Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brian Joo 1st Fan Meeting in Malaysia .


Brian Joo?

Guess what, its a lovely saturday, and I have a surprise for you guys. I attended brian joo's Press Conference and fanmeeting in Malaysia! This is Brian's first time being in Malaysia, so be sure to give him a warm welcome. I'm really sorry to say that most of my pictures that I took today was full of fail thanks to my lens and also to the fail dark lighting at the location, which is The Opera Sunway Pyramid. So basically The Opera is a new nightclub thingy located outside of sunway, its that big glass building that is so obvious you would be blind to miss it. Anyway, lets get started shall we?

The rooftop floor of the opera was where the press conference was held.
It was really hot in there cause it was on noon. roar.
Anyway, brian joo was busy putting on makeup and tweeting so he delayed the press conference for an hour. 1pm. Very Punctual indeed. lol No offense XD

Brian Joo arriving on location. *Screams?* AHHH

The press conference started with QNA session as usual, the usual questions like "First Impression of Malaysia?" and "What do you think of the girls in Malaysia" was asked.

Brian answered, Malaysia is very humid, but not as hot as I expected. And the girls are really sweet and pretty, just my type. (Fangirls prepare to celebrate)

I forgotten to jolt down all the questions into my notebook but heck cares, I was busy taking photos, fail photos that don't turn out good at all ==

The press conference ended right after QNA when Brian continued with a TV interview.

We went for lunch and cameback for the showcase, we were suprised that there were hell loads of fans, fans from other countries here.
Countries like Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Canada, etc.
The whole club was blasting with screams.
The 8TV nite live guy was the MC for the afternoon, he entertained the crowd till...

Brian Joo appeared and rocked the house with In My Head.
The crowd. wow.

After that most of the fans got to take a picture with brian, yadda yadda yadda.
It was awesome but most of my pictures were fail.
His encored return song was "In my Head (Jason Derulo ver.)"
I can tell you, Brian is a really friendly guy, like seriously :)
He ended his showcase after performing about 6/7 songs.
His vocals and dancing skills were flawless.
At last we went up to have a drink and some snacks while brian stayed back to take more pictures with the fans.

This day will always be In My Head. Don't worry, I will definitely try to find more good shots though. HAHA. That ends the post for today. ^_^


  1. so cool.. nice haircut on brian =)

  2. Dear Ethan,
    I'm the admin frm FTTSE Forum ( for Hwanhee and Brian )

    can i featured ur story and photos of Brian's Showcase in the forum?

    Is great to know you are having fun with B

  3. sure staphy... remember to credit my blog thanks

  4. heyyy..^^
    was just wondering if you got any photos of brian with the fans during the photo session upstairs?

  5. Thanks Ethan,
    Is being featured
    @ Fully Credited.

    @sandra we have tons of pictures updated in the forum abt Brian's Event. U might try ur luck there.

  6. you are...amazing! hahak! how did u manage to go all to all this events???
    envious~~ !
    well, at least m goin to 2AM's showcase tomorrow! haha 1st time ever!!!