Monday, August 2, 2010

MTV World Stage Malaysia 2010 Event

Finally! Some news on the event itself! MTV WORLD STAGE 2010 LIVE in Malaysia!
If you had missed it, you can still check out the pictures below :)
It was packed at about 6pm and thousands of people were drenched wet waiting for this epic event and it started with a BANG!

*pics below*

BUNKFACE rocking the house. oh yeahhhh.

Bunkface is really energetic and really hyper. Very awesome. (For a local group XD)

Up next....

Nobody is performing..

oh wait...


WG danced in cages and when they were opened, they started with I WANNA and goodbye.
After that, they taught the crowd how to sing the chorus of TELL ME, and they performed tell me, so hot , and 2DT.

Quite awkward seeing them holding guitars but .... HELL YEAH!
2DT and nobody ROCK VERSION!

I think you would guessed out what song they performed last..

I want nobody nobody but chu~~

After some technical delays, TOKIO HOTEL rocked the stage anyhow.
They sang quite an amount of songs though, but I'm not a TH fan so yeah, hope you guys understand that lol. But it was a great experience though :)

It was about 11.15 am..
When the final artiste appeared on stage.. KATY PERRY!!! :)))
The stage was so darn awesome with those decorations on California Girlz
Damn... looks like you could have a taste of those candy.

She sang about 6/7 songs and thats about it.
Awesome fireworks at the end but it was already 1am ++ When they announced that WG will be performing an encore! And guess what? Nobody again! (Hurray....) haha.

This concludes this year's MTV world stage 2010, and I tell you, its one hell of an experience.
With 15,000 people around you, this is one concert like no other.
Till then, ^^

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