Saturday, June 19, 2010

U-KISS Private fanmeeting @ KLCC

Woke up in the early morning, finally! After few so many months, the u-kiss fanmeeting finally is here, today!
Even though I'm not such of a hardcore fan, this is one event I'm sure to be looking forward to.
Arrived there at morning, met dixxon and we headed for planetary hall, KLCC.

The scene at Planetary hall, usual kpop fans. /heh

The Scene inside the hall, very very very big, enough to put in at least 2000 people.

MC appearing together with.... thump thump thump..... U-KISS!!

Dongho getting hugged by a random fan. WOW
Titanic love? WOOT?
Dongho getting ready for his birthday cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONGHO!!!!
After that, our present from him was his aegyo dance, GEE! haha.

Awesome picture by Azrin.
Stuff that were HOOTED by me^ hehe.
What can I say that I've experienced today? I don't really know how to describe it. It was such an awesome and fun day after such a long time. Really worth even with that rm180 lol. They played games, performed many songs like bingeul bingeul, man man ha ni, talk to me, mworago, etc. After that it was fan signing with 250 VIPS, omg, kids these days are hell rich lol.
Quite sad that I had to stick with ACE ticket, but it was a hell lot of fun.
Went up on stage for like 2 seconds? to take their album for them LOL
Saw soohyun waving at me for quite sometime haha.
Status: Tired and very lazy to write a long essay for today's post, whew it was a long day.

And what else? A teaser of whats coming up next.
Almost can't sleep already. My god life is so awesome at times HAHA.

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