JYJ Press Conference in Malaysia

Yes. You should have known that JYJ is stopping by to Malaysia to promote their latest, I mean debut album - The Beginning. This is the beginning... of JYJ!
JYJ consists of 3 members, Jaejoong, yoochun, and Junsu. Previously from the epic group DBSK/TVXQ, they formed this sub-group right after their 'breakup'. But as all cassies say...
Always keep the faith!

And you know it, for every showcase in Malaysia (JYJ showcase in Malaysia), there will be a Press Conference where pictures will be taken and shutter count will drain dramatically. (jokes)
Anyway, heres roughly what happened in JYJ's press conference in Doubletree Hotel, KL hilton, Malaysia. WITH PICTURES! XD

JYJ 051

Yup, the MC for todays conference. Who could miss that?
JYJ 063

JYJ APPEARS!! *Crowd goes wild!*
From left- Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun
JYJ 067

*Hi Malaysia! Can't bother to miss you guys cause you guys are just above of Singapore so we decided to drop by :P*
JYJ 092

JYJ 104

JYJ 142

JYJ 131

Jaejoong answering one of the questions during the QNA session.
JYJ 149

Signing posters for the sponsers, without them, of course there wouldn't be this event lol
Perfect gift for sponsers - Autographed JYJ poster :P
JYJ 160

Redstar Kino and JYJ posing for the cam.
JYJ 163

Daorae- Official restaurant's boss posing for the camera with JYJ side to side.
Well thats about it on the press conference @ Doubletree.
For more pictures, keep on a lookout for my future tweets. Hope you enjoyed this short post.
Looks quite boring and duh---- its for medias and press peeps only so enjoy the leak :P
But to tell you the truth... IT WAS HECK FUN!
Thanks redstar and also my beloved spotlite mag.
JYJ 026

Not to forget a teaser of whats coming next. :)

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