Wednesday, October 20, 2010

JYJ Showcase In Stadium Negara Malaysia.

Yup, continued from my previous post, JYJ was in Malaysia last sunday and yeah. It was a hell of an awesome time. The showcase was held in Stadium Negara Malaysia, our big and known stadium. As you can see from the below photos, it was so darn crowded, with who? Cassies.
It was an event of epic k-pop proportions that you shouldn't had missed. Check it out if you did miss the event.

JYJ 012

Our stadium negara crowded. Very very crowded. Loads and loads of people. Okay I'm exaggerating already >.>
JYJ 008
JYJ 017
JYJ 019

Banners! And LED banners! Who doesn't love that dedication to your favorite kpop idols? :P
JYJ 025

The 'red' sea. Sea of lightsticks and also red balloons! Well done MYcassies.
57048_448388808035_602608035_5564911_5636927_o^From left: Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu.
JYJ performing on stage. They were awesome as a 3 person group. Even though they had 'loss' their other 2 members, they are still equally awesome.
They performed most of their hit songs from their first album- The Beginning. Their title track, Ayyy Girl, features hit star Kanye west and also Malik Yusef. They even lent their vocals to this track. Darn nice stuff. They performed 5 songs, and it was real short.The showcase lasted around 1 and a half hours. But MYcassies didn't complain at all since it was JYJ.Sadly certain people who paid the RM800 price for their VIP seat... potong stim lol. But heck, They are still loyal to JYJ!
The bass and background music blasted the whole stadium with exploding sounds and power.
It was *CHUN!*
Always Keep the faith!

Credits to showcase stage pics; JonYKT , Azrin

Oh yeah, a present. LOL


  1. I missed it....... =(( sobs sobs!!!!!!!

  2. omg!! jyj's fans meeting!! TT i dont have the chance to meet them :(