Monday, June 28, 2010

B2ST Exclusive showcase in Malaysia KL live.

Right after the press conference at Nikko Hotel we rushed to Kl live cause my friends were already there just to be shocked after finding so so so so many people waiting there. It was potential zombieland.We ate KFC before we went to get our media passes as there were one opposite KL LIVE.
Right after getting our media/photographer passes, we stayed upstair to join the other media and to also avoid suffocating downstair. LIKE SERIOUSLY. *Pity those people below*
If I were to use my showcase pass, I would already be there at 10am. But I heard there were many people there at even 10am. WOW. I underestimated b2st fanbase here.

The crowd. 2000 people???
So there were many people complaining and pushing and etc. The concert was delayed but it was really all worth it. Finding myself in the photographer area was like a dream come true.
Too close. Just too close.
Performing bad girl first. My favourite song from beast . WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

*PANT PANT PANT* Jun Hyung you're too close!!!!


E e easy go...

Dixxon's friend got to take a picture with beast! SO LUCKY @_@


Everyday I shock, shock!
That night I also shock!

Ended with a bang. Really got too many mixed emotions while at the showcase.
It ended with a autograph session and I was first in line. HAHHAHAHAA
Sadly couldn't sign my kor version of SOTNE but whatever.
It was just too.... awesome.

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