Sunday, June 27, 2010

B2ST Press Conference at Nikko Hotel Malaysia.

I woke up very very very early that day cause I couldn't sleep well. Like seriously.
It was saturday morning when I woke up at about 8.30AM. Finally. The marked date in my calander has finally reached its date!
Today is the B2ST day of the year, and its finally here! It was the day of the press conference at Nikko Hotel,Malaysia. And what else.... Saturday night was the exclusive showcase organized by Universal Music Malaysia. They were gonna perform that night and I tell you. IT WAS AWEESOME.

Enough about that and lets get straight to the point.
This post is about their press conference at Nikko Hotel, and lucky enough, I and Dixxon were the first few media/fans (lol) to see them. Woot! We arrived at Nikko Hotel early right after leaving Pavillion. As Media, it was really awesome representing Spotlite Magazine as their freelance photographer. It was fun. Ok so it was 3pm. We flew up to 2nd floor junior ballroom where the press conference was held and WHAT? No media arrived there yet. So we were the earliest. We took a seat and waited... and waited... then...

A clear shot of where they would be seating in the ballroom. Nice chairs XD

(Continued) BOOM. They just came out just like that. We were in shock. I took out my DSLR and snap snap snap snap snap. Just to find out they all just went to the toilet. LOL


Fangirls, prepare to drool.............................

Beast taking a picture with the hotel manager.

Jun Hyung rapping while doojoon was beatboxing. awesome!

So basically what happened was.... We had a QNA session with b2st, photographers wildered in and just shot them like target practice, B2ST showed off their talents. WOOT! The anticipation for the showcase was very big for people who attended the press conference, we also saw some lucky fangirls who were able to sit at the back since they won the meet and greet session.
There were people from Astro, YG pop, all different different magazine. They all were there.

Beast was asked of what talent do they possess and they replied,
Dongwoon - Piano
Yoseob showed of his vocals. WAAAAA!
Hyun seung- Danced to some random beat.
Ki Kwang showed off his hot bod.
Doojoon- Always a prankster LOL
Jun Hyung - Rapped

Here are also some of the questions that were asked at the press conference.
Q: Beast, what do you think of the girls in Malaysia?
A: Junhyung/doojoon: They are beautiful, even the reporters in front of us! *Laughs*

Q: Do beast have any group that they look up to? Like role models?
A: None at the moment, cause they look equal to all other groups.

Q:Do you guys (Beast) catch up with the latest fashion trends in the industry?
A: Hyun seung: Yes we sure do. But we don't follow blindly as we stick to our concept.

Q: Do you think your fans love you guys for your looks or your music? *Sword stabbing question LOL*
A: We don't really know. But we really do hope and prefer our fans to love our music ^_^

Thats pretty much it/ More pictures stay tuned for next post!

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  1. wow. so you are a freelance photographer? that sounds interesting! how i wish i can be one.